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Please, David Wright, Never Stop Wearing This Helmet
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In an un-The Fightins like maneuver, I had a personal embargo against Mets posts here for a while on the site. I just felt with all the injuries and shit they’ve had this year that it really wasn’t fun to laugh at them while they were trotting out the Fernando Tatis’ of the world as their number three hitter…

…but then David Wright had to get activated from the DL and wear this helmet:


*catches breath*


  • bigmyc

    Hey, you’re right on da money with this one. Outstanding.

  • maria

    hahahaahahahaahah is right. Still laughing. The mets seem to make it too easy.

  • thomas


  • HB

    I think deadspin should add that pic to this roundup of the mets season –

  • dlhunter

    I love how you titled the pic “Dark Helmet”….

  • Jocksniffer


  • dwhitmore

    i thought it looked funny on dempster but holy shit hahahahahahahahah

    THE HELMETS ARE HUGE!!!!!!!(like safeco)

  • Ant Baby Machete Squad
  • Phils Phan


  • John

    is that for real, that cant be for real

  • Cheese

    It’s The Great Gazoo!

  • Brandon

    Hamels throws a gem and we get to see this… Perfect.

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Mother of Christ, that’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Do the Mets even know how hilarious they are?

  • Here Come Da Judge

    looks like the big head cheat on nhl hitz

  • Cheese

    I can’t wait to see it from Google Earth.

  • Mike P

    Normally I don’t make fun of players trying to ensure their own safety. But wow. This is the biggest helmet of all time. It looks like Mr. Met should be wearing it on the field.

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Luis Castillo doesn’t look as bad, but still pretty awesome.

  • Pasadena_Phan

    It’s Dark Helmet from Spaceballs!

  • photographerN

    Is he wearing Tom McCarthy’s giant baby head helmet?


    Best picture ever. Ever.

    Wanna see something else funny? Check out Carlos Carrasco’s line/analysis from tonight over at the site.



  • BigMiles

    I mean this has been a great season for us but I have to admit (unapologetically) that this is the best thing I have seen all year.

  • will.H

    he looks like a storm trooper from spaceballs. classic picture

  • will.H

    4daysrest you bastard

  • Sarge saying “OH MY”

    Hello dum-dum

  • Mr. Bryan

    Not much makes me laugh out loud, but this did it. Good work again, Fightins!

  • Dave

    You just made me spit out beer. Dammit, it was worth it.

  • Barry Bonds

    That’s where my hat went.


    Haha. WillH- I think we all were thinking that when we saw it.

  • Cheese

    All he needs now is an oversized bat and I can put him on my dashboard.

  • will.H

    who else remembers RBI baseball for Nintendo

  • Walklett

    Wow, that’s a large helmet!

    /that’s what she said

  • Amanda

    Hahahahahaha! If I were a pitcher, I’d be cracking up if a batter stepped up to the plate with that thing.

  • Walklett
  • ulysses

    you guys do realize everyone in the mlb will be wearing this helmet in a year or two right?


    @ulysses: lookit that funny helmet on David Wright! Tee-hee!

  • JayFraud

    Should also be tagged: ‘metsfail’

  • Shay Roddy

    Awesome Meech. Great find. Cannot stop laughing.

  • Kwakerjak

    Apparently, these monstrosities are going to be mandatory in the minors next year.

  • Mike Joe

    He looks like Rick Moranis’ character in spaceballs!!!!, oh thank you mets, sucha good side joke.

  • Rudy

    Personally, I feel bad they didn’t let Placido Polanco wear this kind of helmet.

  • Adam

    In honor of his return, the Mets gave David Wright bobble-head dolls to the first 5,000 youngsters that got to the park.

  • Gonzo

    ZOMG! Does anyone think he looks like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Gmart
  • eminencegirl

    Gonzo, I thought the EXACT same thing, probably about as intelligent as well.

  • BigMiles

    The Fightins > Wright’s new helmet…….but just barely

  • Red Baron

    wow honestly at first glance i thought this was just typical funny photoshop work by the fightins. actually too funny to be true

  • Red Baron

    as a pitcher i dont think it would be humanly possible to keep your composure and throw a ball while looking at this

  • Katran Miller

    Juan Pierre’s gonna look like an umbrella if he puts one of those on. He ALREADY looks like that with normal helmets!

  • Maine Mariner

    Funny yeah, but what happened to Wright wasn’t. David is one of the few Mets that actually seems to be a good guy.


    You know what else isn’t funny, Maine? CANCER.

  • Jocksniffer

    I’m serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer! #snap

  • Melissa

    Haahah, poor Wright.

    I like him a lot, if they had to send him onto the field like that why send him there at all at this point? Hello 18.5 games back.

  • al

    Did he ride the short bus to the ballpark too?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    @Al… LMFAO… short bus… OMG we are all so going to hell. But it is so fucking worth it. LOL. Wright was already a fucking retard before he got hit.

