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Shane Victorino’s Las Vegas Bowling Alley Bash
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Strike? No questions asked.Newly awarded Gold Glover and key member of the World F’n Champs playoff run, Shane Victorino, was back in his hometown of Las Vegas this week and organized a bowling party with his friends and family to celebrate his accomplishments. Sophisticated pirate Norm Clarke has the details:


Outfielder Shane Victorino, a spark plug in the Philadelphia Phillies’ postseason run, hosting a World Series championship party for his family and friends on Sunday in the VIP bowling suite inside Red Rock Lanes at Red Rock Resort. Among his friends joining him was Reed Johnson of the Chicago Cubs. Victorino lives in Las Vegas in the off-season

Reed Johnson? Huh. Whatever, it sounds like a fun time was had by all and I’m just thankful that Shane Victorino made a public appearance without wearing that atrocious Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy gear.

Norm Clarke (4th item) | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Shane Victorino Celebrates World Series, love, and Gold Glove | Las Vegas Sun

After the jump, pics of Shane & fiancee and Shane & Reed Johnson…

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  • joe

    so whats the deal? are people making “world fucking champions” shirts or do i have to do it myself?

  • Eminencegirl
  • How do you spell retard?

    You get the blank shirts, I’ll get the Sharpies.

  • How do you spell retard?

    Who wants to bet Shane will answer the priest/rabbi/shaman’s question of “do you take this woman…” with ‘no questions asked’?

  • John

    ill bet that he will

  • AJ

    How about Brad Lidge coming in 4th for cy young that’s not to bad considering he finished above Sabathia

  • Almeta Hainds

    Thanks for letting me post, your blog is great, will definitely be back!!!!

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