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Roy Halladay and Pat Burrell exchange pleasantries
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One of the more entertaining subplots to last night’s 4-2 THRILLER in San Francisco was the verbal spat that occurred after Roy Halladay struck Pat Burrell out to end of the first inning.

It was during the bottom half of the first and the Giants had already taken a 1-0 lead on a fielding gaffe by Chase Utley when Pat stood in against our horse with Buster Posey on first base and two down. Roy made quick work of Burrell, and struck him out looking with a nasty cutter on the inside half of the plate to retire the side and minimize the damage. But Pat was obviously perturbed, and so he took exception to homeplate umpire Jeff Nelson’s called strike three by telling him about it as the Phillies headed back to their dugout.

Well, Roy Halladay was none too please and stared down Burrell the whole time. That’s when Pat decided to not-so-politely ask Roy what he was looking at. (.gif’d by @dhm):

Possibly motivated the rest of the way by pure Giants hatred, Roy not only stayed in the game nursing a sore groin, but dominated those Frisco hitters with quite possibly his worst stuff of the season.


And that stare is just menacing, folks:

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  • Defenestrate Wheels

    Never get a full grown ginger angry…

  • Sweet Dee

    Full of win. Go Roy! <3

  • Jdashdog

    I just looked up “defenestrate.” I like your word choice.

    Anyway, that was fucking awesome last night. Roy was nowhere near his best but was shitting on bitches nonetheless.

  • 85

    Lost in all of this is something truly shocking:

    Pat Burrell took an inside pitch for a called third strike.

    /throws arms up, ass back

  • Mikey Miss

    Big Eagles game this week. Let’s talk about today on Sound Off! The most exciting segment on radio.

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    Thank you sir.

    Was it just me or was Roy not getting anything on the outside of the plate last night?

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    85- its his “premature ejaculation pull out”

  • fuck the mets

    /shits pants

  • DP

    @ 4: “/throws arms up, ass back” is a good one. So is “/flailing helplessly at the outside pitch down and away while falling to one knee in a corkscrew motion and walking back to the dug out with a dazed look on his face “.

  • Jamie Moyer, Drenched in Champagne, having the time of his life

    Fucking….ROY THE MAN!

  • Jamie Moyer, Drenched in Champagne, having the time of his life
  • will.H

    im pretty sure Roy knows how to tiger uppercut

  • The Burrell Shuffle

    So you caught my cameo last night?

  • 85

    Still love Pat, but it sure is nice to get to enjoy that stupid little dance when he does it.

  • will.H

    85. i loved pat when he showed us the love.. i’ll love pat after his career is over. But for now, fuck him.

  • bacon

    the Defenestration of Prague was by far the coolest thing to ever start a major war.

  • madDog

    Pat…….you got abused……..effin retire already! fuckin telephone pole out in LF

  • The Bat

    I peed in my pants a little on that called third strike.

  • McNamara

    Roy looks like a young Charlie in that last pic.

  • madDog

    I’m gonna throw a cutter at Pat’s jaw next game and knock the effin chew right out of his mouth

  • illafifth

    ah I know he’s the enemy now and all, but AngryPat still = Hot to me (sorrys)… ump’s reaction was pretty great, too.

  • Joe D

    I suppose Doc could have asked Bat the same question… “the fuck YOU looking at?” I still love the quick turn of the head from Doc as Burrell started yelling at him.

  • Joe D

    I love the ump going “Yep”.

  • al

    roy…what a total stud!

  • beelove

    haha, this was an instaclassic. buck & mccarver set it up when they came back from the break, “yo check this out burrell and halladay had a little exchange” and you could clearly pick up pat’s “the fuck you lookin’ at!” i know it’s san francisco, but don’t poke the bear, pat.

    vintage pat for 85:

    modern pat for sacramento and the children:!Dave/One%20More%20Win/CA_SB.jpg

  • Joe D

    Burrell better not be doing that arms up ass out move when he walks through the Castro late at night.

  • GTO

    Is it just me or does it look like the ump takes a Burrell-sized load in his mouth after taking off his mask, and swallows?

    lolz. /so cuttered

  • Minty Fresh

    Not sure about the authenticity of this, but maybe the Giants were a bit too confident going into last night?