  • Paaaaay-dro’s soul glo is jealous of Wright’s helmet

    What the hell? What’s that? 10 inches of padding underneath the helmet? So that’s the batting helmet of the future.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    @Maine No one is laughing at the fact that David Wright got beaned. But we (and even his teammates, did you see the picture of Luis Castillo wearing the helmet?) can’t help but laugh at that thing. It’s like he has a VW Beetle on his head.

  • Anthony

    Never saw so much empty machismo. People laughing at the look of the helmet or of the implied “softness” of the player. If you ride your motorcycle without a helmet, you are a fool. If you don’t wear official sports gear that gives you ultimate protection, you are a fool.

  • JoeyRZ

    Shut the fuck up.

  • astcter

    Private First Class Phillip Asshole. You really are a spaceball, you know that?

  • Tom W

    Again. The Philadelphia obsession with New York continues.

  • Pizza the Hut

    1) Right on Tom W. People in New York have never discussed/hated Philadelphia as much as they hate us, even when the Mets were winning and Philly was awful. Philadelphia in general, as a city, is one big inferiority complex.

    2) Those helmets are friggin’ hilarious

  • STFU Idiots

    “Want to see what a stupid helmet looks like? THIS is what a stupid helmet looks like.”


    Shane Victorino’s helmet is BADASS.

  • Harry F

    Imagine if Utley or Howard got knocked out the way Wright did, they would NEVER wear something like this right…because they’re super tough phillies, come on

  • Impartial Observer

    Laugh it up while you can Phillie Phans . . . word has it Shane Victorino is the next high profile player to increase his safety and helmet size.


  • Wills

    Couldn’t agree with Tom W. any more. It’s sad really. As Wright said, he doesn’t care what he looks like, if the helmet is more protective, he’s all for it, which is the way a smart person thinks. Shane Victorino wears his goofy ass double-a helmet strictly because he’s a douche bag.


    I’m not obsessed with the team per se, I’m obsessed with them sucking and making it easy to poke fun at them. They sure excel at both of those!

  • Cheese

    12 hours later and this is still just as funny. Thank you, God.

  • Chris


    Am I wrong to hope your family dies of cancer?

    And yes that is just as classless as talking about short buses and people who are handicapped.

  • Maine Mariner

    I hear ya meech. Considering I just had some (cancer) removed a couple of months ago.

    As a Phils fan, it’s difficult to say the least to pull for a Mets player, but Wright fits the bill.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Shanes helmet is awesome. He wears the double flaps because he’s an A-1 badass.

  • AJ

    So a player puts his health (and the well being of the team) ahead of style and it’s a joke? I don’t understand the reaction to this at all.

    I’m actually glad to see that Wright has the balls to wear it in a game and not listen to you fools. Others will follow and it will save concussions.

    Grow up.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Hysterical. Awesome article given they are mandatory in the minors next year and will be mandatory in the majors within 2.

    Glad to see you supporting SNY though.

  • Lynniemac

    @STFU Idiots: No, THAT is what someone who is in the playoffs, about to win the pennant, on his way to becoming World Fucking Champion looks like.

  • Todd (ill)

    1. I understand the safety precautions being taken by wearing the helmet, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t look stupid, because it really does. If you don’t see the humor, even as a Mets fan, you don’t have a sense of humor. If you saw Victorino with his tiny head in one of those shells, you would post it in a second at any of your blogs. It’s not our fault that it happened to be a high profile Met who was the first to wear it…it just keeps the Mets somewhat relevant in the 2009 season. Be proud Mets fans, your boy is ushering in a new era for safety, but now the company making the helmets know they may need to make some adjustments to the “style”

  • Todd (ill)

    of course, the reason for the influx of posts is because metsblog posted a link…yet, we are the ones obsessing…

    Don’t bother trying to post over there, they don’t allow freedom of speech at their blog, just Pepsi ads.

    I did like meech’s twitter, “I can’t wait to see it from Google Earth.”

  • TheSportsHernia

    We really need to see what Beetlejuice would look like in Wright’s helmet.

  • Suse

    Only Philly could morph having fun at a player’s expense sporting new safety equipment (and hey, I like a good laugh as much as the next person), into jabs at the handicapped and cancer victims.

    Some of you are the reason the child proof cap should have never been invented….

  • Hairy Callus

    Wright got hit in the head, WTF is Victorino’s excuse?

    Keep obsessing about the Mets, losers.

  • Pizza the Hut

    Inferiority complex. I’m talking about the city, the people, the culture, the sports in general. Philly wishes it was more like New York, hence the anger towards the Mets. In fact, it explains Philly’s general anger towards everything. Philly sports fans are a classless group of people mainly due to this complex. I should know, after being pelted with dozens of beer BOTTLES while walking out of the parking lot into Citizen’s Bank Park wearing my David Wright jersey recently.

    This general anger also explains how somebody could get murdered at your ballpark.

    And yes, I did come over here from Metsblog and I find David Wright’s helmet histerical and was laughing quite a bit at the comments above (until the cancer comment… out of line).

