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RAAAAUUUUUUULLL! T-shirt shows up at Nationals Park
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In case you haven’t noticed, I love it when our t-shirts show up on TV. Here’s an e-mail from a Phillies fan and Bridland x The Fightins supporter who got on CSN after Raul Ibanez hit his second homer of the first game.

I along with what seemed like rest of Philadelphia was at the games yesterday. Knowing I was going to be sitting in left field behind Raul in the second row, I made sure to wear my RAAAUULLL shirt to the game in hopes of him and maybe comast seeing it. After his second homer in the 3rd we gave him some cheers on his was back out to LF and many of my friends told me you could see the shirt on the broadcast. Raul loved the shirt and actually gave a hat tip after seeing it. I had people asking me all day where I got it so hopefully you guys will see some extra sales out of it.  Enjoy and keep up the good work!!

Bryan from Reading.

He ain’t lie:

Purchase your very own Raul t-shirt RIGHT HERE.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Note to fan: You should roll that shit before you get to the park.

  • will.H

    it appears hes playing Q-BERT on Gameboy

  • jeffra

    the ones with raaaauuuuuuulll on the back of shirt like jersey shirt 100 times better

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