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Pat Burrell Thanks the Philly Fans in Today’s Daily News
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/sheds tear

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  • Kevin

    Class act.

  • Crane Kick

    Someone get this on hot clicks so the rest of the world knows how much the Philly fans are loved.

  • Paul

    As much as I disliked Pat as a player in his tenure with the phils, I can’t deny the guy’s candor. So long, Pat, and good luck.

  • Clare

    Well, if this isn’t an example of Pat taking care of business, I don’t know what is.

    (Seriously, though, classy move, Pat.)

  • Joe

    A class act.

  • werththewait

    That is really classy. Not many guys have the balls or the vision to do that. Pat has set the bar for this generation of free agents in Philadelphia. It’s Dawkins turn now.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Thank you too, Pat!

  • Ron T

    For the general population, this amounts to a nice tip down at the local watering hole. For a World Champion professional athlete like Pat Burrell, this is a monumental shift from the norm. It shows the bond between him and the Philly fans (the same people who boo’d him with vim and vigor on more than one ocassion) and how ANY person would like to be perceived after a relationship has ended. Either his PR people are the best in the business (Eagles brass take note), or Pat truly understands how to communicate with people. Either way you look at it, Pat Burrell deserves a HUGE standing-O every time he comes into town. Thanks, Bait!

  • Lynniemac

    If this man isn’t offered the opportunity to retire a Phillie when the time comes, I’m going down there and taking out the entire front office.

  • Lou Marson’s love interest

    Tears shed.

  • http://http// Matt

    dammit, i’m on my phone at work and can’t read the letter. definitely an awesome thing to do on his part, and i can’t wait to get home to actually read it. pat, you’ll be missed. i’m definitely going to have to hit up some white sox games when the rays are in town to cheer for him.

  • Sam

    pat’s the best. always has been, always will be. no matter how well or poorly he was playing, i always felt confident with him up at the plate in a key spot. it was fitting that his final at bat was a double that resulted in the winning run of the world series.

  • Anthony

    I have to admit when I first heard pat was going to the rays..I was upset for two reasons…1 he was no longer a phillies and 2 he was going to a team we beat to win the world series. It makes me feel good to see that he still has love for the fans even after the crap that our fans put him through. We are the toughest fans to play against and play for. We let you know how we feel the second you step on to that field. Pat will always be the man, I wish you luck in Tampa and I do hope we see you in october again. good luck……………WORLD F***KIN CHAMPS!!!!!

  • Beth

    Awww, what a guy. Just compounds the misery over losing him.

  • Brian

    I always liked this guy. Even when he was going through his bleach blond hair time frame with Jason Michaels, Tomas Perez and the rest of the bench gang (when Pat was riding the pines during a crappy year) of the Larry Bowa years. It seemed that no matter how bad things were going for him, he never snapped out at the fans, blaming them for his troubles like so many other prima donna athletes like to do in this day and age. His letter makes me proud to have been a fan of his for those nine years. He’s a great guy and my family and I will miss him alot. We’re wishing nothing but the best Pat, good luck and God Bless.

  • Chris

    No, Pat … thank YOU.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    It was a hell of a lot classier than this thank-you ad.

  • How do you spell retard?

    Who knew the Bat was an expert calligrapher?

    /no doubt this was written on the pooper of some Tampa coed

  • Melody

    You are more then welcome. Thank you!!!!!!!
    I will miss you!

  • Dr. Jim

    Not a surprise at all. I know it’s a business and all that, but Pat really deserved better from the organization.

  • sally

    Class guy. Class act. Always tried his hardest, even if the results didn’t show it. I wish him nothing but the best.

  • GoM’s

    He’s classier than any of you deserved. Not that rays fans are any better.

  • Jay

    Wow. Somebody listens to the national media. ^ I thought this letter proved how much of a pussy crybaby Donovan McNabb really is and freed us all from the “evil fan” label. I guess in other cities they praise their players for striking out or throwing interceptions when you’re down by three in the super bowl with less than two minutes left.

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