    However, to wrap things up: 1) Philly is classless 2) Philly has an inferiority complex to New York

  • Lynniemac


    A) He’s an old school switch hitter, therefore, two flaps. B) That helmet goes really well with his World Series ring.

  • Alexander

    Look, here’s the thing. No one is against David Wright or any player for that matter putting safety first. They absolutely should do so, considering all the danger involved. However, is it REALLY necessary for that helmet to look like a giant cooking pot? I mean, can’t they reinforce the current standard helmet with better material? Padding? SOMETHING? I’m no engineer, but it’s hard to support what looks like a practical joke on Wright’s head. What’s next, giant Mickey Mouse hands replace our gloves? Seriously, get the design right, and there will be no jokes or complaints from any baseball fan.

  • JeffO

    Its just a preview boys…This helmet will be mandatory in the minors next year, and will be in MLB by 2011…sooner if a few more players get beaned…count on it.
    In the 70’s they laughed at the batting helmet, in the 90’s they laughed at the earflap, and they are laughing again…Long live dark helmet…its coming!

  • Todd (ill)

    you’re right, we should probably moderate our comments so we only end up with ~12 replies per post like they do over at Metsblog. That would ensure no one gets offended.

  • JeffO

    Alexander, there is something called Physics that requires a helmet look like this to protect the head better. It all about absorption of energy, no magic 1/32” padding is going to work. Just look at auto racing and see the evolution of the helmet there.

  • Todd (ill)

    what’s funny is that even over at sites like Uniwatch (which is run by a Mets fan who hates your jerseys by the way) they are also making fun of the helmet, just trying to find something positive to say about the aesthetics of it but having a hard time. keep jumping on the cancer comment though. Obviously the joke wasn’t funny, but every fanbase has their assholes.

  • J.J.

    If you are laughing right now, wait ´till you see Victorino with that helmet.

  • D. Whitmore

    Im hoping that Vicente Padilla tries to see how sturdy this new helmet really is. just not against us

  • illafifth

    Yeah but inferiority complexes are kinda endearing… superiority complexes, on the other hand, are not.

  • Cheese

    Yay! Mets fans are here to compare cranium sizes.

    Tell me, is David Wright “the helmet to beat” this year?

  • Chris

    The FUNNIEST part is when Mets fans say Philly wants to be like NY and bla bla bla the fact is the major league team in NY is the Yankees and I’m sure that just eats at you guys. Talk about inferiority complex.

  • JeffO

    Not really…The mets will always be the underdog in NYC, look, we’ve won 2 WS in 47 years of existence, while the yanks have won 26. Most Mets fans are greatful for the good years because there’s been so many bad ones. The only thing that bothers me about yankees fans is their sense of entitlement, spoiled maybe? Anyway, it always rears its head when they get beat, they act like babies and blame everything and everyone else but the their team. You’ll hear this most at “the stadium”…its probably the result of those wonderful $12 stadium beers..

  • Todd (ill)

    this terrible joke offends me.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    Can we all establish that no one here is against the self-preservation of David Wright? Every third comment is akin to “ooh you philly fans don’t care that he got hit in the head, no wonder someone got killed at your stadium!”


    The humor isn’t derived from David Wright getting hit in the head, it’s derived from the fact that those helmets are look ridiculous. Are they safer? Of course. Will their inevitable integration into MLB be a good thing? Yes.

    But here’s the thing: Even Wright’s teammates were laughing at him. So are they classless? Of course not, they are just in on the joke. But because this is a Phillies blog, and ostensibly rife with Phillies fans, the motivation behind this was sinister.

    Also, there is this thing called “a joke.”

  • TheSportsHernia

    Long live Dark Helmet.

  • JeffO

    agreed…I tried not to laugh at it, but I did. I sort of laughed at Orlando Hudson when he started wearing the double earflap helmet..I thought little league WS, but I don’t even notice it now.
    Believe it or not, in time, this helmet will be the norm

  • Todd (ill)

    I can’t wait for the Mets to come to DC and they let Wright race the Presidents!

  • tofoomeister

    Hysterical. If this trend continues, the Mets might all look like this next year:

    I apologize in advance if inline pictures are a faux pas. In that case, just point your browser to:

  • will.H

    new yorkers are strange, espeically this PizzaTheHut fella. his borrowed WFAN ‘inferiority complex’ theory is as weak as it is redundant. Not thinking yourself is one thing, but repeating it over and over on a philadelphia blog almost contradicts the entire theory.. you dont see the irony?

    point is.. this picture is hilarious. philadelphia doesnt want to be new york because we laugh at the mets and their helmets that resemble the video game character BONK. Why in the world would we want to be like the mets? America laughs at the mets. If you think about it.. you want to be us. we’re the defending champions, you’re just a bunch of complainers with no more dignity left.

  • astcter

    hahahaha you people are ridiculous. you’re like the media that takes a section of a quote out of context and exploit it to support your point. Because we are laughing at the ridiculousness that is that helmet, doesn’t mean we are laughing at the fact the dude got beaned in the dome. Then again, I am trying to reason with Mets fans……

    and on a classier note, Suse, get fucked.

