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Shea Stadium = New York’s Litterbox
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The only thing I hate more than cats are the Mets.

Watch as my two least favorite things converge in one clip:

And who was the announcer that said, “Oooooh! What a beautiful cat! What a beauty! Little white mittens!”

Cause he should kill himself.

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  • Matt P

    Damn it. I don’t whether to base my comment on the abundance of rats or pussies in the stands.

  • Jeffrey

    Looks like the feral cats from the Vet found a new home. Too bad they’re going to have to move again in a few months.

  • furiousball

    Jack Lambert would never say “Little white mittens!”, ergo, I concur, he should kill himself dead in the face.

  • Gigi

    little white mittens?


  • How do you spell retard?

    It’s either Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling. I’m guessing Darling(not because he has a pussified last name) because Hernandez usually doesn’t say shit.
    /goes to school in North jersey

    “What a beauty! Little white mittens!” sounds like Chris Wheeler describing David Eckstein

  • Andy Van Slyke

    That was Hernandez. The only way you can feel lucky for having Wheels and Sarge broadcast a game is hearing Keith ramble on for 3 hours. Painful.

  • Yikes

    At least it’s not Scott Graham

  • Metsfan

    Oh this is right before Johan strikes out this phat phuck, douchey fans, countdown t-30 days before you forget about the phillies and start rooting for the iggles, oh wait they blow to…

    /sympathy for a bandwagon city that hasn’t had a championship until they got a Met stuffed with steroids

  • How do you spell retard?

    Tug McGraw was on the juice?

    At least we don’t have Endy Chavez.
    Billy Wagner is a turd.
    Ghea Stadium.

  • mike

    That was most certainly New York’s current gas hole, Keith Hernandez.
    The Mets suck…they get bitch whipped by the Phillies entirely last year and now they are Champs of ’08 with two more months to go?….figures….

  • bryan

    PHillies suck!

    have fun getting swept first round of the playoffs

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