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Shake Your Ass for the Phillies
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Remember when we’d have to watch the news closely for funny stuff happening in the background? Well, apparently nowadays the local news is just content to make the goofy stuff in the background the main story. (Maybe it’s in the wake of the “Fucking Amazing” post-Flyers interview earlier this year.) Above, a bartender shakes her ass for the camera at around midnight last night.

This is way more informative than what’s usually on Fox 29, and is way more interesting now that Kerri-Lee Halkett is leaving.

  • muscles

    wiggle it, just a little bit

  • Crane Kick

    Roy Oswalt was so on last night, he even found time to interview old sweet ass behind the bar. Amazing.

  • spacecoyote

    I can’t wait ’til this year’s luggage store robbery, vodka bottle braining, or “standing on a moving cab” injury. What will it be?

  • LOLCabrera

    She’s showing off her Lincecum “Dangle”

  • Luther

    wheres the gif?

  • Nick Swisher

    This girl isn’t even cute. I guess that’s typical for a Philly bar, huh? She has bags under her eyes and she talks from the right side of her mouth, kinda like Rocky.

  • Joe Hates Tits

    got to love the Drake

  • Adam Eaton

    Lucky shorts? Okay… I like lucky shorts.

  • NickFromGermantown

    “Could you ride the Cooch Train?”

    This is nothing new with FOX 29:

  • Nikita

    That announcer looks like he hasn’t been anywhere near the Cooch Train lately.

  • Dennis

    hey swisher, that bar is in Jenkintown not Philly dip shit.

  • Del Coro

    And I’m sure everyone was surprised this happened at The Drake.

  • NickFromGermantown

    Del Coro loves The Drake.

  • Goomba22

    Could she have more of a white-trash, NE Philly accent? “I SEEN him hit dat HOWMERUN….”

  • Chris Wheeler
  • Tyler

    She was cute.

  • Nick Swisher

    I like my woman to have a much more pronounced jaw line and a scruffy chin along with the brisk smell of brute. Actually I just like men.

  • Wes Chamberlain

    I wanna give her a tongue tornado in her balloon knot

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    HAHA The Cooch Train.
    I moved from Philly to Florida last year so I don’t get a lot of Phillies games. Last year I watched 95 plus so getting to see 20 this year was a big change. But this one game against the Marlins, they had this big segment on how chooch got his name but they were calling him cooch the whole time. The producer didn’t correct them until somewhere around the 5th inning. LOL “I’m very sorry. Apparently we made a mistake”


  • AdamEaton ForCyYoung.

    She talks out of the side of her mouth like John LeClair!

  • Jenkintowner

    ..Most of the help at that bar are LAZY BITCHES who think that you asking for a drink is like asking for their first born…Hey Drake bartenders STOP FUCKING TEXTING AND GET ME A COTDAMN BEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby D

    @ 14, Northeast Philly is the last haven of the working class in this city. Talk shit at your own risk.

  • PhillyCuban

    i was just looking through some facebook friend’s pics and saw this girl tagged in one lol

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