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    “You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Let’s see how well you handle it.”

  • Mr. Bryan

    ugh, who let all the douchebags in today?

  • JeffO

    I think this pic describes the helmet best

    When Gary Cohen mentioned it on the broadcast last night, I had no idea who the great gazoo was.
    I fell off my chair from laughter when I looked it up

  • Muscles

    I thought this was a sports blog, not a class contest.

    I don’t give a fuck that you came from a mets blog to to pretend that philly wants to be NY when you are trolling on a philly blog. Your idiocy is shown every post you make.

    I looked at this picture, and I laughed. Simple as that. You suck and no one likes you. go pretend that your city is the greatest in the world and that everyone wants to be you. It seems to be working wonders.

  • Mickey’s Mantle

    That lid is too funny. He could be standing on the far edge of the box and get hit in the brim with an inside pitch.

    Who was the dude with the biggest head in MLB (was like a size 9 or so)

    When asked, I’m sure Wright will say the weight of the lid has slowed him down a few steps


  • Examiner

    Only thing funnier than seeing Wright in that helmet would be if Ryan Howard had to wear something to protect that shnoz of his.


    @Mickey’s Mantle: I think you’re talking about (owner of an Eagles tattoo) Kevin Mench.

  • Mike

    If he wants to wear that helmet to get better protection, that’s great and he should do just that.

    If I want to laugh the ridiculous look of it, that’s my choice.

  • Pizza the Hut


    Dude I’m not saying the helmet isn’t funny. Like I’ve said in all of my posts, the thing looks ridiculous and I laughed my ass off when I first saw it.

    I’ve just moved on to talking about Philly’s general jealousy of New York. (I also find it amusing that as soon as I mentioned this topic, you guys start bashing Metsblog… completely off-topic, but I guess your anger has to be directed somewhere, right?)

    There’s no superiority complex in new york. That’s the thing. You guys are so obsessed with New York that you just make this stuff up. We ignore Philly. I was directed to this site by Metsblog, and I thought this site was hilarious. I’ve said nothing but positive things about this site. However, since there’s so much anger coming from Philly, I’m just responding about how much Philly sucks

  • Pizza the Hut


    That seems like an angry comment. Jealous?

  • Pizza the Hut

    Here, just to lighten the mood a bit: this is straight from Somebody posted this while watching the world series last year. Tim McCarver is a fuckin idiot, I think New York and Philly can agree on that:

    “By the way, I’m currently watching Game One of the Series on like an hour TiVo delay, and Tim McCarver, after Shane Victorino almost got picked off second, said something like, “You’ve probably heard that you should never make the first or third out at third base, but in this case, you should never make the first out at second base.”

    What he could have said: “You shouldn’t get picked off in a [fucking] World Series game.”

  • Alexander

    Philly, New York, blah blah. No one cares. Phillies win, Mets lose. That’s the real topic.

  • Todd (ill)

    Dude, Metsblog sucks, even you have to admit that. Cerrone moderates the posts and I am sure he isn’t even allowed to voice his own opinion or he would lose some of his access to the team. Since the site went corporate (yea I have been reading over there that long, even used to post) it has gone downhill. I just think there is something funny about the way that site is operated.

    Also, we don’t have an “inferiority complex”, we have a rivalry, even though everyone at your homeblog would rather think your real rivals are in Atlanta and ignore the fact that we have been on top the last 3 years.

  • Mickey’s Mantle

    Mench…that’s his name

    LOFL, imagine the lid on him,

    I’m pretty sure Wright’s lid doubles as a punch bowl, porta john, and GP bucket to carry batting practice balls etc.

    Might also serve as luggage, a night stand, step stool…

    with all the engineering and design capabilities that exist today, couldn’t Rawlings come up with a better design?

    I’ve seen smaller motorcycle helmets

  • one.three

    Heaven’s to Mergatroid!

  • Watrick

    He should take another ball to the dome, really test it out. I’m not saying that as a want of hurt towards Wright, or anyone else in the league, but really, what are those helmets going to do from a 96 mph pitch? That wouldn’t have helped Ryan Church when he got cleated across the head last year. They should have just put a Beebe foam cap on the helmet.

  • illafifth

    “@illafilth” –> I see what you did there, ‘fifth’ to ‘filth’… hats off, Hut. Hats off : )

  • Pizza the Hut

    I agree we definitely have a rivalry…. now. Before you guys were good though there was no rivalry, but there was still plenty of Mets hatred spewing from Philly. I’ve been a Mets fan since 1990 and I can’t once remember Mets fans focusing on the Phillies the way that Philly fans CONSTANTLY focus on the Mets. That’s why I say there’s an inferiority complex.

    And I will agree that there are some aspects of Metsblog that could be better, and that it used to be way way better before he partnered with SNY. However, the main reason I go there is to get Mets information, not necessarily to post. And even if I do post, I can get my point across without being censored by Cerrone; its not that hard to avoid dropping f-bombs all over the place. And contrary to popular belief, you can post an anti-Mets comment on there without being censored.

