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Scott Mathieson Reportedly Amputates Catcher’s Arm
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As we are all gearing up for Cole’s 2010 debut you might be doing what I’m doing, which is scouring the interwebs for any Phillies related stuff. Except you probably aren’t covered in sunburn like I am. Anyway, in my scouring I cam across this tidbit from the Reading Eagle via Beerleaguer:

Drago notes that Scott Mathieson touched 103 on the gun in yesterday’s exhibition

Call him up, now. No, don’t really, but I hope this is a sign that the kid will be back to his very high 90’s stuff he had before his 19 arm surgeries. At this point I’m assuming they gave him a robot arm or something and we are now seeing the results. Or it is entirely possible he is on some “Rookie of the Year” type thing, just not playing for a futile franchise and minus his Mom telling him to float the ball or some stupid crap. Also keep in mind they mentioned it may have been a “hot gun” but still, how off could it have been?

As I said earlier in the off-season, don’t be surprised to see him on the big club at some point this season appearing late in games out of the pen.

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  • Roy Halladay

    I’m still better.

  • Greg V.

    I was at the exhibition and I have to tell you he was throwing a fast ball like I have never seen. You couldn’t even see the ball when he was throwing it! It was some serious smoke!

  • Gaze_NJ

    I like the Rookie of the Year reference… The Gary Busey “old man role model” role will be played by Jamie Moyer.

  • Joe D

    I have been pulling for this kid and will continue to do so. I really think he can be the closer of the future for this team.

  • mvptommyd

    That’s terrific that he can throw the ball with that speed. (Even though he was most likely throwing 97-98 mph with a “fast gun”)

    But what about the movement on his pitches and his secondary pitches? ::Que the sound of crickets::

    Until Mathieson fixes though problems, he won’t be anything special.


    Strasburg who?

  • Muscles

    Float It!

  • That Dude

    There is no way the 103 is legit.

  • will.H

    damn, now he’ll never finish building that motorboat.

  • Fitz


  • GTO

    Doesnt help that he looks like a chode wearing a nice cap and uni.

    you can dress the cock up, but its still a cock

  • MOAB

    funky butt-loving

  • dlhunter

    jesus christ this place needs a guard or nightwatchmen to keep it safe.

    I nominate John or Eric. God knows they need the work.

    Fellas, flip a coin.

  • Chris


  • Rudy

    I’ve been saying he should be up since last year. In due time… due time.

  • HummerX

    the Amputees tag needs to be used more

  • Watrick

    I agree with mvptommyd. I’m not that impressed with a fast fast ball for a closer anymore. I saw Billy Wagner at CBP, and if someone can connect to it, and get his timing down, it’s gone. The reason why Lidge was so good was he was able to use the slider and the fastball, remember way back when he could still do that? Change their eye level, and change their bat speed, and then you can pitch in the majors.

    Oh, and “Pitcher’s got a big butt!”

  • Watrick

    Oh, and one more thing….


    Seriously, though, is this site going to be down for every game now? I mean, technically, it’s brought good luck, but still, it kind of sucks…

  • Watrick

    Hey, whatever happened to the Weekly Beat off?It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the last one.

  • jaysonwerthhisweightingold

    Scott needs to remember
    “The key to being a big league pitcher is the 3 R’s: readiness, recuperation, and conditioning!”

  • J-Pain

    Did he just say funky butt-loving?

  • Muscles

    stop getting h@x0r3d

  • Eric Bruntlett

    I think I could hit this kid. 103 is nothing for me.

  • Jay

    I ain’t seen the floater pitch since Scuffy McGee!

  • Wes Chamberlain

    A hot gun? Does that mean one of our minor league coaches went to downtown Reading and “bought it for cheap”? Hope he went while the sun was up. Reading is pretty gangster.

  • Kyle

    Wait a minute. “Drago notes”? Ivan Drago works for the Reading Eagle now?

  • Curt Schilling

    Catching Scott Mathieson is probably the stupidest thing that catcher ever did. He could’ve just caught Adam Eaton instead, but the ball would never reach his glove…it’d be over the wall in the outfield.

  • The Krukker

    I don’t want any of that! I’ll quit!

  • The Krukker

    Oh, I forgot:

    You got nothin’! You know it. I know it. You’re mine, BWAHAHAHAAA!

  • Ivan Drago

    I must break you!

  • SJU BABY!!!

    I knew I had Scott Mathieson’s autograph for a reason.

  • Gonzo

    If he dies, he dies.

  • jkid

    as he was banging your mother

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