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Pat the Bat’s Legend Grows…
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I was listening to The Howard Stern Show this morning and he was interviewing a voluptuous young porn star named Sophia Rossi.  While going through some of her more famous conquests, Sophia mentioned that she had previous relations with ex-Phillies left fielder and lady killer, Pat Burrell.


Fun Sophia Rossi Fact: She does anal in her personal life, but NOT on film

During her segment, she also stated that this happened a long time ago (good news for Pat’s wife!) and said that Pat was “very immature.” Then she sat on a gigantic vibrating machine and had a very loud orgasm.

Basically, it was the perfect interview. I’ll try and get some pics, audio, and possibly video from her Stern appearance when they are available.

If you would like to get fired from your job, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and Google Image Ms. Rossi, then call your boss over and advise him to “get a load of the tits on this broad!”

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  • Tony

    Atta boy…

  • Chamomiles Davis

    If there is one thing that a porn star looks for in a mate, it’s maturity.

  • GM-Carson

    I’m going to go on record and say, they’re just too big. I like ’em big, but that’s ridiculous. One of her tits equals like a set of 4 regular ladies.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    I always get a kick when an actress of the pornographic persuasion says that she saves the anal for marriage. That’s like cutting the crust off an entire meat lovers pizza because you’re “watching your figure,” only to promptly devour the whole damn thing.

  • Walklett

    Her left boob is higher than her right boob…not that I’m staring or anything.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Immature? Maybe he let Elvis watch.

  • Lynniemac

    Your move, Ibanez.

  • Chris

    Ibanez could never land that.

  • Cavalier92

    Yet another reason we should have signed him for another 2 years. I’m sure there are a dozen or so other chicks from South Jersey who hung out with Pat in Old City and are all pissed he ditched them to get married. Now they’re all gonna be calling Stern and volunteering to jump on the Sybian just so they can rip Pat and his bat.

  • beastmongrol

    yet another story that justs builds to the age old question, which came first, burrell or the girl?

  • Hummer

    i wanna live in there

  • Melissa

    How is it that a pornstar talking about semi famous to famous people they’ve banged to get attention can call someone else immature in the same breath? Weirddd. Her boobs are super lopsided in that photo, not hot. But what do I know? -unevens bra straps-

  • GenericFanGroup

    Howard Stern Porn Star Interview by numbers

    1. Say shes hot
    2. Ask about being abused as a youngster
    3. What celebrities did you bang
    4. Ask if shes attracted to him
    5. Ask her to ride the Sybian

    and repeat

  • Tug Haines

    That thing she was sitting on sounded like a plane taking off.

  • Matt

    GenericFanGroup – don’t forget BabaBooey putting on his welder’s mask for the sybian ride. That shit never gets old for me.

  • Jay Ballz



    @GenericFanGroup: You can throw in, “Do you do black guys on film?” That always leads to an interesting answer.

  • Rudy Gamble

    Ha! Good ol’ Pat the Bat. Just makes the reply to your last question in our Phillies preview that much more awesome:

  • Greg V.


  • bigmyc

    I can see Vic being next in line for that type of chic…I mean, he’s got the highly wound motor to at least compete with Sybian, no questions asked.

  • Larry

    No worries Pat, if I got her in the sack, I’d be immature too.

  • jose lima

    meh, they’re not that big.

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