    I agree though, Metsblog used to be better.

  • Pizza the Hut


    You’re angry too, you should relax; come to New York, its nice there. I don’t listen to WFAN, I live in Philly (not by choice). In fact, I’m in the Comcast Center right now. You are an angry group of people, and it stems from Manhattan jealousy, period.

  • Pizza the Hut


    That was an honest mistake actually… i legitimately thought it said Filth. It was a funny mistake though

  • illafifth

    haha, it’s all good… no anger here!

  • Todd (ill)

    We sucked for years and we were all competing with the Braves in the 90s. No one else in the NL East mattered because we were all trying to keep up with the Braves. There is no inferiority complex right now, its just a change in power. After taking it for so long, it feels good for us to be on top, looking down at the rest of the field. Even if we win it all again this year, Mets fans will still think we have some sort of complex and can’t just enjoy being champs. Trust me, we enjoy it plenty. The Mets being nowhere close is just icing on the WFC cake.

  • theoldsport

    It’s an oversized hat. It’s funny. Cause it’s larger than a regular-sized hat.

    /Norm McDonald as Burt Reynolds’d

  • Gabrielle

    y’know, as a regular contibutor to the comment portion of this blog, and as a diehard phils fan, i’ve never ONCE thought to check out a mets/yanks/ANY other team blog just to defend my team, let alone to start shit. you mets fans bitch about inferiority complexes, and you’re the ones jumping on a philly sports blog to bitch about how we make fun of your (awful) team. boo, mets fans, boo.

  • gdubble


  • PhillyFanSUCK

    All you philly fans are morons, what if one of your boi’s get thrown at there head, they would prolly be wearing the same size helmets, however J-Roll’s ego I think is way to big to fit into this new helmets, how about the goodyear blimp helmet for him.

  • yankees1977

    Ha ha hahaha! LOL! I can’t stop laughing……. I needed a good laugh, thanks to that planet of a helmet!

  • boo bitty boo

    Leave New York out of this. The intelligent people are Yankee fans.

  • Examiner

    Come on New Yorkers, we are better than this. Don’t forget, this is the place where they throw batteries, cheer a near paralysis, and boo santa clause. Let them enjoy their first championship as a city in 25 years. They are one of the best teams in MLB and that is that. Let New York’s little adopted son be.

  • Gonzo

    When Gary Cohen mentioned it on the broadcast last night, I had no idea who the great gazoo was.
    I fell off my chair from laughter when I looked it up

    SNY.TV’s Ted Berg suggests , “On Friday, the Mets should provide five minutes for everyone to point and laugh at Wright’s helmet, then we can all move on.”

    Looks like people in New York are cracking wise about the helmet as well. Relax, Mets fans.

  • Gonzo

    according to eyewitnesses, wright was being heckled all game, not just from Rockies fans, but also from Rockies players and wright’s own teammates and coaches, who could not pass on the chance to have some fun with the face of the franchise…

    So his teammates laughed at him as well?

  • Shaggy

    It only took 129 posts to get the Santa reference???? Wow, I don’t know if that’s progress or not.

  • swedish_chef

    “They say Rihanna has been dating several Mets players. They go on to say that she feels safe with them because they can’t beat anybody.”

  • Harry Phallus
  • Swift

    @Examiner: Well done Sir. I was waiting, and waiting for someone to bring up Santa Claus, and sure enough, you did. I applaud you for sticking to the classics.

    This thread it amazing. Fuck the Mets. Fuck David Wright.

    …and Fuck New York the most of all.

  • Pizza the Hut

    I thoroughly enjoyed posting on this website today with you all. Phillies fans are much more interesting and seemingly less violent and angry when posting on this site then in real life. In real life, I wouldn’t have said half the things I did today, because there’s a 75% chance I would’ve been violently attacked.

    I’m looking forward to watching this rivalry for several years (excluding the rest of 2009). Go Rockies in the playoffs!

  • ulysses

    philadelphia calls itself the 6th borough in some circles… look at every sport philadelphia loves, you support a rivals defeat more then your teams win…

    i.e. the number of anti-mets signs at your “parade”. I was there because i live in philadelphia.

    Hey maybe when/if philly wins this year they can rent more than 3 dump trucks for their parade!

  • Tug Haines

    Why is “parade” in quotes? Are you implying that there wasn’t a parade?

  • Tug Haines

    Also, I’ve never attacked a rival fan in any way. You know why? Because that kind of behavior is fucking retarded.

  • Shaggy

    6th borough? I have never once heard that. Anywhere. And why would we need dump trucks at all? 3 aren’t good enough?

    (Eds. note: I totally rode in a dump truck from City Hall to the Bank, and it was fantastic. That does not imply it was necessary though)

  • N. O’Brain


  • ulysses

    @tug haines, google ‘canyon of heroes’, thats a parade, not three trucks rolling down the street with foreigner on the speakers.

