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Ryan Howard Had Himself A Busy Weekend
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When he’s not mashing homers, winning LCS MVP awards, or reviewing possible candidates for the MMmm Hall of Fame, Ryan Howard does what every other superstar first baseman would do — spend some quality time with the hard-working people of Philadelphia.

Case in point #1:

As told by the gossip section of today’s Daily News through the words of Dan Gross:

When Kimberly Hoffman made place cards of famous Philadelphians like Rocky Balboa, Donovan McNabb, and Ryan Howard, for her Friday night wedding to Micah Hauenstein at the Water Works restaurant she never expected the real Ryan Howard to show up.

The Phillies first baseman and a female companion stopped by the Water Works unaware the restaurant was closed for a wedding. Restaurant staff invited the pair inside for a drink and when owner Michael Karloutsos and family told Howard about the place cards, he happily areed to surprise the bridal party, getting a hug from the bewildered bride.

Here’s the proof:

Although I find it hard to believe that two grown-ups who are getting married in a fancy place like the Water Works would be so strange as to arrange place cards for fictional characters and others that they know won’t show up, it is pleasant surprise to have Big Brown show up at your wedding just before he heads off to play in the World Series.  But yeah, that place cards thing is borderline creepy.

Case in point #2:

Philadelphia sports die-hard Bob Lutz stops off at a gas station to re-up on nicotine and who does he run into?

This was outside a gas station on Penrose and Pattison Avenue.  My wife and I stopped to get a pack of smokes and hit the ATM on our way to the Flyers game and saw Ryan Howard.  He was very cool,and much smaller than I thought. We wished him luck, and he told us “Go Flyers.”


Look at that — Howard is not only spending time with locals, he’s embracing the Flyers as well.

What an upstanding citizen he is.

Surely Mark Teixeira would’ve been doing the same in New York, but he was busy working on that gaudy .290 LCS OBP of his.  In his defense though, he did have 3 RBI in a loss.


  • Lynniemac

    Holy crap, brides are weird.

  • Rob I.

    Sorry, Mark Teixeira was busy actually using his mitt to stop baseballs from getting into the outfield. Unlike Ryan Howard, who was using his mitt to smack Jared from Subway on the ass.

  • theKrisheim

    “pack of smokes,” a crucial part of the story

  • Tug Haines

    Is that Jan Hooks?

  • Mike Scuilli

    Yes Rob, let’s make a big deal that texiera has a great glove, at the least important defensive position in the infield. Idiot

  • Griswold

    Oh Big Brown, you’re one of a kind

  • Erin

    Pretty sure they were not place cards FOR Ryan Howard et. al but had pictures of famous Philadelphians on the place cards for the guests of the wedding.
    But point remains, brides are weird.

    I also met Ryan Howard last week. He was with his parents and twin brother, who is a good couple inches taller than Ryan. Asked us what the ALCS score was as he was walking out through the bar area. He jokingly said, “whats the score? 4-3”. (This was Tuesday). Nice guy, good tipper. I was too polite/shy to ask for a picture.

  • Bill B.

    For what it’s worth, Ryan Howard has been a better defender than Mark Teixeira according to the defensive metrics.

  • Jdashdog

    If I’m Rob Lutz that’s my Christmas card, facebook, twitter, and passport pic.

  • MP

    He looks more dressed up for the gas station than for a date night at Water Works.

  • Jay Ballz

    Yes, I believe Erin is correct.

    Cool stuff though. It’s always fun to bump into celebs out in public, or to have them crash your wedding.

  • Lynniemac

    @Jdashdog: If I’m Kimberly Hoffman-Hauenstein, that’s the cover of my wedding album.

  • Jdashdog

    @Lynnie, I guess you’re right but as an extremely heterosexual male things like wedding albums don’t usually cross my mind.

  • Lynniemac

    Oh, I wasn’t suggesting that to you, just more taking your line of thinking and running with it.

  • Mas

    he definitely stepped up his dress game after the wedding. i believe “female companion” is one of the better parts of this post.

