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Ryan Howard reads a book to his girlfriend’s students
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During his day off on Monday, just prior to taking off for a flight to Atlanta, Phillies slugger Ryan Howard made a pit stop at the Nottingham Elementary School in Oxford, PA to be the “mystery reader” in his girlfriend Krystle Campbell’s classroom.

You remember Krystle, right? She’s the Eagles cheerleader/elementary school teacher who accompanied Ryan to a Super Bowl party in Miami this past January. Well, apparently, these two kids are still an item, otherwise I highly doubt Ryan would make time in his busy schedule to go visit an ex-girlfriend of his in Oxford, PA.

Anyway, according to our super-sexy spy in Chester County, Meghan O’Connor (the story has since been CONFIRMED by the school secretary), Ryan arrived at Nottingham Elementary mid-morning and read a book to his girlfriend’s 2nd grade students. Afterward, Ryan even hung around for a while and played kickball with the kids at recess. How cool is that?

I mean, the closest I ever got to a celebrity visiting my grade school was Brushy The Clown.

After the jump, check out Ryan’s girl working it out for the Eagles cheerleader judges earlier today…

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  • Suz

    Ryan is one cool guy.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Super-sexy spy Meghan O’Connor….useless without pics

  • Danny

    What were Howard’s kickball stats? 1-for-4 with a HR and 3K’s? Can he make the kickball throw to second base?

  • Jason R.

    seriously, best “teacher’s friend here to read us a story” ever. Ours was an old lady that was a RETIRED librarian. Yeah, old.

  • kraeer

    Brushy the Clown never came to my school! ‘the fuck is that all about?

  • Some Guy

    (Insert something about being the Sheriff of Nottingham here)

  • Jdashdog

    If my teacher was that fine I’d be tuckin’ it up in the waistband ALL day

  • Chris

    Imagine how far Ryan kicked the kick ball. Assuming it’s one of those rubbery red balls it was probably an astronomical distance.

    In other news, I think about the dumbest shit.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Did he point his foot at the pitcher?

  • Jay Ballz

    Good stuff there.

  • The Vomiteur

    As soon as the children gathered in a circle, I began to feel sick.

  • WholeCamels

    Needs Drudge sirens, big red letters

  • Swift

    Holy shit, a Brushy the Clown reference. Wow!

    P.S. She’s a teacher? Jesus Fucking Christ those are some lucky kids.

  • J-D

    And when I go to hang around an elementary school they just call me a pediophile.

  • kenny junod

    what a good guy. I just hope none of those 2nd grade kids made any rude comments

  • That Guy

    i met Krystle last year outside a pub on 4th of July, she is so fuckin jacked, kinda scared me lol, but she’s really cool, my fuckin friend made us sound like retards tho, cuz he thought Krystle was Amandah

    i thought that woulda made her mad but it didnt so we survived haha



  • This Guy

    My friend once boxed Krystle Campbell dressed as a giant pancake on the steps of the Art Museum. True story. Oh, and Krystle was dressed like Rocky. And they were surrounded by hundreds of other guys also dressed like Rocky. Anyways, she punched my friend in the face. Hard.

  • middle of the mitten

    What story did he read???

  • ThinkRed

    That Guy should close for the Phillies. He comes through with clutch comments so he would be suited for the 9th inning.

  • Schmitter22

    I was having a bad day, until I saw That Guy.

  • Gonzo

    Ryan Howard’s MVP and ROY Awards don’t add up to the tail he reeled in here. My goodness.

  • Crane Kick

    Kyrtsthelle’s ass looks funny. See – #39.

    Watch out bro.

  • The Vomiteur

    I don’t understand how “That Guy” is funny. It’s crude and low-brow. What kind of commentary is he offering?


    Thanks, Crane Kick, added it post-jump.

  • GenericFanGroup

    new fangroup: Howard’s Girlfriend’s Weird Asses…a girl centric fangroup that when Howard hops in the Cadillac the girls turn around and show off there weird asses……GET IT?

  • Brushy The Clown

    Remember when I let you honk my horn after class Meech? Honk-honk!

  • Jdashdog

    How many Book-It pizzas did he eat after this?

  • Crane Kick

    No doubt.

  • Gonzo

    I don’t understand how “That Guy” is funny. It’s crude and low-brow. What kind of commentary is he offering?

    The comment wasn’t rude at all. And the fact that your name translates to “The Vomitor”, I don’t understand how you could stick your nose up at a low-brow comment. Me thinks you are on the wrong website.


    Yes I do, Brushy. And I also remember you telling me never to say anything about it or else I’d be in a lot of trouble.

    What are you doing this weekend?

  • Krystle Campbell

    You know, I really resent the way you guys are objectifying me on this site. Eagles fans don’t treat me like this when I dance around half naked in December. I’m a teacher!

  • I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay

    “recess champions. recess FUCKING champions!”

    – coolest kid in that class

  • Crane Kick

    That’s totally not the real K. Campbell…. everyone knows once the cold weather hits that squad throws on some crappy catsuit get up to keep warm… half naked flies the coop after Halloween.

  • Matthew Clemmens

    2nd Graders are about 11 years old right?

  • WFC

    You now he likes a lil junk in tha trunk! Ya Falla!

  • Joe D

    Jdash….good work on the Book it pizza comment…haha.

    As for Krystle’s ass…how the hell could you expect it to be normal after the Big Piece has pounded it numerous times?

  • will.H

    kickball? that’s ironic.. Ryan booting things

  • Ryan Howard

    Krystle’s ass oughta be enshrined in the MMMM hall of fame!

  • Thomas Perez’s Perezidents

    Danny Bonaducci would have left you where he found you, Vomiteur.

