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Shane Victorino Remains in Second Place Because of YOU
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Pick up the pace, slackers, there’s only a day left before MLB’s Final Vote is over and you guys are letting Shane Victorino hang out there in second place. Seriously man, you think I like having this website double as makeshift campaign HQ for some city councilman that no one gives a fuck about? NO! I’m doing this for Shane because Shane needs YOUR help. And I’ll be damned if I sit on my hands while some fucker named Pablo Sandoval runs all over him. Vote or DIE, mutherfucker. Vote or DIE.



BONUS! Here’s a helpful hint that should increase your voting effectiveness by 4-5 votes per hour brought to you by the Twittering of @Riley_MatthewJ:

Found a pseudo-loop hole in the online voting: only first/last # of the validation key have to be correct. E.g. 20345 can be 24445

You’re a big boy, you can figure out how to use that to your advantage. Now get to voting.

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  • Name (required)

    that trick doesnt work

  • Fran

    yeah that trick dosnt work at all

  • Utme

    It’s working for me. I’m using a mac if that makes a difference

  • Shawn

    If you are going to take the time to put in the first and last number correctly you might as well enter the entire number. It really isn’t that difficult and Shane deserves your vote. So suck it up and type the five freakin digits and vote!

  • MRT

    If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can type just about anything in the Validation Key and it lets you go through. It also let’s you submit by hitting “Enter” instead of having to click through.

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