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Phillies fan interrupts a lunch date between Joe Buck & David Wright
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Last night on the Home Box Office, Phillies fan favorite Joe Buck debuted with his brand new talk show/sketch comedy show/clusterfuck, The Joe Buck Show. For the most part, the show seemed to lack a certain je ne sais quoi, but lodged somewhere in between Buck’s unfunny monologue and an obnoxiously uncomfortable segment with Artie Lange, the FOX play-by-play man managed to get an interview out of the 3rd basemen for the hated Metros, David Wright. As the pair were nestled in the corner of a quaint New York restaurant deep in boring conversation, a Phillies fan happened stroll past the eatery.

But instead of leaving the two alone as the cameras rolled, he chose to tap on the glass, expose his Phillies jersey, and point to the finger normally reserved for World Series Champion rings. Observe:

That’s just tremendous.

And judging by his awkward laugh, I’d imagine this sorta thing is a common occurrence in David’s life.

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  • gm-carson

    I’m lovin’ it!

  • Diane


  • Shawn

    Choke on it!!!

  • Jay

    The video does not work for me – does anyone have a link to a non-flash version?


    It’s a YouTube vid, Jay. You can check out the link straight to the page HERE.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    dammit who keeps letting this guy on tv

  • bigmyc

    That interview should be called, “Eugene and Poindexter.”

  • Amanda

    Come on David, you’re too cool to hang out with Joe Buck.

  • bigmyc

    Cool? Cool? Did you see that laugh? I guess even geeks can play a little third base.

  • 85

    Laugh, David. It’s funny because it’s true. WFC.

    Also, did anyone see Artie Lange destroying Buck on that show last night? And while Artie was doing it, Buck showed all the fire of his World Series-ending call. Zero fire. None. Just laid there while the train ran him over. It was beautiful.

  • Eminencegirl


    Did anyone watch The Pen on Sunday? I’ve got it on the DVR but haven’t watched yet.

  • Albert

    That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. The only way that would of been better is if it was Matt Stairs doing the taunting.

  • Chris

    That Phils fan was me. I wish. If it were me I probably would have shit on the glass to completely ruin their lunch. I actually hate Joe Buck more than Wright.

  • Mike


  • Alex

    Saw this last night, fucking gold. I don’t know who I hate more, David Wright or Joe Buck.

  • Jordan

    Wow, sounds like it was a thrilling interview. “So what do you do at restaurants?” hahahahaha

    You’re a fucking idiot joe buck.

  • Adam

    That guy should have just started hanging brain right against the glass. Joe and David probably would have enjoyed that too much though.

  • Scott B

    Joe Buck is such a smug prick. Artie Lange who is a fat fuck was actually funny though and showed Buck up fairly well throughout. good stuff.

  • Jordan

    HAHAHA!!! i just watched the video with artie and buck.

    “You’re gonna pull me into a dark place in about 1 more minute.” haha look out joe buck is getting angry.

    Artie, you’re the best. Thank you.

  • Scott B

    Sorry. the YouTube I posted was taken down…

    Heres another while it lasts

  • mike

    Between the Phillies fan and Artie Lange, this was the funniest hour of television ever…no thanks to Joe Buck.

  • P Fish

    Chris Wheeler thought it was a rerun of MadTV…no lie…@THE_REAL_WHEELS

  • yosoysean

    Seemed set up to me.

  • Birdland

    dude, pretty sure asking David Wright “how’s Jose’s hamstring feeling?” is a classic example of a dumb question. actually.

  • Gaze

    The promos for the show made Joe Buck look like less of a twit than usual, however he was his usual twitty self. The rest of the show, however, made up for it. I was actually entertained. My wife was sitting next to me saying, “Wait, don’t we hate that guy?”


    David Wright is a homo. And you’re totally right Birdland, that was a dumbass question.

    “Um, well Jose is on the DL and is going to be back after the All-Star break, so clearly it’s not feeling good you fucking idiot.”

    I hate the Mets.

