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R/C Toy Plane Interrupts The Dodgers Game
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During the sixth inning of last night’s Dodgers/D-Backs game in Chavez Ravine, some fella with a remote controlled airplane decided to have flying practice around Dodger Stadium while former Phillie Vicente Padilla was attempting to pitch. I’m not quite sure if this person managed to sneak the plane into the game with them (which means they could’ve brought just about anything in) or if the plane was flown in from the outside (which seems like it would take some skill), but either way it’s pretty freaking hilarious.

Unless somebody got hurt. In that case it would NOT be funny.

And Vin Scully is so damn talented that he makes the play-by-play of a toy plane flight seem interesting.

  • Matt P.

    From the looks of it, crashing that thing into a fan would have been difficult.

  • eminencegirl

    Vin pulls his best Sarge impression by using the term air-a-plane. WTF is an airaplane?

  • Dash Treyhorn

    Of course, if this was in Philly, people would be screaming about how classless we all are. “They brought a plane into the game! That could blind someone or worse. These fans have only gotten worse since they won the World Series.”

    Hey Whitmore, what would Wheels think of this?

  • astcter

    I was going to say the same thing. It must have been a Phillies fan visiting LA.

    Considering this happened in LA, would it have been such a travesty if the plane did crash into the stands and hurt someone? I’m thinking no.

  • Name (required)

    I had no idea there was someone smart enough in LA to fly one of those

  • illafifth

    The end was like watching The Snowman melt… :(

  • smitty

    Green Laser Guy’s a proud man this morning.

  • Jesus Hitler Christ

    Vin Scully is a God

  • Bill

    I love how this team is one of the best teams in the NL and they have a stadium that looked more like Nationals Park than something worthy of a playoff team. Worst. Fans. EVER.

  • photographer N

    Did Vin Scully really say “air-i-plane”? What year does he think this is? Does he still cup his hand to his ear while he’s broadcasting on the “radio-ma-phone”? Does he have a big gray fedora on his head with a “Press” card stuck in the band? Does he say “Hello out there, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea?

  • Todd (ill)

    comments like that are also a big part about why the stereotype won’t go away. Phans complaining about how “if this had happened in Phily…” is fast becoming as bad as other fanbases condemning Philadelphia as the worst fans in sports. Maybe it is time to stop the whining about the stereotype, because IMO it is beginning to build a new one in my mind as us being a bunch of “oh, poor us” types who can’t catch a fair break.


    I think ill (Todd?!) is right.

    Not that I mind though, it’s so blown out of proportion now that it’s kinda flattering. I mean, every city has assholes for fans, and we have some of the assholiest. Who gives a fuck.

  • Beth

    That was hilarious. Would have loved to have heard Harry call that action. I can hear the “Oh my!” now. As a Philadelphian who lived for many years in L.A., and who spent many a night at Dodger Stadium when the Fightins were in town, I have to say that I’m amazed any of the “fans” (I use that word quite loosely.) even noticed. It would basically take King Kong standing on the dugout swiping at helicopters in the sky for those bozos to take note of anything. And I do hope this got plenty of national coverage and the perpetrator was excoriated the way he/she would have been had it happened here. And good question about how that got inside – must have been an inside job!

  • Jocksniffer



  • Sarge

    Oh my, this reminds me of a story about J.R. Richard. You wouldn’t mess with him…He’d fly an air-a-plane around the clubhouse, then strike you out.

  • bigmyc

    I gotta say; that was kinda awesome. Now, the potential for injury not withstanding, that was pretty original. It’s one of those moments where you can appreciate the idea of it but at the same time, understand that there isn’t a place for that…what if it was loaded up with anthrax or some other agent? I’m guessing that there were two accomplices on this one. One guy outside and one guy inside, both with controls. Of course, I know nothing about RC tech, but it seems like they couldn’t have gotten it in, much less launch it in the stadium yet it would have been difficult to run that thing into the Diamondbacks DO area from outside. I am captivated.


    I was just kidding about the people getting injured, bigmyc, I was just catering to (having fun with?) the onslaught of pussies who have stumbled on the site this morning.

