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Shane Victorino Looks FANTASTIC In The New Helmet!
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It’s like if Mighty Mouse decided to take up baseball. You look great, Shane:

MUCH better than that David Wright character.

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  • gm-carson


  • gregotto

    Remember those Hutch helmets that came with the halloween costumes we all wore when were between 7 and 10? Remember how they looked on us then? You don’t? Then look at the picture again.

  • thomas

    he looks retarded

  • David Wright

    What a loser.

  • Vin

    Shane is really popular with little leaguers, so I actually think it’s pretty cool of him to wear this helmet. Sets a nice example for the kids.

  • maria

    The thing about these helmets, it looks like any pitch to the head will knock it right off unless your head is like Barry Bonds. And I’m just going to add that I think he looks cute.

  • Gonzo

    Rowand says FUCK while Rollins double flies over his head.

  • Ben

    I saw Rowand do that too…pretty funny. Too bad we couldn’t score

  • Steve

    He looks like an even bigger moron then he usually does.

  • muscles

    ears are overrated

  • Chazbot

    Looks like he didn’t want to keep the hydrocephaly look going for the whole game.

  • Gonzo

    He looks like the Great Gazoo!!! LOL!!!1!!11!!!

    /Don’t wanna be a hypocrite.

  • MaxL

    You know what the difference between Victorino and David Wright is? Victorino makes this look GOOOOD.

  • Eric

    haha, he already gave up the helmet. That experiment didn’t last long.

  • Gonzo

    Put this one in the win column for the Fightin Phils!!!

  • will.H

    its actually not as big as david wrights.

    also, in his last AB he switched back to his old helmet

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Why don’t they just stuff more padding in the normal sized helmets instead of making guys wear spaceships on their head?

  • Gonzo

    More padding is only going to raise the helmet anyway. This isnt Project Runway.

  • Nell

    Gosh darn it I love everything about Uncle Cholly! From when he says good for everything to him not being able to pronounce San FRAN-SIS-CO. Love him!

  • JayFraud

    Another one in the win column. 23 games over .500, 8 game lead in the division. If the bats can get it together the way the starting pitching has of late, the Phils are going to be a real threat in October.

  • photographerN

    I still want to see one of those helmets jammed on T-Mac big fucking baby head.
    While reading promos during tonight’s game, T-Mac (an alleged professional announcer) said “The Marlins come in for one more series on August 2, 3 and 4”, whiole the graphic CLEARLY SHOWED the dates as OCTOBER 2, 3 and 4 Besides the fact that those date were A MONTH AGO! I don’t know how much more of that misquoting moron I can take.

  • Jared

    i think the whole team run out of that helmet from the tunnel during pregame lineup intoductions

  • Lynniemac

    hahaha Shane’s helmet is funny. hahaha

    The above should obviously be interpreted as: “I feel that Shane should immediately stop wearing such ridiculous headgear in the interest of fashion and endanger his safety.”

  • martin atchet

    shane dressed up as his bobblehead statue!

  • sems823

    he looks adorable! no where near as bad as wright or dempster.

  • Let Pedro Pitch

    does anyone else disagree with what Uncle Cholly did in the bottom of the 7th? He pinched hit Stairs for Pedro. At that point in the game, the Phils were up 2-1 with a runner in scoring position (on 2nd). And Pedro had been pitching like a machine. Cholly pinched hit Stairs, which I can’t understand. Stairs hasn’t had a hit since the All-Star break; why put him in? And Pedro was on cruise control. Why take him out? Pedro was well under 100 pitches and taking him out meant that Madson was going to have to come in. Madson has been decent lately, but I think when a guy is throwing like Pedro did tonight, leave him in there and let Lidge close out the ninth. Sure, it would have been nice to have a few insurance runs, but I don’t think this was the correct call. And for those who saw what Stairs did; it proved my point.

  • joe

    Mitch said on postgame that he told Shane that he would rather get a concussion than wear that helmet 4 times.

  • joe

    4 times a game, I mean.

  • Unibomber

    Your next.

  • James Fayleez

    Wheels wa son fire with Wheelerisms in the 9th.

    I heard “no doubles-defense”, “drop the bathead on it” and my new favorite, “As you said Tom…”



  • sems823

    @James thank god i wasn’t the only one pissed about the stride thing. WHY ARE WHEELER AND MCCARTHY EMPLOYED.

  • Lynniemac

    @sems: You most certainly weren’t the only one. I had to mute it by the 2nd inning because I got tired of hearing how Lincecum isn’t a very tall pitcher.

  • Gonzo

    Unibomber Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 10:34 pm
    Your next.

    Nice grammar from a New Yorker.

  • will.H

    gonzo i didnt want to be the guy to point that out..

    seems pretty corney for a guy to attempt a mysterous comment and spell the very first word wrong. it sure takes away from its impact

  • Gonzo

    Even if he spelled it right, I don;t know what he is referring to. (Triple checks grammar)

  • dlhunter

    somebody doesnt get the joke…..

  • eminencegirl

    Its’s a shame. They can try to protect the head, unfortunately there is so little inside that noggin I’m not sure it needs that much protection. I’m a Shane fan but he’s a moron.

  • Gonzo

    is he really? lol. what makes you say that?

