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Questlove and Jay-Z make a bet on the World Series
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Ahmir Thompson a/k/a Questlove a/k/a B.R.O. the R.? of the Legendary Roots Crew had a front row seat in the Bill Giles party suite last night to watch his hometown Phillies pull within one game of the New York Yankees in the 2009 World Series. Also in the suite was the man responsible for annoying everyone with that ‘Empire State of Mind’ song and fan of the Yankees hat, Jay-Z. (also pictured, sipping out of the plastic cup) According to the gossip monger Dan Gross of the Daily News (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), the two made a little wager on the outcome of the Series.

Take it away, Dan:

Roots drummer Questlove said that he and Jay-Z had a World Series bet that would involve “very public humiliation” from the loser. The Philly hip-hop hero, clad in a red Phillies hoodie, declined to get any more specific about his wager with the the Brooklyn-born superstar. They met up in Bill Giles Party Suite 78 where Alanis Morrissette, who sang the National Anthem last night, while N’SYNC’s Lance Bass and actress Joanna Garcia, hung out in the suite next door.

Although it may look like Jay-Z has the upper hand now— wait, what the fuck was Lance Bass doing there?!!!??! Seriously Phillies, do you just hand out suite passes to any mutherfucker who was famous at one point during their lives? He has absolutely no ties for Philly nor is he relevant in the world of pop culture anymore. The only possible explanation is that he’s dating one of the Yankees. Thanks a lot, Dan Gross, I just completely lost my train of thought.

Anyway, I hope Jay-Z fucking loses his bet and gets humiliated somehow. Maybe he’ll have to do another song with tha bushy eyebrowed Amil chick.

Jay-Z, Questlove have a World Series wager | Philly Gossip

Photo courtesy of Duk’s Twitter

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  • gregotto

    This post will now cause me to use “Here I Come” as the song I use to pump my ass up all cot damn day for Game 6.

  • BigMiles

    I’m no matchmaker but I could definitely see Lance Bass with a few of the Yankees…

    In order:

    1. Joba the Hut
    2. A-Rod (on the side)
    3. Burnett

  • John

    LOL Lance Bass

  • Gonzo

    4. Hank Steinbrenner
    5. Brian Cashman
    6. Reggie Jackson’s mustache

  • fc

    Questlove would kick Jay-Z’s ass in a fight.

  • Flash McFly

    7. Jim Leyritz’s bitch if Lance ever goes to prison

  • Gonzo

    8. Melky Cabrera’s Hamstring Masseuse.

  • Stephen

    I sat 4 rows in front of these guys last night wearing my green man costume from its always sunny. it was the sweetest thing ever talking shit to jay z in that. he actually called me “a freak and said i have no parents”! haha lets go phillllyyyy

  • Gonzo

    we neeed pic, Stephen!

  • Tedy

    Jay-Z sucks ass a rapper. A-Rod as a centaur @

  • Stephen

    i emailed one to thefightins. hopefully it can make its way on here?

  • Stephen

    btw scott hartnell of the flyers was right in front of these guys, he came over right after the flyers kicked some ass monday night

  • Luis A. Rosado

    The Roots are the shit.

  • Bud

    I saw Quest that night on my way to the ATM, almost ran into the back of him – it was a lot of back! I heard if we pull this one out, Beyonce has to give the Phanatic a lap dance.

  • Dutch Daulton’s Brain

    I saw Quest love in a McDonald in University City, he is a slob

  • Crane Kick

    Pretty sure Lance Bass is dating Dan Gross.

  • lovemesomewerth

    Lance Bass is good friends with Joanna Garcia so that’s why he was there. They were at a game in NY together too. I used to like her but I don’t know how she can date a douche like Nick Swisher.

  • will.H

    is tha luis sojo in the box next to him?

  • Matt

    Maybe Lance Bass is the Yankees shower boy. He gets to soap up A-Roid’s shrunken ball sack after every game.

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