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Reason #3,492 why I love Charlie Manuel…
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I ♥ you, Charlie Manuel.

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  • Bozo

    Werth was talking about that on Sportsnite, unfortunately they bleeped him out.

  • I went to K-Mart and saw Mike Williams and John Lennon looking at Gatorade

    My ass doesnt taste sweet.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    The man.

  • Swift

    @Tony, The Myth.

  • dave schultz

    the legend

  • Jess

    Can’t wait for the tshirt.

  • Bozo

    You guys got it messed up. The myth, the man, the legend.

  • KruksLeftNut

    Just when exactly did Cholly decide to emulate the Yankee’s 2009 season — layin low till August with all the big guns charging their batteries on the DL. Fuckin genius.

    Can’t wait to watch Jimmy, Chooch, Chase and Vicky battle for the Mr. Clutch crown down the
    stretch. Hell, maybe even Howard and Werth will get key hits in the late innings in September.

    Tonites game was probably the most satisfying and compelling all season. Now if tomorrow they can just score a few for the Ace that so craves (and deserves) some solid wood behind him.

  • Bozo

    Oh shits gaiz. Werth just went there.

    “It doesn’t really surprise me what we’ve done and it doesn’t really surprise me what we’re gonna do.”

    Anyone else have that feeling that Jimmy is going to come out and verbally say something soon? He definitely has with the bat.

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    @Kruknut – That spot’s taken. Looks like Dom Brown is already walkin around with Meech’s solid wood behind him.

  • al

    @bozo – Jimmy already came out and said that the wild card would be nice, but thats not what we play for and we’re going for the division win…
    total beast!

  • steppy

    Did he have his hands down his pants when he said it?

  • Roy Halladay

    I can’t wait to beat Lincecum’s ass!

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