  • egor
  • will.H

    eminencegirl, based on what?

  • Tim

    The double-ear-protector little league helmet is Shane’s signature. He better not ditch them. He might as well stop coming to bat to Bob Marley songs if he does that.

  • bigmyc

    Shane usually has that look of Charlie Brown-esque intensity in his plate appearances but with that helmet, he looks even more intent as though he is trying to make up for that thing encasing his head.

  • bigmyc

    Emceegirl, I think Shane is just still kinda in that, “damn, dude, I’m a ML baseball player” mode. He seems kid-like about the way he goes about a lot of things but some of the things he says in pressers and just the general way he responds to questioning tells me there’s a lot more light there than you give him credit for.

    The dumbest thing I’ve ever seem him do though, was jump a coupla rows into the stands to snare that foul ball in Houston, which was actually a row or two farther than where he ended up. He had no chance…still, one of my most classic memories of watching Phillies games.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    @ Let Pedro Pitch – I was at the game last night keeping score, and when they made that move I was initially appalled. But looking back over my score sheet and thinking it over a little more, Pedro would have had to come back out and pitch against a pinch hitter and the top of the Gigantes line-up. He was on a roll, yes, but he hasn’t gone this deep into a game in a very, very long time. It would have been a fucking shame for him to pitch such a gem only to come out and surrender the lead in the 8th. All things considered, I think you have to make the move Cholly made there. Granted, Stairs has sucked the proverbial big one, but with Dobbs out, he’s the guy in that spot — better to try and get him rolling now rather than wait, so he can drop bombs in the NLCS again this year.

    Now to the real point — Shane does not look even anywhere close to ridiculous as D-Wright. Wright looked like friggin toadstool from the mario video games. Shane just looked like he was sporting the latest advancements in safety technology. Plus, he’s also not a douche like Wright, so that helps.

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    I think Pablo Sandoval, Jose Uribe, and Benji Molina ate ice cream out of that helmet. Are the Giants not the fattest team in the majors? My Lord. Looks like those 3 beat up Eugenio Velez for his lunch money every day.

  • eminencegirl

    #1 he runs the bases like a chicken with its head up its ass

    #2 he speaks like he has the intelligence of a piece of lint

    #3 have you seen his taste in fashion?

    I still love the guy, but he’s a moron.

  • VICTORYno8

    I agree, Vic is not smart. He’s my favorite player cause he plays the game like a little kid (it also helps that he hits .300 and plays gold-glove defense), but he makes bad decisions sometimes. Thank God he’s good at baseball.

  • sems823

    @Tim i was at the game wednesday and he came out to some hip hop crap. it made me sad.

  • eminencegirl

    I love him because he plays baseball the way I have always played sports…with unbridled aggression and heart. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t know how to use his head at the same time.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    @eminencegirl I’m afraid you’ll have to provide more than just “…he just doesn’t know how to use his head at the same time” as evidence that Shane isn’t intelligent.

    Sure, his interviews are more entertaining than enlightening, but that certainly isn’t an indicator of his I.Q.

  • Gonzo

    I agree on all accounts, EmGirl.

  • bigmyc

    Eminencegirl, sounds like someone got Vic’d over, no questions asked…if ya know whut a mean.

    You must really pay attention to these guys’ base running techniques or be judging him on that steal that he got caught on with two outs and Howard at the plate. I think he’s a good baserunner (like the rest of the team) and that he actually gives a solid, if not conventional, interview. Those Ed Hardy shirts had half the team under it’s malevolent grip last year….it is wrong to single out the Flywaiian.

  • bigmyc

    …and I’ll agree he does bone headed things, but I’m guessing that’s attributed more to lack of maturity and experience over him being sharp as a wet sack-o-mice.

    I’m with Dash, Victorino appears to be indicted by mere opinions at this juncture less than solid factual evidence. No further comment, your honor.

  • eminencegirl

    Yeah, I agree about the boneheadness/lack of maturity thing. And I don’t think my comment about lint was so much about IQ as his (what I would call) baseball intelligence. He’s a great ball player, but boneheaded base running errors and risking injury on plays that are less than game changing speak volumes sometimes. Like I said, I LOVE THE GUY, sometimes I’m just ashamed to admit it.

  • eminencegirl

    Yeah, I really just said ‘like I said’. It was completely unintentional.

  • will.H

    I just dont see it. Utley has done some pretty dumb things too but he gets a pass no matter what. He compounds mistakes which i’ve never seen Victorino do. Fact is, if you watch these guys enough they’re going to mess up. What makes you think Shane doesnt have a good baseball IQ? Hes a smart player who takes risks from time to time because he knows what his roll on the team: sparkplug. The late-game stealing base thing was the dumbest thing we’ve seen him do.. but other than that im drawing a blank at what makes shane ‘stupid.’ i’ll say hes a little nutty if anything

  • Victorino looks Gay

    are you gay or something? u think the mexican looks great in the helmet? he looks drunk. and he looks retarded, he looks like a gay phillie, fuck him and the fucking phillies fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

  • MaxL

    Somebody get the guy above me a bridge to live under, cause we got ourselves a TROLL.

  • Lids

    :( Bring back the double-earred helmet. It was why I was a huge fan since 2005!!!

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