    @shaggy, if you were at the parade you’d get my dump truck comment….

    all i am saying is i expected more from a team who didnt win in forever. i could only imagine what an eagles parade would look like, i thinkt he city might actually implode.

  • Tug Haines

    Yeah I’ll get right on that.

  • VICTORYno8

    haha the notion that philly would be jealous of ny is hilarious. that just brightened my day mets fans. thanks for reminding me that there’s a city FULL of people that im better than.

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    @ ulysses

    We don’t have a ‘canyon’. Big fuckin deal. We did it our way and it was a great day filled sunshine, Bud Light, and the now infamous coined phrase, “World Champions……..World Fucking Champions.” For the record the last team to go through the ‘canyon of heroes’ was led by that ruh-tard Eli Manning. Fortunately David Tyree made him look like less of one or there would still be a SERIOUS drought in that canyon.

  • Andy

    Maybe they should let Jose Reyes wear something like that. Maybe it could fit his ego

  • Pizza the Hut


    Maybe you haven’t attacked a rival fan, but plenty of your “brethren” have. For example, I was pelted with beer bottles walking through the Citizen’s Bank parking lot for wearing a Mets jersey.

    Clearly, not all Phillies fans are reckless assholes. Just saying… a higher percentage of phillies fans are douchebags than every other fan base.

  • Tug Haines

    Yeah you already said that.


    Then don’t wear a Mets jersey.

    I love these people who think they HAVE TO wear their team’s jersey into an opposing stadium and then get all bent out of shape when it has beer stains on it at the end of the night.

    Oh yeah, ONE-FIFTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tug Haines

    Then they think they HAVE TO keep bringing it up in some attempt to be treated like a victim in an unsympathetic arena.

  • quizzie



    haha, I know right.

    Here Pizza the Hut:

    Awwww :( We’re so sorry to hear about you getting pelted with beer bottles :( :( On behalf of the city of Philadelphia and the Phillies, I would like to sincerely apologize for what happened to you, and I promise to make it my personal mission to do my best in order to prevent a travesty of that magnitude from ever happening again. Ever. Because if there is one thing us Philadelphians can’t stand is when a Mets fan comes waddling into Citizens Bank Park and gets treated with anything but the utmost respect. :( :( :(

    Please except our apology, Mr. The Hut, we wouldn’t want to lose you as a once-a-year visitor to our town. Come back soon! Muah!

  • dwhitmore

    “Clearly, not all Phillies fans are reckless assholes. Just saying… a higher percentage of phillies fans are douchebags than every other fan base.”

    yup, you got that exactly right……….

  • Pizza the Hut
  • Alpha


    that’s exactly why you all are considered douchebags by the rest of the country. Seriously? Opposing fans aren’t allowed to wear their jersey into your ballpark? I’m absolutely going to wear my Mets jersey every time I see them play regardless of where it is… and I’m sure you’d do the same in an opposing stadium. Philadelphians are the only fans classless enough to think that if you wear an opposing jersey you’re just waiting for beer to be poured on you. Awful

  • dwhitmore
  • Blain

    Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here!

  • Pizza the Hut


    There’s a difference between talking shit about the Mets and physically assaulting opposing fans. You should continue posting though, you’re proving my point about 1) Phillies fans are classless 2) Philly is a big inferiority complex. That’s the only explanation for thinking that you can treat other fans that way simply for wearing a different jersey. This is the only city in the country that feels that way, and the inferiority complex is the only logical reason I can come up with to explain it.

  • Tug Haines

    Pizza, you have brought up this alleged “inferiority complex” 6 times already. We get it.


    How can you have an inferiority complex when you’re the World Fucking Champs?

    Did anyone mention that David Wright looks like the Great Gazoo and the ducd from Spaceballs?

  • Cowbell Kid

    Both fanbases are weak. I’ve been to Citizens Bank Park during Phillies-Mets games to scout the postseason competition and good seats, and wore my wig and everything, and nobody said shit. Bring that talk and those pussy-ass helmets down to the Big Blue Pit and see what happens. It’s going to be a motherfucking sissy armageddon for all of you scumbag turds. I chew on beer bottles just to prepare for opposing fans – I eat their small, weak hearts by chewing right through their breastplates. You better learn not to fuck with the Cowbell Kid, baby, or the motherfucking Tampa Bay RAYS!

    Cowbell Kid OUT, pussies.

  • Gonzo

    Cowbell Kid OUT, pussies.

    You are so cute, lil kid.

  • will.H

    pizzathehut, all the time you’ve invested trying to convince people we have an inferiority complex is a little strange. your biggest piece of evidence is that we badger people wearing opposing jerseys? you’re not much of a thinker

    And.. i would like for you to explain to me what a fan of the phillies would encounter while walking into your own stadium. What do eagles fans encounter at giant stadium?

