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Ryan Howard’s ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover
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Here’s this week’s SI cover.

Don’t worry, fellas. Ryan Howard is so awesome not even the Sports Illustrated cover curse can contain him. (via)

  • Joe Pa


  • dmac

    Also: Ha ha, Andre Agassi hates tennis.

  • Mand(i)

    this nice little article was accompanied by a front page spot with victorino in a skirt saying “the frillies are coming to town!” as well as a caption stating “only in the city of brotherly love can shane victorino pass as a slugger. make way for the bronx bombers you phillies phrauds!”

    seriously….who approves this garbage to get published! classless


    haha, I’d hate tennis too if I was on meth all the time.

  • lori555grace

    thanx 4 the upload! great photo! Ryan is a heavy hitter AND (&) a TEAM player! go Phillies!

  • theKrisheim

    i love tennis

  • Joe D

    Looks like I have something in common with Agassi. I hate tennis too.

  • Watrick

    I can understand why Andre might hate tennis now, but does he have to look like a cry baby about it? I mean, come on, it made you famous, allowed to act like a Rebel with a capitalistic cause, got you rich, and you met your wife. Cheer up, buddy.

    (I have not read the article, but I like tennis, so, when I do, I won’t post a make up to this.)

  • dmac

    I’m betting his quote is actually, “I hate tennis photos that aren’t taken with a Canon.”

  • Jon

    NOOOOO! Why not have an opposing cover with A-Rod? COUNTERBALANCE THE JINX.

  • Chase Mutley

    The best part about that New York Post article is that it’s essentially the equivalent of a Perez Hilton blog entry but there are THREE writers that are credited in putting it together. THREE!!!

  • check out this handsome man

    Howard is badass.

  • Joe D

    dmac, well played.

  • Leon Black

    SI Jinx

  • Joe D

    Leon: Howard is bringing the raucous on that Yankee ass.

  • Fightins Newbie
  • Jdashdog

    I’d trade her my tix for a rusty trombone

  • Joe D

    Doesn’t that woman know it’s halloween season….she needs to offer more than that. Blumpkin or bust!

  • The Killers Zs

    The comments to the posting of the Shane Victorino in Drag picture and the related NY Post articles are HILARIOUS. To wit: one NY guy is ragging about our famous sandwich with steak, cheese and onions. “it is not even called a sub. What is a hoagie, anyway?” Cept, the sandwich they are mocking is a CHEESESTEAK, not a hoagie. Phillies in 6. And Shane actually does look pretty good in drag.

  • al

    blow me NYY!!!!!

  • gm-carson

    Don’t you mean the curse “can’t contain him” rather than “can contain him”?

  • gm-carson

    Never mind, I’m a dumbass and didn’t read it correctly the first time. I’ll shut up now.

  • re-peter

    Wow, that article in the New York Post is nonsense. Its not even news reporting. Anyone who reads that article and doesn’t think that all those quotes were made up to fit that lousy story is a moron. And di u see the by-line, it took THREE geniuses to put that together. I can’t wait till the Phillies take this one, Yankees fans can take those 26 titles and stick em

  • re-peter
  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Phils break the Billy Penn curse in ’08, Howard breaks the SI curse in ’09. You heard it here first, folks.

  • maria

    This cover makes me uncomfortable.

  • Shawn

    From your lips to gods ears Heathcliff. I was not happy when I saw Ryan on the front of SI. Look what happened to Cole, or shouldn’t I go there?

  • Shawn

    Oh and that doesn’t even look like Agassi. Geez I guess drugs are bad for you.

  • Jersy Fresh

    Ryan Howard is in an awful slump. He has to come out of it tonight or else! I am a full believer in the SI curse (and l love the Phillies). Does anyone know if this was a regional cover or if folks from NYC got this same cover too?

  • Ryan Howard

    Well, I guess the Sports Illustrated curse was in effect after all.

  • Orlando Burchard

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