  • MrsWerth

    Who cares what the fans were doing? Who cares if a bride has Philly-related place cards.. who cares that Mr. Flyers fan was getting cigs? My God some of you people are completely retarded. It’s awesome that he’s a fan friendly guy!

  • dlhunter

    “My God some of you people are completely retarded.”

    You’re right, the point is to make fun of the mentally disabled. Wait, what?

  • mrs. dobbs

    and the mrs thing is sooo overdone. geez.

  • MP

    I don’t think the Mrs. got the sarcasticness of the comments!

  • Lynniemac

    I must have missed the part where someone either stated or implied that it wasn’t awesome that Ryan Howard is a fan-friendly guy.

  • Mike Honcho

    It figures McNabb didn’t show up. Kolb would have …

  • will.H

    lynnie, why would you expect someone interpret written words.

  • pistols at jawn

    Prima Nocta.

  • OutlawPete

    so i guess he has a deal with Adidas?

  • Lynniemac

    Must be because my expectations are high, will.

  • RR

    If I had the money, I would pay A-Rod to hit the accent out of every Philadelphian. God, I hate the way you idiots speak. Even the somewhat intelligent people sound incredibly dumb. The Philadelphia accent is worse than the southern accent. You’re labeled white trash before you even open your mouth.

  • Tartan69

    @pistols at jawn – Now THAT is funny. A+

  • Tartan69
  • dlhunter

    Silly RR, you must pay the troll toll to get into the boy’s hole!

  • will.H

    RR is having a tough time dealing with his own NY accent issues. philadelphias are born with an accent, you guys only push it when you want to appear tough.

    oor, when you cry infront bag of gummy bears

  • bigmyc

    Let’s examine this briefly. A guy from New York criticizes Philadelphians for their accents and attempts to do so by saying that Philadelphians are considered white trash BEFORE they open their mouths….hmmm…

    Not surprised that line of logic comes from a New Yawker. Airtight as a mesh jersey, I tell ya.

  • Mike Honcho

    RR, you don’t have money? I’m shocked …

  • YuckTheFankees

    RR just wants us to feel insecure because he’s feeling insecure about his insecurities?

  • Matt

    @dlhunter- +1 for the It’s Always Sunny reference.

    “You want this baby boy’s hole, you gotta pay the troll toll.”

  • Sara

    my uncle saw big brown at the grocery store with his mother. a girl like 10 or 12 asked for his autograph and he politely declined. until mrs. howard smacked him with her purse and said “RYAN HOWARD YOU GIVE THAT GIRL YOUR AUTOGRAPH!” so he did.

    if it’s not true blame my uncle not me.

  • Sara

    @RR if our accents are what make us white trash, how are we labeled so before we open our mouths?

  • El Ricko

    My question is, if this were A-Rod running into Yankees fans on the town… would he have threatened to sue, or gone to the punch to the face before the threat of a lawsuit?


  • John

    Only 108 outs away from another parade.

  • Fightins Newbie

    @ will H…OMG, that vid is hilarious!!!! Giant fans, Met fans, Wankee Fans..all cut from the same cloth. Its almost as funny as the two met rappers, although all have serious mental issues.

  • Lynniemac

    El Ricko: A-Rod would NEVER go to the punch to the face. A playful little slap with his non-purse hand maybe, but NEVER a punch to the face. That’s a manly man thing.

  • Matt

    Can we please get some people to bring bras to the games and throw them to A-Rod, maybe get some chants going of “BITCH-TITS” whenever A-Roid gets up…

    Get a few people in Godzilla costumes near the Yankees dugout, and whenever Matsui comes up just start chanting “Godzirrrrrra!!!” He’s sure to go running.

  • b-burg


    I’m dying, just getting over being sick and went into a 5 minute coughing fit laughing about that. That was hysterical. Godzirrrraaaa!!!!

  • JaysonVooyrhees

    so did anyone else notice J-Roll wearing Harry’s sport jacket & shoes (or exact replicas thereof) during the team’s sendoff to New York? Holy hell I love this team.

  • Matsui

    Or you could dress like the Village People and watch Cole Hamels drool.