  • phillygirl

    Aeroplane, people, aeroplane. Jeeeeeze

  • Paaaaaay-dro’s soul glo’s is jealous of Wright’s helmet

    I always listen to those sports news even shitty Espn. this is the 1st time I heard this aeroplane flying over Dodger Stadium. When an toy aeroplane hovers over CBP, IT’S ALL OVER THE FREAKIN NEWS!!!!!

  • Shawn

    Sure it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…

  • astcter

    …and then it’s just hilarious.

    /faith no more’d

  • KGB

    And here come the aeroplanes!

  • RedHotChiliPeppers

    I like pleasure spiked with pain and music is my aeroplane,
    It’s my aeroplane,
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane and music is my aeroplane,
    It’s my aeroplane
    pleasure spiked with pain,
    that motherfuckers always spiked with pain.

  • dmac

    Whoever wrote the Sarge comment: A+++++. Add a few more pluses to the end if it were Sarge himself.

  • Sarge

    Thank J.R. Richard

  • bigmyc

    Yep…and I could just hear Sarge’s (the real one) emphatic, “..strike you out,” like he was thinking back to another, more humbling time in his life.

  • Cletus Van Damme


  • bigmyc

    Is their some kind of cryptic filter on my posts?

    Is the typepad having fun with me and only me?

    Meech, it’s odd that you should feel you had to clarify things for me. Never once did I read where you mentioned anything about injuries beside asserting that it would be unfortunate and never did I attempt to correct you on what I didn’t…

    In summation to your post; I know.

  • Jay Ballz

    Good stuff, right there.

    Vin Scully is a treasure in baseball.

  • Muscles

    Oh My

  • Mike H.

    I’m used to Dodger fans bringing shivs to the ballpark. This is kinda nice.

  • Pete Roast

    Vin Scully can get me to stay up late watching Dodger games on the internet at least once a week. I absolutely despise the Dodgers.

  • Shawn

    Lots of people dresses as empty bleachers. What a great fan base

  • Michael

    Vin Scully says “aeroplane” because he’s fucking 81 years old. Give both me and him a break. That’s like the people who said Harry sucked because he was old and mispronounced the name of a guy who was just called up from AA pinch hitting for the Astros or some other shit like that. Malarkey!

  • dwhitmore

    @ sarge

    you gotta make sure you EMPHASIZE your words with caps to MAKE SURE you get your message across to the viewers/readers

  • sam jackson’s love child

    If that had happened in philly, someone would have strapped a d battery to it and flown it into JD Drew

  • Monday Mike

    That was by far the most interesting thing I have ever seen at a base ball game! I found out that those planes are made out of foam and they weigh less than a Snickers bar! So there was no way anyone could have been hurt by it at all!!! I found out they are made by a company called Parkzone, and the plane is a Sukhoi Su-26m. Neat stuff the wing is only a foot wide…

  • Captain Sullenberger

    Someone needs landing lessons.

  • Monday Mike

    Yeah… Home plate would have been EPIC!!!

  • Walklett

    It was ‘Richie Valens Night’ at the ballpark.

    /La Bamba’d

  • Kamala77

    re: dodger fans (or lack thereof)

    kinda interesting.

  • Tug Haines

    I’m tickled pink.

  • http://freeones effthedodgers

    vin scully sounds full blown retarded and dodgers fans can all suck on a dodger dog

  • Gonzo

    Vin Scully is a legend. That’s blasphemous.

  • Tug Haines

    Yeah, leave Scully alone.

  • Steve

    Scully is the only guy in baseball, or any sport for that matter, that can carry 9 innings by himself. I used to live in LA and unfortunately he doesn’t make road trips outside the NL West, and the subs suck worse than Buck/McCarver (yes it’s possible, just barely) The man’s a legend, been with them since Brooklyn, 50+ years.

  • bigmyc

    With Harry out of the booth and in the dugout, I like listening to Scully even more.