    The Giants couldn’t even get a Charter till 2am. Phillies flew back in a Delta 747-400. The best the Giants could do is get a Sun Country 737 at the last moment. When we are playing the defending Champs, we just can’t take things for granted, by not having a Charter on hand. 6 1/2 Hours our Guys waited around for their 6 hour flight.

  • Nikita

    Burrell’s got a big ol’ butt

  • maria

    The Burrell Curl was in effect and for once, it was nice to see it.

  • Coal Hummels

    hahaha the ump looks disgusted by Patty’s language

  • Harvey Milk

    I hope Pat fucks me up the ass in the Castro late at night.

  • Sun Country 737 Charter that Carried the Giants to Philadelpha

    What a bunch of pussy losers I had on my plane last night.

  • Rx for WS

    Halladay’s intensity is killer. @beelove-second that, don’t poke the bear, especially a 6’6″ 230 pound doctor of destruction. His performance will stoke the fire in this team.

  • Roy Halladay’s Mormon Pastor

    I hope Roy didn’t swear during that exchange.

  • will.H

    hope roy doesn’t get hurter

  • Joe D

    Burrell Curl…I like it. Harvey Milk in the house!

    Where are the Giants trolls?

  • Chuck Norris

    I bestow, thee Harry Leroy Halladay, with full permission to use my jokes. Shall I begin:

    Roy Halladay once slit his wrists…and the knife died.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Doc’s interview after the game: That microscopic twerp Rosenthal asks him about “having words with Burrell”. Doc smirks verrrry slightly and says, “Pat had words . . . I don’t know anything about it.’ ‘I just looked over to see what was going on . . .’

    Heh heh. I LOVE him.

  • Rich

    Wonder if that’s how Burrell got on his airplane seat last night *Arms up ass back, ask teammate at window seat what the fuck he’s looking at*

  • Anderson

    Roy Halladay can do a wheelie, on a unicycle

  • Maera

    I think that Halladay took the high road by not feeding into the drama the media was create.

    @dhm is awesome. He’s one of my favorite twitterers.

  • Natalie

    I saw someone say they were going to make this, but I couldn’t find it.

  • Shamels Raul Wertiz

    Roy Halladay’s death stare makes me excited in my down there area.

  • Section118

    I find it weird that I have to ask again.

    its been a long long stressful week for me. Please do this for me. please


    It’s coming, Section118.

    During my lunch break I will be posting a nice LOLGiants piece.

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    I think learning the word defenestration has made my day. Oh and a Game 5 win last evening didn’t hurt either.

    Strike zones have been awful the last two games. Wally Bell’s in Game 4 seemed to evolve in different locations (all shitty) as the game progressed. Doc got squeezed last night and still got a W because the Gigantes are giant turds.

    It’s embarrassing that MLB can’t assemble 6 officials together that are on the same page.

  • Bobby D

    Halladay’s ok the fight Burrell. Just watch out for the blood Roy……ya know, with the hepatitis and all…..

  • Bobby D


  • mattaction

    when i watched it live he def. said mother fucker at the end

  • maria

    “It’s embarrassing that MLB can’t assemble 6 officials together that are on the same page.”

    Dude, LA said the same exact thing.

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    to quote burrell it was “the fuck are you looking at? what the fuck are you looking at motherfucker”

  • BOOOOO pat the bitch

    FUCK Pat Burrell. Said.

  • James Anthony Happ

    Oh my I thought Pat was saying “..fuck you in the ass”

  • Maggie

    — the Pat Burrell strike out stance IS very attractive though. Hope to see more of it at CBP! Still love ya Pat — come back for our parade SMOOCH

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Pat: “I feel ten-feet tall right now… and strong as an ox.”

    (Roy looks.)


  • Philaflava

    Every person in the stadium tomorrow needs to torture Burrell when he is at the plate.

  • 3-2 Giants

    Burrell got him for a double later. So shut the fuck up.

  • Rich

    LOL @ 3-2Giants. It’s 1:30 on a Friday night and you’re in your mom’s basement commenting on a Phillies blog. We know Burrell better than you, 10 years of arms up ass out, or the one knee thinker pose on a low and away breaking ball. I’m ready for tonight. Get that redneck out there and let’s get it to Cole. Said

  • Zaahida

    You have made Roy angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

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