  • Tug Haines


  • dlhunter

    I can’t say definitively whether Cole is a fanny bandit.
    But he does love his ring, and word on the street is he’s in the market for another…

  • Matt

    @b-burg-just doing my part to ensure that the Yankees get a proper welcome to Philly.

    And Matsui, Cole Hamels is married to a chick that was in Playboy, you beat off to the YMCA. See the difference? And your website is listed as…further proof that Mets/Yankees “fans” just go back and forth between which ever of the two is winning at the moment.

  • Gabrielle

    48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im actually scared for America. you have the sheer popularity of the Yankees and all of their frontrunning fans from all around the country, and then you have Philly fans, who are notorious for being, well, fucking awesome.

    my prediction is that we burn the East Coast to the ground in 5.

  • Matt

    Just an FYI for everybody…”Phillies Slugger” Jimmy Rollins is on Jay Leno tonight, just saw a commercial. It comes on at 10 on NBC, not sure when he’ll be on or for how long…

    And if this has already been brought up, disregard this post.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    We need to take Game 1 in strong fashion, if only to cut down on the posts from the Yankees troll that is posting under a dozen names from the same IP address. Also because the Phillies are totally kick-ass!

  • RicoBrogna

    Grow a beard to support the fightins! Yankees players arent allowed to grow a beard thus proving how fuckin gay and communist the yankees as an organization are!

  • John

    fuck jimmy was on Jay Leno and i missed it?????!!!!!!!!!!

    damn it, somebody put a link up for that shit

  • John

    never mind, i just saw it, new quote from young james

    “size DOES matter”

  • Joe Girardi wears #27

    John, you didn’t miss much. The interview was very short. Basically, J-Roll said he is going to contact Jeter in the off-season for hitting instruction.

  • RR

    Who will the Phillies use a DH? Bruntlett? That will confuse the shit out of Uncle Chollie, ’cause you know, in Philadelphia, they don’t have, like, designated hitters and stuff.

  • John

    he COULD use a few pointers, then he’ll be even better, what a great idea Joe Girardi wears #27

    i did see the interview, it was rather entertaining

  • Matt

    If Jimmy is feeling nice, he might let the series go 6 games, but he said we’ll probably just wrap it up at home. Phils in 5.

  • John

    Joe G wears #27, to tell me that Jeter is better than JRoll is as obvious as saying Tiger Woods is better than Phil Mickelson

    im not gonna argue with u either, Jeter has like 5 rings and jimmy only one, i get it, hes better, ur not gettin into any arguements with me

  • RR

    Do the Phillies include a “you must pimp and pitch every product available to you because we can’t afford to pay you more” contract clause with all of their players?

    Red Bull
    New ERA

    seriously. enough acting.

  • RR

    @ John
    Tiger Woods is better than Phil Mickelson.

  • will.H

    RR, some players do commericals. some players do steroids. some fess up, some lie. its all the same i guess, isnt it

  • RR

    Who didn’t fess up? The only one who didn’t fess up is J C Romero. He’s still trying to blame GNC.

  • Brandon

    @willh you just made my night with that comment. haha

  • Lynniemac

    will, can I play too? Some players have their own perfume, some don’t…

  • RR

    so, does this mean Philadelphia will be treated to “Parents Just Don’t Understand” prior to game 3?

  • RR

    I’ll play too willy;

    some teams have 26 rings, some have 2.

  • maria

    Neeko anybody? Thanks to the 700Level, I play this song all day long.

  • Matt

    RR, is this all your life has become? Trolling on a Phillies site? Bravo, ma’am.

    And who didn’t come clean? Nobody came clean until they were outed. A-Roid, Pettite, Clemens, Giambi, who am I forgetting?

  • Lynniemac

    Oh wait – if the past counts in this game, then how about that time last year when the team in New York that came closest (but still failing) to making the postseason was the Mets? Good times.

  • RR

    I love it. 1 championship since 1980 and all of the sudden Philly talks smack. Where were you smacktalkers throughout the mid 80’s, late 80’s, early 90’s, mid 90’s, late 90’s, early 2000’s and mid 2000’s?