  • RC insider

    The airplane is made by the company ParkZone. It is an ultra micro bind-n-fly Sukhoi. I have one, and I never thought of flying it at a game, but it’s a cool idea. Especially because Dodger stadium clears out around the 6th inning and the open space is convenient. This thing runs for 189.99 and right now no one can get one because they are in high demand. Augie Ojeda could have sold that for like $250 bucks e-bay.

  • Scully!

    Completely agree about Vin Scully. He doesn’t need some stupid color announcer, or to break up the analysis with anyone. Much like Chick Hearn, it’s going to be a devastating day when he passes

  • Gaze

    Anyone who plays softball over off Kelly Drive in Fairmount Park should be familiar with playing ball while having RC Planes soaring overhead. I’ve been dive-bombed while in left field on more than one occasion.

  • Chris Hockaday

    Hey! It’s a ParkZone Sukhoi. I can’t believe someone had the audacity to fly that at a Dodgers game. Crazy! Good flying airplane, though. :)

  • Cowbell Kid

    Better not bring that RC bullshit down to Tropicana Field. I’ll fucking snatch that weak-ass plane out of the air with my teeth and shove it directly up your soft, weak RC-loving ass, motherfucker.

  • will.H

    cowbell kid, you’re pretty useless


    that plane fully loaded as it was flying weighs ONE oz ONE. ive been flicked with more force than that plane hitting me and ive been hit by it before many times. if your dumb enough to let it hit you in the eye without closing them or blocking your face given it was coming at you then you deserve it you dumb sumbish.

    and for the record fuck that baseball lovin faggot he owes somebody a parkzone sukhoi!!

  • Ohmy

    Lmao, that was fucking funny as hell, i wonder if he had a a dx6i or somthing hidden in his shirt, and how the brick has that much range.

  • JoeyRZ

    This thread is starting to get technical. Quick, where’s Phylan and Harry?

  • goodwill

    Anyone here understand E=MC2?? Oops!.. oh yeah, baseball fans,.. did’nt think so. That plane would have to be moving at over 250mph to have the stored energy of a baseball moving 60mph!
    And cowbellkid….I bet you love shoving things up mens asses… would explain why you like watching men running around in tight little pants.

  • FHH

    Parkzone Sukhoi… an appx 1 oz model. At full throttle the thing might be able to cause a minor cut or bruise.

    Cost of the model is appx $100… $130 with transmitter.

    The person who was flying it was “not the brightest bulb in the box.”
    He also wasn’t all that good at flying it.

    What brought it down was the tiny battery ran out of power. (you can tell by the way it was flying… if you know these models)

    Randomly destroying one of these can present some danger… the battery inside can cause a fire if mishandled. The risk is less when the battery is discharged. Its a small Lithium Polyme cell (smaller than the similar cell in your average cell phone)

    and… E=MC^2 has nothing to do with the energy of impact. Its the conversion of matter to energy.
    F=MA is more appropriate. Force is equal to mass times accelleration. An impact is an “accelleration from some speed to a stop (or a “rebound”) We generally assign a very small time to the “splat” of somthing hitting a wall.

    The force of impact of a small foam model such as used in the video would be distributed over appx .1 to .2 sec due to deformation (bending and breakage)of the airframe.

  • FHH

    BTW… if he had done it while the teams were swapping out (end of an inning…. 7th inning stretch) WITH PERMISSION from the stadium… it would have been much better.

    Interrupting the game with it was stupid.

    There have been organized “model airshows” at sporting events in the past.

  • Boogieman

    Ok… it was wrong place at the wrong time. With that said… Oviously, the guy tearing up the plane was PO’d that the plane got more attention than the boring game/players/team. Yet we build a stadium for such events and many cities still dont have a flying field. We only saw a part of the video but it sure would be interesting to compare the cheers for the plane against the cheers for the entire game. But then again, we are easily amused in the strangest of moments. Or…. some one will get the hint that people need more stimulation at some point during the game to increase attendance in these huge stadiums that are rarely filled to capacity.

  • laUAVguy

    You know, the partisan rancor you Philly guys are demonstrating is fine in national politics but it has no place in the discussion of a civil pastime like baseball. Youze guise oughta be ashamed.

