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Sarge Matthews Gets In On Some ‘Cadillac Time’ Action
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Here’s the radio call courtesy of 1210 WPHT from Chase Utley’s 2nd homer off of Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia last night. It was during the middle innings, so Franzke and LA weren’t in the booth, however Tom McCarthy does a fine job with it (he even gets authentically excited!) and Sarge comes in to finish it off with his ‘Cadillac Time’ proclamation. Listen up:

Photo courtesy of NickSixers Flickr account

(Thanks to commenter stinkbug for the audio)

  • Pasadena_Phan

    Sweet! Good to hear that “jumping in the Cadillac” line from Sarge.

  • Lew Blum

    If only he had homered to left field, maybe we could have heard Tom’s famed, “OPPO BOPPO!” call…

  • Jennjersnap

    My husband turned to me last night during the game and said “I actually miss hearing Wheels.” I had no reply for that.

  • will.H

    jennjersnap, is he one of those guys that likes whips and nipple clamps?

  • Sundar

    God I love Cadillac Time

  • Brandon

    I think Howard and werth are going to jump in the cadillac tonight

  • stinkbug

    t minus 47 minutes till cadillac time

  • dlhunter

    I think it’s time for Pedro to be a hero.

  • Keith

    Anyone know where/if I can stream the Phils’ radio crew online?

  • Steve

    OH MY!!!

  • Jennjersnap


    Not that I’m aware of. Though now I am starting to wonder…….

  • Tim

    Man, I love watching the Phils play in October, but it really sucks having to go through all these games without listening to our own crew. Damn you 1210! Why can’t you sync up to the tv broadcast!?

  • Mr. Bryan

    nice, I sported my “I listen to Sarge” shirt at the bar last night

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