    I’m going to bed now. Until tomorrow…

  • John

    we talk smack now cuz if u havent noticed, our boys are in the world series, its not like were playing in this world series to see who is better over the course of all baseball history

    Yankees – 26, Phillies – 2

    everyone knows that stupid fact, but ur 26 world championships dont go up to bat, they dont pitch for u, and they dont play defense for u, all they are are documented facts, lets wait to see who wins the world series and then whoever wins can talk shit all they want, cuz they deserve it

    i want this series to start SO BAD

  • werththewait


    I used to do shit like this then I turned 14, got a handjob and manned the fuck up.

    Watch the game, enjoy it, don’t waste your time trying to rile up the nice people of The Fightins. This is not your typical Phillies site, this is a place of intelligent baseball folks who don’t need bullshit from Yankees/Mets fans.

    In closing I give you a haiku

    The Yankees take roids
    The Phillies play with passion
    Like J-Roll says 5


  • lovemesomewerth

    i just listened to that Neeko song 5 times in a row. so catchy, i love the part… utley amazin

  • Matt

    Where was I in the early 80’s? Not born yet? Mid 80’s? Just born. Late 80’s? Pre-school. Early 90’s? Kindergarten/Elementary school and writing letters to John Kruk. Mid 90’s? Elementary school, dressing up as John Kruk for halloween at school. Late 90’s? Middle School, still reppin the Phils. Early 2000’s? High School, once again cheerin on the Fightins. Mid 2000’s? Graduated, still pullin for Philly.

    And preach all you want about your 26 World Series titles, that’s your franchise, not your current team. Not your current coaching staff. Most of your current “fans” probably weren’t even born for the majority of them. How many World Series titles do your players have, besides Jeter, Posada, and Rivera? How many rings do Tex, A-Rod, CC, Burnett, Swisher, Melky, Cano, Joba, etc. have? They don’t have the World Series titles you’re speaking of, they weren’t there, they don’t mean jack shit.

  • dlhunter

    Like the Yanks, Jay-Z peaked a decade ago.

  • maria

    dlhunter, I think that’s what people call a burn.

    I hope Kate Hudson shows up to the games in Philadelphia. Phans need to get creative.

  • Snevik

    I’d argue that Philly fans always talked smack and will forever, just as we have been and forever will be self-loathing. In fact, the only thing remarkable lately has been the team. We’re still pretty much the same assholes.

    RR, brings up a good point, though. Is B fresh starting in the field with Ben Kingsley from the DH, or what? Just think of all the double switch opportunities…

  • New York Sucks

    Remember this?

    Giants/Yankees fans this Sunday.

  • D. Whitmore

    “where were you smacktalkers throughout the mid 80’s, late 80’s, early 90’s, mid 90’s, late 90’s, early 2000’s and mid 2000’s?”

    i forgot how successful those yankee teams were of the mid 80’s late 80’s and early 90’s…..

    fuck donny baseball

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    That 26 ring thing is soooo last millennium.

    Welcome to the two-thousands, where you will have all kinds of neat new things, like floating cars and a different dominant baseball team. Get used to the Fightin’ Phils, folks. It’s a whole new ballgame.

    It’s gonna be so cool to be all 80 years old telling my grand kids “Yeah, those Yankees used to be big shots.”

    Seriously, look not only at the team you see in front of you right now, but those young fellas down on the farm — they’re pretty damn good too.

    The new domination starts tomorrow night (weather permitting, of course)

  • RR

    “Matt Says:

    October 27th, 2009 at 12:28 am
    Where was I in the early 80’s? Not born yet? Mid 80’s? Just born. Late 80’s? Pre-school. Early 90’s? Kindergarten/Elementary school and writing letters to John Kruk. Mid 90’s? Elementary school, dressing up as John Kruk for halloween at school. Late 90’s? Middle School, still reppin the Phils. Early 2000’s? High School, once again cheerin on the Fightins. Mid 2000’s? Graduated, still pullin for Philly.”

    Did you cut of one of your balls to be like John Kruk?

  • RR

    off, not “of”

  • Matt

    @RR-No, but I did fuck your mom to be like him.

  • Erin F

    haha this is awesome congrats mr. h!!!! i think its way cool that you guys had a surprise guest at your wedding!!!

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