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Phillies fans enjoy complete game shutouts; vagina
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While Jamie Moyer was DEALING on the hill for the Fightin’ Phils becoming the oldest player in major league baseball history to pitch a complete game shutout, a certain Phillies fan was busy sneaking down into the “TV seats” to show the world his affection for a certain female body part. Lookit how proud he is:

(Thanks to reader Gene for the screen cap)

  • OutlawPete


  • James Anthony Happ


  • Droppin Fuckin Gloads

    oh thats funny i thought he enjoyed cock

  • Jason R.

    Generally I settle for either (CG SHO or female anatomy) but hope for both


    Judging by his face, the chubby fella wearing the headphones doesn’t enjoy vagina.

  • fergirferg


  • will.H

    hm meech, neither does the unibomber jr. right in front of him. holy lord columbine part II

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    That guy makes my world go round.

  • don

    Moyer’s first two hitter was in 1986.

  • don

    I’m not even making that up.

  • KanYe WeSt

    prolly the best screencap ive ever seen


    Unibomber, Jr.? That dude looks like the reincarnation of David Koresh.

  • Calling U out

    The lesser celebrated phan right in front of that guy looks as if he thinks his shirt needs a good douching.


  • drbutchevil

    Is that Joey Lawrence’s brother in a wig beside him?!

  • Matt P.

    right behind him, Mary McCormack is MORTIFIED.

  • bigmyc

    yeah, he’s not exactly having a good time. Speaking of which; I wonder if there’s a braille version of that shirt’s script? How naughty would that be?

  • bigmyc

    Jamie Moyer once walked into a bar that a buddy of mine and myself were sitting in.
    He walked right to where we were and stopped and looked around.
    I asked him if he was looking for a restroom.
    He said, “Depends.”

  • Johnny Hotcakes

    Aw lordy, that boy came in for a hotcake and OJ today. I hadn’t seen one of them shirts since the seventies, excluding one time in about 1987, I believe. I thought the wife would be offended, but to tell the godhonest truth, she laughed so hard she almost choked on her darn blueberry hotcake. But then, when then when I wrote a cuss word on one of my Johnny Hotcakes’ uniforms, just for fun, she wasn’t laughin’. Women.

    And I’d like to dedicate my next batch of hotcakes to that Jamey More. A true inspiration! Whether you’re a sports player, a street sweeper, or a humble purveyor of hotcakes, Jamey shows that you don’t have to be a young gun to get it done. Hey, that’s some regular hotcake poetry right there, folks! And follow me on this darn TWIT-ER. The wife made me get it for some free hotcake advertising.

  • Pat

    that’s definitely not the real Johnny Hotcakes.

  • bigmyc

    Hotcakes, I thought you never swore.

    Even on kitchen apparel..

    “My hipocracy only goes so far…” – Doc Holliday (the original but with slightly less location than the successor).

  • Johnny Hotcakes

    Pat, I’ll swear on anything you offer, even a hotcake, it’s really me! I’ve always seen that you liked my posts, and I really appreciate that, so hopefully you can trust me eventually. I hope And bigmyc, you’re also right. As I was saying, that was a long time ago, and I was so embarrassed. I’ve tried my best to stay on the good path ever since. My only vice nowadays is my sunday morning chocolate chip hotcake short stack.

  • loctastic

    This… This is why I read The Fightins.. Pics of dopey fans doing obnoxious shit. You guys are doing the Lord’s work.

  • Douchebag in the vagina shirt


  • Phils Phan

    I want to go to PetsMart with Jamie Moyer.

  • Suddenly Burgoyne

    All this talk of Jamie and his diligence and dedication to his craft makes me think of the time he and I spent in the training room a coupla years back..

    You see, he was on the trainor’s table all bare backed and such just waiting to get some Tiger Balm (or was it IcyHot?) applied to his back. Well, those guys weren’t gonna be much help since the two of ’em went to get a few Schmitters.

    Naturally, I offered to step in and lube Jamie up before his daytime start. There I was, the Phanatic in full regalia and a mostly naked Jamie Moyer….and a tube of ointment.