    God. Damn.

  • Jordan

    Actually it is a pretty good question. I’m sure David Wright has the inside scoop.

    “Well last night when I was giving Jose a massage, it felt a little tight, but it was nothing that these hands couldn’t work out.”

  • Birdland

    oh wait…i just took another watch, David Wright actually confirms it’s a “very intelligent question”. My bad. Jordan must be right. Wright’s got that inside track on the hammy.

  • Beth

    I tried to watch the show but couldn’t get past the monologue. I just don’t get why America loves this guy. Must be the dimple in the chin. Oh, how I WISH I were that lucky Phillies fan. The cops would have had to pull me away from the window.

  • Gonzo

    Joe Buck is a fine broadcaster. If only he showed some enthusiasum during the games.

  • PhiPhan5648

    The only thing worse than that douchenozzle Joe Buck, is when he teams up with fellow douchnozzle Tim McCarver. Worst… Call Team… in Sports. Well… then again, that ESPN crew, with Joe Morgan is pretty bad too. It’s a toughy.

    But anyways… Mad Props to the Fan who pulled this one off.

  • Drew

    THAT was classy.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Again… I ask, Over/Under on how many more seasons David Wright stays aboard that Sinking Ship, that is the METS?

    I say two seasons, and then he gets out of dodge.

  • Gonzo

    PhiPhan: Wright has an awesome contract that benefits the Mets. He ain’t goin anywhere.

    2010: 10 mil
    2011: 14 mil
    2012: 15 mil
    2016: 16 Mil (club option)


  • Shaggy

    @Gonzo: Joe Buck is not a fine broadcaster. He’s a terrible broadcaster. Absolutely dismal. The only person worse than Joe Buck is Tim McCarver. Followed closely behind Buck is Joe Morgan. The three of them are by far the worst at covering games, and yet they get national mics. Unbelievable.

    Which leads me to ask, why are national broadcasters so terrible? In the NHL, MLB, and NFL (I don’t watch NBA) the broadcasters on national tv are atrocious. (Less so for the NFL, but they still have/had some terrible ones) I’d rather listen to the Mets broadcasters than Buck and McCarver or Morgan and Miller.

  • Marps

    here’s the video of artie ripping joe fuck apart….its hilarious

  • Gonzo

    Shaggy: I have to agree with you. I tried to play the other side of the fence, but I can’t keep up the charade any longer.

    Oh, Mike Emerick doing the NHL is terrific. You have to agree with that. (It’s easy to forget the NHL)

  • PhiPhan5648

    @Gonzo, and Shaggy. Let’s not forget how horrible the gamecasting of the Versus Network during NHL Playoffs is too.

  • Jordan

    and nobody forget about brent musburger’s coverage of the rose bowl. god i hate that dickhead.

  • Gonzo

    Brent is a legand. That’s poppycock.

  • Phils Phan

    Musberger fellates Pete Carroll. That is all.

  • Jbears

    Good lord. Followed the “obnoxious” link and came up with this gem about the Artie Lange segment…

    “Michael Irvin, in the audience after being part of a segment with Bengals receiver Chad Johnson following the Favre interview, could only laugh at the spectacle.

    ‘It’s refreshing to see white-on-white crime,’ he said.”

    What a jackass. The only person I detest more than Joe Buck is Michael Irvin. And possibly Sidney Crosby.

  • LANZ

    That’s my boy JL he’s was telling me the story about seeing the interview and I told him it that a fan made the cut. Didn’t really know it was him until the re-run. Go Phils…

  • PhiPhan5648

    @LANZ, nice dude. Give him props from all of us at

  • Section 314

    Brilliant! How many of us dream of such a moment?

  • tom

    that was retarded and obviously planned. you can see joe buck looking around for the guy before he even walked up.


    Oh yeah, Tom? Well YOU’RE retarded.

  • Garrett

    does anyone still have the source clip for this? I’m from Philly and this is one of the funniest Phillies moments ever – I’d like to get a copy.


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