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ROAD TRIP: The Piedmont Boll Weevils are back for one night next month
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Before the Intimidators of Kannapolis, NC were purchased by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt and became a class A affiliate of the White Sox, they were a Phillies farm team known as the Piedmont Boll Weevils.

Phillies greats, past and present, such as Jimmy Rollins and Adam Eaton all donned the noble Weevil at one time.

Then the Lakewood BlueClaws came to be and the Boll Weevil was no more.

Well, on Saturday, July 13, the Intimidators will be holding a turn-back-the-clock night to pay tribute to their predecessors, so if you’re up for a trip to North Carolina (and I am!), you got something to do down there.

The Intimidators Boll Weevils are rolling back concessions to 1999 prices, and fans that wear Boll Weevils gear to the ballpark can purchase reserved level tickets for the 1999 price of only $5. During the game, the team will also host a silent auction for fans to bid on the game-worn Boll Weevils throwback uniforms, which will be autographed by players following the game. Fans will also be able to purchase Boll Weevils shirts and hats inside the Intimidation Station Weevil Warehouse souvenir store. The game will also feature popular songs from 1999 played all night long.

Sounds awesome. And the ballpark is pleasant, as most are. Go.


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  • Beck

    Unbollweevible is my new favorite word. I want a shirt!

  • dmitsy

    But will Adam Eaton appear and get booed?

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