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Ryan Howard & J-Roll – “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (Remix)
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Odds are, if you watched more than 1 inning of baseball during the first half of the season, you saw the nauseating Baby Ruth ad campaign promoting their dumb “Take Me Out To The Ballgame 100th Anniversary” contest. In case you haven’t — real quick — fans were encouraged to submit their own version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and the winner would sing it during the 7th inning stretch at the All-Star Game. And I think they got a lifetime supply of Baby Ruth or something.

Anyway, they made an entire TV show out of the process with the equally-irksome ESPN. It featured the fan submissions plus renditions by actual major leaguers. The last two NL MVP’s, Ryan Howard & Jimmy Rollins, had the displeasure of judging the player versions. But at they very end, obviously disappointed with everyone else’s output, RyHo and Young James put their own twist on the classic song…

You know they had to do a remix, right?

Enjoy the vocal stylings of Ryan Howard with Jimmy Rollins playing the part of the lunchroom table drum machine.

  • Joe B

    The real question is what are these two worse at:
    a) Jimmy: Running out ground balls/popups or rapping?
    b) Howard: Making contact or rapping?

    Tough call on those

  • madonna

    that was amazing

    the clip of papelbon at the beginning reminded me, you should also check out this mini vanilli remix they do during rain delays now:

  • Clare


  • Chris

    Wow. That was horrible.

  • yellowbird


  • ill

    Boo? Fuck you.

  • John

    Pull the stick out of your ass, it was for fun. It actually was the best part of a pretty lame special.

  • sharon

    I think it was very funny. I love those two guys. They need some kind of stress relief

  • Mike Vasquez

    ya retarted that rap is hot ya buggin your not americans ya probably racist terrorist

  • Philly Lover

    You all are just haters cause you team can make the playoffs, or win pennants, or win the world series. These are two of the best in the Majors (along with Utley and Halladay), 2 MVPs, And WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS

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