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Phun Phanatic Phlashback Phriday!
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In this first edition of ‘Phun Phanatic Phlashback Phriday!’ (which will coincidentally be the last edition), watch as the Phillie Phanatic spots a man sitting in the middle of the row near the Phillies dugout, then proceeds to walk over towards him, stand on top of him, and swing his enormous Galapagosian sack all about the guy’s eyes and head. As an added bonus, it happened against the Rockies last year so you get to hear that lovely baritone voice of Harry Kalas paired with Sergeant Matthews.

It might just be the largest public tea-bagging in recorded history.

(Figurative tea-bagging to The Fightins reader Chris Hertz for the tip)

  • Chris

    “Sergeant Matthews” made me lol.

  • Sarge

    You can just call me Sarge. Muffin always gets a RISE when the Phanatic gives him the TEA BAG treatment.

  • Amanda

    God I miss Harry.

  • gm-carson

    That’s a thing of pure beauty.

  • VICTORYno8

    Harry’s voice is better than I remember. What a talent.

  • Jim

    On a non tea-bag related note, I liked the old score box better than the new one. Then again, I fear change.

  • Pasadena_Phan

    HK is missed terribly.

  • fuck the mets

    how DARE you stop that video in the middle of a Harry Kalas out call! Shame…

  • Cletus Van Damme

    “It might just be the largest public tea-bagging in recorded history.”

    Meech… I may or may not heart you.

  • Friday Round-Up

    And to think the Phanatic makes a six figure salary.

  • Watrick

    Umm, he did that last night to an usher. It may not have been recorded, but was nice enough to take the usher’s hat off first. And, he did it from the standing on top of the dugout.

  • Bronx Bomber


  • Ant Baby Machete Squad

    Largest public tea-bagging? Sir, have you forgotten the 2003 State of the Union address?

  • jupiter’s rings

    i wonder what would happen to david wright’s new helmet…

  • Walklett

    Green tea bagging contains more anti-oxidants.

  • Lynniemac

    Bravo, Walklett.

  • Tony Is Dynamic

    What the fuck’s happened to Cliff Lee?

  • JoeG

    Lets phlashback to when Cliff Lee could pitch…….

  • joe

    Cole=19 scoreless inning streak

    Cliff=0 scoreless inning streak

  • Tony Is Dynamic

    I wanna see a Meech pissed off recap. Those always make me feel a little better after games where we shit the bed.

  • Saint

    As I started watching it I thought it was a game from this year… and completely didn’t even question the fact that Harry was talking… still don’t realize he’s gone.

  • Gerald Peepers

    Ooooh, we lost a game. Oooooh, Cliff Lee shit the bed again. Guess what, they’re going to lose a couple between now and then, and each time it’s going to be somebody’s fault.

    Last night’s game was hard to watch, though.

  • Beth

    God, just hearing Harry’s voice is enough to bring tears to my eyes. Geez. That’s the way it’s supposed to sound….

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    I know I’m going to get some kinda linguistic tea bagging for this one, but the events depicted here happened in left field, very far away from the Phillies dugout. Let the public ridicule commence.

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