    “That’s the only explanation for thinking that you can treat other fans that way simply for wearing a different jersey. This is the only city in the country that feels that way”—PizzatheHut

    Double standard? Thought so

  • doubleh

    I like how the Met fan who accuses us of having an inferiority complex says they don’t have superiority complexes up there by saying they never even give Philly and the Phillies a second thought. Really? So, you just proved that you think you’re better than Philly and therefore have a superiority complex. Definition right there.

    As for inferiority complex, I’d say Philly has a touch of it, but it’s more national in nature–i.e. it doesn’t have to do with just NY. It’s NY and Washington. We used to be the capitol of the U.S. and now people ignore all the wonderful history here because all they see are cheesesteaks and wudder ice. It’s the bullshit lazy media.

    Oh, and BTW, I’ve been to plenty other ballparks and have been harassed by lots of other fanbases just as horrible as you deem the Phillies fans. I’ve seen plenty of Mets fans fight other Met fans and Philly fans at Shea. I saw a Met fan give a toddler in a Phils jersey (not mine, b/c he’s still alive, the fan) the finger after a brutal loss. Don’t ride in here on your high horse just because you turn a blind eye to your own ignorant fans. I don’t defend ours and you shouldn’t defend yours as angels. And newsflash: we do not have a higher concentration of them than other fanbases. If it seems that way, it’s just because we have more fans these days.

  • ulysses

    @ Doubleh: I agree its blown out of proportion that phillies fans are violent and angry all the time but its the way they carry themselves in public that give them the bad rap… for example during a celebration of a much anticipated championship fans and the team chose to call out the mets… same way the red sox called out the yanks…

    an example of the fickle philly fan would be the calling for vick to start once mcnabb starts to slump even though mcnabb is one of the better qbs in the league. i mean thats just one example. I’m sure you could throw an example of ny in the same fashion. I’m just bringing it up as a point.

    but i think what ticks mets fans off is that in ny, the phillies arent seen as a HUGE rival as it seems in philly. The mets have been very competitive since 06 even they they’ve fallen short in those years. I think the only reason why the mets fanbase has a big ‘rivalry’ is that the phillies and the fans have poked at the mets. I’m mean yes its a good rivalry but thats because its two passionate cities in driving distance form each other. i mean the braves were rivals of the mets and still are but there are no atlanta fans even in atlanta it seems.

    When a team wins they have more fans, thats a fact. but the thing is with philly is that its a younger college crowd as opposed to families and older people, at least form my experience in both stadiums. I think that is the big difference to the personailty of each of the stadiums.

  • doubleh

    ulysses: Well, when the media constantly shoves down your throat (even this year picked to go to the WS) that the NY teams are the best every year, when they lose, others will take great joy in that. Schaudenfreude is not exclusive to Philly. Plus, the Phillies and the Mets players have had a bit of a pissing match going on the last few years with calling each other out (choke artists, we’re the team to beat x3, etc.) so naturally, the fans will play along. Fans live for this kind of stuff, especially the college crowd, who are usually “rebels without a cause,” right?

    Don’t make me bring up the fickle nature of the Giants fans who wanted Eli and Coughlin run out at the beginning of 2007 before the Giants won the SB. Just sayin’–we all have those knee-jerkers who take up too much airtime on WFAN or WIP(Philly) that just proves your point that I could provide an example.

    The Phillies have lots of families and older people who attend games, so I can’t say I share your experience. Having been to dozens every year for over a decade, I’ve seen the gamut. We’ve got a lot of bandwagoners these days that didn’t exist pre-2008, but that’s cool. New fans have to start somewhere. My Dad has been a fan forever (since before 1964 and yes, he remembers the collapse well), but every time I take him to a game, the Phils lose. So you know I wasn’t about to waste a WS ticket on the old man, youknowwhatimsayin?

  • Lynniemac

    @Cowbell Kid: The big blue pit? That would be where you only drew 25,000 to a September game with possible playoff implications against the Red Sox, right? Ooh, very intimidating.

  • Gonzo

    Lynnie: 25K? You overshot by 5,852. and there were PLENTY of Sox fans there. Kinda like Phils fans at a Mets home game.

  • Lynniemac

    Stupidly, I repeated what tWWL reported. I should and do know better, but at least I’m not part of a fanbase that need cowbells IN A DOME to be heard. So I have that going for me. Which is nice.

  • Gonzo

    Was this Cowbell Kid (who is 40 years old, by the by), calling us pussies during the Series last year? I don’t remember this bullshit chatter last year.

    He reminds me of the guy who gets real tough after his friend grabs and pulls him away. “You’re lucky he’s holding me back man. You’re LUCKY!!!”

  • Lynniemac

    He probably was calling us pussies last year. We just couldn’t hear him over the cowbells.

  • Sergey J

    So a player puts his health (and the well being of the team) ahead of style and it’s a joke? I don’t understand the reaction to this at all.

    I’m actually glad to see that Wright has the balls to wear it in a game and not listen to you fools. Others will follow and it will save concussions. ……

  • Lynniemac

    Because. It’s. Funny. Looking.