    I’ll never forget the way he assertively encouraged me to, “Use two hands!”

  • ThinkRed

    Guy goes out at 47+ years old and pitches the game of his life at the highest level of competition. Unbelievable.

  • Eric

    Phylan will be here tomorrow to explain to us how his ball didn’t move that much and it was mostly luck.

  • Phils Phan

    ” Jamie carved us tonight,” Chipper Jones said. “The guy is 87 years old and he’s still pitching for a reason. He stays off the barrel. He changes speeds, changes the game plan and keeps you guessing.”

    87? Fuck off, Larry.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Something ironic and hilarious about Chipper Jones picking on someone else’s age…..

  • Just.Awesome. Happ

    If this guy’s a big fan of vaginas, he must really love it when the Mets come to town.

  • the grump

    whats funnier about this pic is the oompa loompa sitting behind vag man.

  • The Lone Filafel

    I, for one, enjoy vaginas.

  • Phylan

    No luck here Eric, Moyer induced a ton of groundballs and not a single line drive. No one is more impressed than I.

    Also why is it you are so obsessed with my opinion/the fact that luck exists in baseball anyway? That can’t be healthy or interesting.

  • Phylan

    I mean every single post game thread you’re all “Heh, PHYLAN WILL BE HERE TO SAY [some bullshit that I will not actually say]” and it must be pretty fucking old for everyone I imagine, considering only a few people even like reading my actual, real opinion

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    Jamie Moyer will get into the hall of fame or I will eat Bud Selig and his future replacement

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    Chubby headphones guy looks like he is a split second away from sharting himself and he’s all too aware. Point of no return type stuff.

  • Maz

    It really, really does look like someone tried to catch AT LEAST four of the freakiest-looking fans in the entire park in one shot – and was absolutely successful. This pic made my night (or very early morning).

  • Griswold

    Father Time didnt have a 5 run inning. OMG

  • Phylan

    yo Meech and co I have a stylesheet change suggestion for future Eric posts

  • ScottRuffcorn

    Maybe the headphones guy has that expression on his face because Mr. Vagina shirt smells like what he’s advertising, only it’s the 3 weeks past regular cleaning 95 year old variety. Shirt doesn’t say what type of vagina this young man is enthusiastic about………

  • Tug Haines

    I think the bigger story here is that Jonathan Winters is alive, and sitting right in front of Vagina boy.

  • fuck the mets

    Person to the right of Vagina boy- man or woman? I’m calling both.

  • Dr. Cool

    @ Tug – You beat me to it. That guy is a dead ringer for Jonathon Winters. For those of you too young to remember, he played Mork’s son (who aged backwards) on Mork and Mindy. Then again, if you’re too young to remember Jonathon Winters, you’re probably also too young to remember Mork and Mindy, in which case I feel sorry for you. You really missed out.


    I’ll always remember Jonathan Winters for his cameos on Scooby-Doo. Jinkies!

  • Dr. Cool

    @ meech – Those celebrity cameos on Scoobie-Doo were great. Batman and Robin, The Harlem Globetrotters, Don Knotts. You never knew who was going to show in a given week.

  • Al Delvecchio

    Clearly, dude was referencing Barbara Bush, to his left.

  • Sophist

    Why give his loser the attention he so desperately desires?

  • Larry Jones

    Chill out, PHils PHan.

    I was simply making a point about how effective and vital his stuff was considering how long he’s been around. It was levity. Look that up, low brow.

    We’re all gonna be old (if we’re lucky). What’s the big deal?

    OH yeah, because you hate your life.

  • the EFF THAT guy

    Yeah, you hate your life..


  • The Artist Formerly Known As Michael Bourn

    I think this is the best title in the history of the Fightins.


  • yellowbird

    nice vagina.

  • Phils Phan

    @ Larry Jones:

    You’ve made a career of giving back-handed compliments to other players and teams. No need to be cute.

    As I said, fuck off, Larry.

  • Pat M.


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