  • Casey

    To put this in some context, this week was Military Appreciation week at Dodger Stadium, and the evening of the “RC Airplane Incident” was Air Force Night.

    And Vin Scully is the voice of god.




    The plane is a SUKHOI foamy, made by PARKZONE and distributed thru HORIZON HOBBY.


    I fly RC planes and this was a totally reckless stunt done by an idiot. Yes, he appears skilled, but accidents can and do happen. The propeller on that plane could have caused serious injury to a person. That has an electric motor and plastic prop with a sharp edge. I do aerial photography for hire with my plane that is not much larger that the one shown, and have refused good money when it involved putting my plane in the vicinity of people.

  • Ghost Flyer

    I actually own and fly the exact same remote control plane as that. It’s Parkzone’s new mini Sukhoi, weighing in at 34 grams and is a ton of fun. It’s wing span is less than 16 inches and the entire body is made of very light Styrofoam. Short of it crashing into someone’s eyeball, it’s very unlikely that it would hurt anybody if it were to have crashed into them. A snowball being thrown weighs a lot more and would hurt far more than this thing. Now, if the little foam spinner that covers the propeller shaft’s end, on the very front nose of the plane, was missing (which happens), thus, exposing the tiny, metal shaft, that actually could hurt if it hit someone’s exposed body part because it’s threaded just like a tiny bolt.. (1.5mm diameter I think??). It could cause a scratch, leading to a serious infection, leading to the flesh-eating disease, and in the end, leading to death…. ahem.. that is a pretty unlikely scenario, but it is possible. Now, this is more likely…, someone losing an eyeball due to it crashing into their eye, or, a or getting chipped tooth. I suppose it could kill someone if they were hit on their temple, too. Who knows what the odds are of hitting someone just in the right spot to cause all that?…

    Anyway, it was a very dumb and bad thing to do. Not only did it cause a serious disruption to the ball players, (even though it was very entertaining to watch!, and it could have hurt someone if hit in the eyeball, that stunt gives us RC flying enthusiasts a bad image, one which we are trying so hard to keep good. Right now, it’s difficult enough to find places to fly in city owned fields because city officials are concerned about accidents, damage and injuries. National RC insurance coverage is getting harder to maintain, not only in the US and Canada, but the world over.. Who ever did this…. that was stupid, and I hope they get caught and made an example of, so that the rest of us RC flyers don’t have to pay the price, but really, we already have, thanks to you!

    By the way, there is no way anyone could fly this particular plane with a professional video camera on it… It’s simply way too small, and too light.

    Just my 2 cents worth….

    Ghost Flyer

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    In other news, it’s a month later and the Phillies have a magic number of 1.

    Yay for comment 67!

  • My Thoughts

    The foul balls are far more dangerous than that tiny foam plane.

  • Andrew

    Vin Scully — Still faster than Manny!

  • RC Guy

    Just found this — sorry if I’m late to the party.

    That airplane is made of styrofoam, weighs 1.1 ounces (34 grams), and has a wingspan of only 15.75 inches (400 mm). Those of you who think this airplane could have caused any damage to life, limb, or property need to reevaluate what a 1.1 ounce piece of styrofoam really is.

    The airplane uses a Spektrum radio system, which makes it impossible for two people (each with a transmitter) to fly the single aircraft from outside the park, to inside the park. This was the work of someone who could see the airplane.

    Now, from the height the airplane was being flown, and the angle of visibility, it seems to me that the airplane could EASILY be flown from someone outside the park (in the parking lot?).

    It’s too bad the airplane was destroyed — it costs about $100 just for the airplane. The guy who destroyed it could have kept it and flown it… :)

    Also, the airplane uses a LiPo (Lithium Polomer) battery. While the LiPo is very small 1 cell, 110 mAh — LiPos have a bad reputation for “venting” (or “burning”) if not properly handled. Stepping on it, crushing it, and wadding it up was actually much more dangerous than flying it inside the park! 😮

  • Diamonds

    Landing lessons is now a prerequisite.

  • Roseanne Trevor

    With thanks because of this. Bookmarking your blog.

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