    “I don’t get jokes,”
    -The Vomiteur

  • WFC


  • Krystles 2nd grade student

    I’m sorry, Mr. Howard? I can’t post I just got my first boner.

  • The Vomiteur

    Pardon me for asking for some level of decorum and wit. Your non sequitors and pastiches wouldn’t even pass on the Morning Zoo radio you love so much.

  • Lynniemac

    You except decorum on the Fightins, Monsieur Vomiteur? Quelle comique.

  • Larry David

    I thought howard only liked the fat white chicks

  • Crane Kick

    What channel is this Morning Zoo show on? Sounds neat.

  • Lynniemac

    Um, exPeCt. Dumbass.

  • mvptommyd

    “As for Krystle’s ass…how the hell could you expect it to be normal after the Big Piece has pounded it numerous times?”

    Good work sir. Fine work.

  • Ryan Howard

    You ain’t cool, unless you pee your pants.

  • game5

    No, no, no, don’t make graduate to 3rd grade. PLEASEEEE NOOOOOO!

  • James_Fayleez

    Can you strike out at kickball?

  • Oliver

    1) Props to the Vomiteur for some irony (I think)

    2) The way Bonds’ got Ryan playing ball, he probably only K’ed once, and went 2-4 with a triple and an rbi. Seriously, ONLY 3 HOMERS?

  • Stinky McHashcakes

    I love hash cakes. Just love ’em ta bits, ya know? Know who else loves the hash cake?…Yep, you guessed it, Mr. Madson. I’ve been tellin’ him to slow up on the things but he just keeps on devourin’ away and mumbling something about an unbeatable cutter pitch or somethin’.

    I swear that this kid loves nothing more than ol’ Stinky’s hashcakes. I almost think that’s the only thing he loves. One time, I asked him, “but Ryan, what about baseball and the Phillies?” He didn’t reply much, only had a glazed look on his hash crumbed face and gave me a shrug.

  • River

    I’m going to pull a Billy Madison and go back to second grade at the Nottingham School.

    Well, I made the duck blue because I’d never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one.

    That’s quacktastic.

  • Idiot patrol

    These bit rip offs kill me.


    @Idiot patrol

    You were expecting Don Rickles?

  • Idiot patrol

    No, IR, I just think some are pretty funny yet there are so many tweakers who get offended that someone dare to augment a halfway successful bit. I mean, the more the merrier. Most people should know what is good and what is not. They shouldn’t need a “like” button or the sentiments of a pack mentality.

    But then, that’s why I’m the Idiot patrol. Patrolling for idiots or an idiot on patrol? You decide.

  • Jayson’s Beard

    did ryan madson pitch that game? i wont be surprised if he got kicked hard. lol at my puns people!!!!!!

  • Moon Shot

    “get me to the white women, boys”

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Iditot Patrol: The ‘Dislike’ button is gone. After that it kinda falls into the column of – meh. As for “Patrolling for idiots or an idiot on patrol” – things being what they are here, that might be overkill or a statement of the obvious, er whatever. Everyone’s just having fun, probably at the expense of everyone else but it’s still funny.

  • the EFF THAT guy

    Brushy the Clown never stopped by my school.

  • Idiot patrol

    Yeah, Philly Phan. For instance, that Mchashcakes guy was pretty entertaining with Madson’s blow up and all but some people actually get twisted up about it being a spinoff of another poster’s gig. Humor is humor. Imitation is also the most sincere form of flattery.

  • will.H

    “Your non sequitors and pastiches wouldn’t even pass on the Morning Zoo radio you love so much.”

    pistachios and Zoobly Zoo? im excited

  • will.H

    idiot patrol informs us humor is humor, guys.

  • Idiot patrol

    What? I guessed you missed the next sentiment about imitation, sport, eh?

    I apologize for stepping on sacred ground by actually liking Mchashcakes. Ryan Madson as a weed burnin’ dildo; that’s topical. That’s humor. Get it?

  • will.H

    it’s part of the joke bigmyc. get it?

    patrol me weee oooo wee ooooo

  • Idiot patrol

    WtF? HuH?

  • will.H

    weooooooo weeeeooooo

  • Idiot patrol

    What’s a bigmyc? Why are you singing? What language was that you just posted?

  • sharp shooter

    Hope the Braves sweep this series of games with the Phils, GO BRAVES!!

  • Salty Buggah


  • Epiphany1

    Glad Ryan took the time to do this. But I’m sorry guys this girl isn’t attractive.

  • will.H

    idiot patrol, its a siren you know? because you patrol shit

  • BD

    it is ironic that idiot patrol dude is indeed an idiot himself kind of mccarthy-esque?

  • boggsly

    I never had brushy the clown come to my school but I did get to blow bubbles as kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wrecked em


  • need the air brush

    the girl is very unattractive and shouldn’t ryan be spending time with his own kid on his days off…….

  • John

    Just to add to the conversation i live in this local area and there is HUGE controversey over this down here in nowheresville PA. Some parents somehow didnt know she was a cheerleader until now and now after months dont want her teaching there kids.

  • Mother of many

    Krystle is my son’s 2nd grade teacher and it was awesome of both her and Ryan to do that for our kids. They were so surprised, as were we parents when they came home with autographs. She is a PHENOMANAL teacher and person….I’m sick of seeing people bash her on the internet. If you dont have the opportunity to meet her and get to know her you really should comment on what kind of person she is. I feel so blessed that my son got her for a 2nd grade teacher and home his brother and sisters are as lucky as he was to have such a wonderful teacher.

  • Kaylyn


  • Clay Boggess

    Howard sounds like a good guy even though he is mainly there to see his girlfriend.

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