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Shane Victorino Points to the Booth After His Home Run
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*clears pipes*

And here’s the 2-2 pitch to Shane Victorino…

Swing and a loooong drive, deep right field — that ball is OUTTA HERE

Classy move, Shane.

  • Eminencegirl

    Classy move, NQA.

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    I’m home. I’m watching. And occasionally, I’m crying.

  • Beauhemian

    Harry sure loved saying “Flyin’ Hawaiian” too. Go Victorino.

  • Albert

    Very nice move, and absolutely NQA. Classy HR call by Franzky too. “Thats deep, and yes folks its outta here”

  • Jordan

    I’m going to miss that call. RIP Harry

  • Gaze

    No better time for the little man and the big man to come through with their first bombs of the year.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Thanks, Shane. It’s great to see that the players understand Harry’s importance.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Victorino “is” nothing but class.

  • will.H

    franskies call was touching, almost like a eulogy:

    “that ball is of course, outta here.”

  • Jim

    Any chance of getting up the video of Franzke making that call?

  • Matt B

    I would love to hear Franzke’s call again. Touching.

  • timm

    after franzke made that call him and LA had a hard time getting thru the next batter. they were choking back all their words. it made it all the sadder hearing that.

  • Lynniemac

    When Shane hit that, all I could think of was the day he went yard on Shane Victorino Bobblehead-In-A-Grass-Skirt Day and hearing Harry yell:

    “Shane Victorino No Ka Oi!!!!”

  • Section118

    after an off-season by the eagles that wasn’t too classy… i’ve really appreciated everything this phillies team has done. Players, coaches, FO… they all seem to get it

    I don’t expect to have a video tribute to dawkins like burrell got in the on-deck series
    Victorino’s move today was just another example… this organization is just really likeable everyone gets it… i think they all learned from harry himself… who also always showed class #1

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