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Photos From Lakewood: BlueClaws 3, Sand Gnats 2
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BOX SCORE (April 18) – The Phillies’ Single-A team has fallen on hard times since their back-to-back SAL championships, but they have managed to win a few of their games this season in spite of all-around spotty play. That’s not to say the 2013 Lakewood BlueClaws don’t have their bright spots. Roman Quinn on the bases is one of those spots. The best thing you can do with your camera is keep it on him once he gets on first, because he’s going for third, come hell or high water. The run he scored (practically on sheer will) proved to be the difference maker in a game where starting pitching dominated and the bullpen held it down for the home team. Quinn himself has admitted that the transition from center field to shortstop has proven to be a challenge but the disruption he causes on offense with his speed has given Lakewood ample opportunity to take advantage of an unwary opposing defense.

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    Thanks for the undeniably incredible background to this post… Roman Quinn is a Switch hitting shortstop. He’s 19, and played in Williamsport last year. He had 11 triples and stole 30 bases in 36 attempts in his first professional season at Williamsport last year.

    That being said this year he has 11 errors through 29 games and is hitting a stout .207 So He’s got Jimmy Numbers at the plate

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