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Ryan Howard & Jimmy Rollins Funny or Die Fantasy Camp
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I’m gonna go with ‘Funny’, but head on over and cast your own damn vote

  • Cola Classic

    “Livin’ the dream, Baby!”

  • Shawn

    Love it when Ryan slaps that guys hand. The singing and dancing are hysterical. I give it two thumbs up.

  • Gaze

    I think Young James has an acting career in his post baseball days.

  • jose reyes’ vagina

    look at howard eating!! Look, i edited my name!!!

  • alex

    hahaahaha funiest thing all week, no wonder howard is so big he just shoves it down his pie hole and the pie was hilarious, “I Think im gonna throw up!!”

  • Eminencegirl

    Unfortunately, nothing Jimmy Rollins does or says is funny to me, the guy’s a douchenoz. Hell yeah I’m a hater!

  • Swift

    I laughed.

  • fuck the mets

    @vagina I think it should just be the correct grammar and spelling. “Jose Reyes’s Vaginas”

  • HummerX

    Karaoke was the best part IMO

  • G-Dogg

    not funny. why doesn’t howard go learn to hit a breaking ball instead of wasting his time with stupid shit like this?

  • Mike P

    The best thing about the Howard haters is that the guy is at the top of the list for homers and RBIs every freaking year, and still, people find ways to bitch. It reminds me of everyone who trashed Cunningham back in the early 90s, but 10 years later, bought his jersey and talked about him like he was the best QB in Eagles history. Or all of the former Schmidt haters who now (rightfully) laud him as the best 3rd baseman in MLB history.

    Here’s what I’ll say about Howard. Would it be nice if he could get his average over .285? Sure. But his job, as the cleanup hitter, is to hit balls out of the park and to drive in runs. That’s what he’s doing–right now he’s 3rd in the NL for RBIs and 5th for HRs–and he tends to produce better in the second half. I’m more than satisfied. Does he strike out a lot? Absolutely. But I’d rather have him striking out than hitting into double plays. Moreover, he recognized that his defense was a liability last year, and he showed up to Clearwater very early, lost some weight, and put the time to improve in the field. His gaffe the other day aside, he has been much better defensively this year. Oh yeah, and he’s a decent guy and a nice role model for kids.

    This kind of hard work, dedication, production, and overall decency is the kind of stuff that’s supposed to play well in Philly, but I guess some people are never pleased. Ryan Howard is one of the best first basemen in the league, and I’m thrilled that he plays for the Phils.

  • Swift

    I love what Howard does, and will always love what he does as long as he hits Longballs, and knocks in Ribbies.

    I cannot imagine the gawdy numbers Howard would put up if he’d be a .330 hitter however. That’d just be sick nasty.

  • Swift

    @Mike P: Well said.

  • Jdashdog

    Damn, Howard haters need to go elsewhere. He’s a beast, and contrary to what G-Dogg says Howard has been much better at laying of breaking balls out of the zone this year as well as hitting the mistakes.


    Way off topic but ,Clinton just got the 2 korean journalist’s pardoned,now he is flying back with them getting major head,ya gotta love him,oohps wrong blog

  • bronxbomber

    It’s tough to stand out as the premier first baseman in the NL when you have Pujols out there, but Howard is certainly up there. Most important part of what Mike P. said; “Oh yeah, and he’s a decent guy and a nice role model for kids.” Absolutely! You don’t see Howard being arrested for DUI, or being accused of PED’s or any other nonsense that so many players are painted with today. Yeah, his job is to hit homeruns and drive in runs, but he’s also being paid to be likeable and to draw a crowd. He’s covering all of his bases….

  • Gonzo

    @ Mike P – Amen, brutha.

  • Big Box of Chili

    “Is Ryan Howard the man,” I asked Shane, “and JRoll, too?”

    “Like I said, Mr. Chili,” he replied. “No questions asked.”

  • Gonzo

    Please, if you don’t mind. Let me be myself – Nickelback

    /puts gun in mouth, pulls trigger twelve times

  • Lindsay

    where do i sign up?

  • Swift

    @Gonzo: That’s “Three Doors Down – Let me be myself”. Close in sheer amount of sucktitude.

  • The400Level

    Wheels just sang “I wear my sunglasses at night.” I expect to see a remix on here tomorrow morning.

  • Swift

    @The400Level: He really didn’t sing all that much of it… just the line “I wear my sunglasses at night.” Don’t think that’s enough to make a song out of.

  • Gonzo

    Thanks Swift. You’d think I would know that considering I’ve seen it 6 times a game for every game this season.

  • The400Level

    these guys were good enough to make a song out of him just saying cock, so who knows

  • Swift

    @The400Level: That’s a damned good point actually. Who knows.

  • Tug Haines


  • BringBackTelemauco

    Hah i agree with gdogg

  • Beth

    Absolutely hilarious!

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