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Phillies blogger’s hunger strike gets mention in some sports mag
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Some magazine that focuses on sports ran their weekly “What’s Hot? What’s Not?” feature, and guess what?

It gave some pub to “one team blogger” who is so dedicated to his team that he went 2+ days WITHOUT FOOD in order to motivate them to score a friggin run. Surely, if a fan goes through that much physical AND mental pain, all for the love of his squad, the magazine would take a couple extra seconds to Google “Phillies hunger strike” and figure out exactly who this person was and what site they wrote for, right?


Check out the evidence:

(Click for full-page version)

What a bunch of assholes.

I don’t know who this diehard blogger is, but if anyone has any information about this guy (or gal?), do me a favor and let me know because this person deserves to be mentioned by name.

It’s also worth noting that adjacent to that blurb is a little David Ortiz factoid about how he has 5 of the 6 slowest home run trots in the majors in ’10, a stat that is tracked by the superb baseball site Wezen-Ball, and THAT site got a mention from this stupid fucking magazine that used to be cool when I was younger.

And oh yeah, stupid fucking magazine, it was actually FIFTY-THREE hours, not 48.

Get your fucking facts straight.

  • Tyler

    I think they wanted to emphasize the whole “2 days” thing, because sadly some SI readers might hear 53 hours and be like “How many days is that?”

  • Dan

    Whoever wrote that is both lazy and clueless.

  • Shep Trumbo

    yo rember SI for KIDS that shit was fuckin WEAK

  • Tyler

    I used to lay SI Kids fantasy football and I always drafted every Eagle, and got my ass kicked

  • Tyler

    FUCK YEAH 3-3

  • Mike Gundy

    Makes me wanna puke.

  • Jayson’s 5 o’clock shadow

    seriously, who still pays attention on SI?

  • Ian

    I’ve never heard of this sports magazine that has lots of pictures. Is it any good? Sorry, Mike.

  • Jay Ballz

    Si fur kids was knot hard KORE!

  • Lynniemac

    They still publish SI?

  • Gonzo


  • maxL


  • Kruk vs. Johnson


  • mr_cee

    Could be worse…………Meech could be a Flyers fan………..they take way too many days off between games. But hey, they’re a Philly sports team that still remembers how to win.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    SI is a great magazine to whack it to when you’re about 11.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Um, swimsuit edition.

  • Bobby Payne

    Tony Bruno mentioned you on his show last week, too.

  • BigMiles

    That’s alright Meech…at least we know in our hearts it was you. Sort of like Armando Gallaraga knows that he pitched a perfect game that he will never get credit for.

    P.S.- I told multiple people in my fam about your hunger strike and they tried to call bullshit and say you were just lying. For some reason this really upset me despite the fact that we never met and I have no proof if you actually did it or not. Still…don’t mess with me or my Fightins peeps, especially King Meech.

  • Rudy

    Meech, it was you.

  • Jason R.

    Just promise not to do this again. The way they’re hitting you might actually hit a patch where it’s threatening to your health.

  • Jason R.

    “Not Hot: Phillies. Hot:”

  • Lynniemac

    Not Hot: SI. Hot:

  • Joe D

    meech, I heard Gonzo talking about thefightins on 97.5 yesterday. At least you got some love there.

  • James Fayleez > Tony Bruno and/or Gonzo

    Those two are unlistenable.

  • Joe D

    Gonzo is brutal but for some reason I had it on as background noise yesterday. I actually like Bruno.


    @James Fayleez: And just who, exactly, is

  • Jdashdog

    Shep and Gil started

  • Joe D

    “I got upset when I came in and saw everybody looking at movies. We had a whole audience in there looking at movies and [bleep]. And I thought, ‘What the hell? We should be getting ready for the damn game.’ I don’t like things like that,” said Manuel of the clubhouse television, which earlier had been showing “Gran Torino.”

    Cholly is pissed. This team can’t hit for shit but at least they picked a great movie to watch. When I saw on CSN this morning that Manuel was pissed about the team watching movies before the game I just assumed that Cole got a bootleg copy of Sex and the City 2.

  • Capt Murdock

    Hey no offense Meech but I gotta support SI for the following reason.

    SI Swimsuit Edition in a 10 year old boys hands > on a 30 year old boys computer screen

  • Adam Eaton

    @Jdashdog I’m hittin’ up Good Stuff tomorrow for lunch. You gona be in town?

  • Watrick

    This article’s head line is wrong. Should read: “Phillies blogger’s hunger strike gets mention in some sports RAG”, cause that’s all it is anymore.

  • Jdashdog

    No, Adam, unfortunately I will not, but I have been craving a Prez Obama burger since that one fateful day. Please note that my fondness for the Prez Obama burger, however, is in no way an endorsement for President Obama.

    I am Jdashdog and I approved this message.

  • The Killer Zs

    Meech – your tweets from those hungry days were absoutely hilarious. I was reading them to my son while in the parking lot at Taco Bell (I am sad to admit as we were not strong enough to be on a hunger strtike). SI should have mentioned you by name. You got more love though from the locals which is more important anyway.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I’m sorry Meech. Hey SI sucks. Most of the writers suck. They hate doing research b/c it takes time and hard work. Dan posted that they’re lazy and clueless and he’s right. kicks ass and we know it was YOU.

  • Watrick

    I think they didn’t post your name, or blog, because they’re “old school” journalists who hate the notion that unless you have a college degree in journalism, you can’t possibly know how to write about an event. Screw ’em.

    “Sing a song of old school, I don’t really care where you were or who you knew.”

  • Willy Tavares

    Hey guys. Worship me. I am your new savior.

  • Armando LOLarraga

    @Watrick: If it’s old school journalism, then they wouldn’t want you to have degrees. They always tell us in J-school how going to J-school is a waste of time and you need to just get out there and learn how to do it. New school journalism is all about degrees.

    Coincidentally, what these old timers are doing teaching at an institution they don’t believe in is beyond me… I was reading the sports section of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today, and they quoted you AND mentioned you by name.

    So MJS > SI


    You got a link?

  • Watrick

    Yeah, I’m searching for it on their site and can’t find it.

  • Armando LOLarraga

    I’ll take a photo of it in a little bit and post it, I’m off to go get the car an oil change. So when that’s done, I shall.

  • Armando LOLarraga

    Well, I botched my Meech’s anyway, but still, a Meech is in the paper.

  • Armando LOLarraga

    Anyways, my appointment got moved, so here it is:

    Excessive commenting much?


    Thanks, yo. That’s the quote from the Palm Beach Post article I was interviewed for:

  • Armando LOLarraga

    Incidentally, your comment was next to a little blurb about Michael Jordan. Coincidence much?

  • DaMustang1Holla

    one time i got writ up in ghettoblaster magazine bout my boy mike vick in philly u big time now meech holla

  • James Fayleez


    thanks for correcting me. I would’ve done the same thin.

  • Gaze_NJ

    You’re blowing up like we thought you would… still same number, same hood. It’s all good.

  • loctastic

    This really grinds my gears! I cancelled my SI subscription because of this! Well, I’ve been meaning to cancel for a while, but this actually motivated me to do it today. So.. thanks?

  • Walklett

    I’m pretty sure the mystery blogger is Tyler Walker.

  • Joe

    GO PHILLS!!! Best ball team in the world. Best Fans in the world —>

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