    I also find those big silver fire retardant suits that I’ve come to associate with the Mythbusters to be funny looking, and if I should laugh at someone wearing one, it doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t put their health and safety first and refuse to wear one while things explode around them.

  • Justin

    inferiority complex? that’s a laugh. i’m from philly at can’t stand new york. not b/c i’m jealous (i love boston and dc), but b/c i can’t stand that new york city. its a big fing mess up there. from stench of north jersey to the bowels of queens. overpopulated and overhyped. i think you guys are the ones with the complex. afterall, you need 2 baseball teams, 3 hockey teams, 2 football teams and 1 basketball team. so lets break it down… you’re 1 baseball team (the mets) suck. your one football team (the jets) suck. your 2 hockey teams (rangers and islanders) suck. and the knicks? isn’t that the worst franchise in all of sports? i’ll take philly any day of the week over new york shitty.

  • WB-Tony

    Well, this one attracted a crowd. To anyone that doesn’t think that helmet looks funny, you take shit WAY to seriously. You should stop getting your sphincter in a twist, its bad for your heart.

  • VinniefromQueens


    “I like how the Met fan who accuses us of having an inferiority complex says they don’t have superiority complexes up there by saying they never even give Philly and the Phillies a second thought. Really? So, you just proved that you think you’re better than Philly and therefore have a superiority complex. Definition right there.”

    That’s not a superiority complex. It means that Philly has never been relevant enough to give New Yorkers a second thought. Even now you head up to New York and there’s no Philly hate; its all talk about the New York teams. I think the point he’s trying to make is that Philly focuses so much hate on New York, while New York simply ignores Philly and focuses on its own teams.

  • illafifth

    I think we should make a drinking game using the various ‘complexes’ mentioned in this thread. Or would that be ‘classless?’

    And good point about D.C./Philly, doubleh…

  • fan with class

    Wow, you are such a douche. This guy got beaned with a ball, suffered a concussion and you’re laughing at him for protecting himself from serious injury so he can continue to play major league baseball? Oh good thing your life is complete because you have a blog that all of 178 people in the world are reading.

  • Jocksniffer

    Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-mbulance for “fan with class (and a bloody vag, too)”

  • Todd (ill)

    @fan with class
    How can you not see the humor!?!? Some people just lack a sense of humor.

  • Todd (ill)

    He stopped wearing it.

    He went double flapped last night.

  • D. Whitmore

    still a double flapped massive megaman style helmet

  • Jdashdog

    @Vinne, the only reason nobody in NY is saying anything about Philly right now is because the Mets are trash and the Yankees are in the AL. Pretty funny, early in the season 2 Mets fans made a “rap” about how superior their team is and and I distinctly remember a commercial from the SNY network advertising a Phillies/Mets series telling Phillies fans to “choke on this.” I’m not quite sure what “this” is, but if I were to guess I’d say it’s Philly’s dick, which the Mets have been choking on for oh…about that last 3 years and counting.

    @Fan with class, you’ve obviously stumble into the wrong site. I think you’re looking for

  • jorel

    Looks like something Ted Kennedy should have been buried in.

  • fan with class

    ok i’ll admit the reply comments are quite funny. i found this on my google reader, i don’t even care about the phillies or mets. And I’m a freaking rangers fan, i can take a bit of humor…. ex:

  • BD

    Doesn’t look much bigger than the helmet Shane normally wears.

  • bigbabygiv

    still laughing now??

  • PhilsBlow

    How about victorino wearing it tonight?


  • Gmart

    Yeah, I still laugh when I see it. I laughed at Vic when he came up for his first at bat, and I’m laughing right now, because he looks like a freakin’ bobble-head doll standing at the plate, the helmet’s bigger than his entire upper body. Still, that pic of DWright is just beyond comical. The face he’s making takes it over the top.

  • Gonzo

    Yes, we are still laughing. because it looks hilarious.

  • Jared

    i saw this 2 days ago and couldnt stop laughing and i just looked at it again it really might be one of the greatest things ever. they are the goofiest fucking team ever. thank you david wright.

  • Mac

    I’d rather look like that right now than look like Muhammad Ali in 20 years.

  • Drew

    Looks like Dark helmet from Spaceballs

  • NY

    Are you losers kiddin me? You Philty People from the crap hole of a city are kiddin! Have one winning team a cebtury and you go nuts. Your city is a Shithole and your people are worse! Phill begins with P, as in Pig, and you are certainly a city of Pfrustrated Pilty Pigs!ai

  • Gerald Peepers

    NY: What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Vic

    I think he looks like chicken little!

  • Michael

    this shit is PRICELESS. that thing looks ridiculous!

  • Watrick

    wait a minute….

  • Paaaaaaay-dro’s soul glo

    200 beaches!

  • Watrick

    &*^*&^(*&^(*&^*&^(^(*&^&*(! It wouldn’t allow me to post two comments in a row-how come other people get that?! Oh well, you’re welcome Paaaaaaaay-dro.

  • Matt

    This is the only thing that I’ve enjoyed all day today…

  • loctastic

    I just now found out about this.. amazing

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