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Pat Burrell tells the Giants to buy Utley jerseys for their families
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(Simpler times, when Pat Burrell would show young boy scouts his wood. GETTY IMAGES!)


It is true though. Pat Burrell’s San Francisco Giants teammates asked the former Phillies LF for some advice to give the family members who DARE come to Philadelphia to cheer on their father/husband/sibling/cousin at CBP this weekend (via some magazine that used to be relevant when I was younger*:

“Go tell your family to buy an Utley jersey. Don’t wear ours.”

Although it is good advice to wear an Utley jersey like it’s camouflage when attending a game in Philly, Pat should also warn them that practically everyone knows the opposing team’s family members sit in Section 126 and will be easily recognizable Utley jersey or no Utley jersey.


*I don’t hold any grudges or anything

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Pat The Bat! Now that’s a classy guy. Classy guys play golf and Pat will be doing just that, before he knows it!

  • Phylan

    If you boo Pat Burrell you basically support terrorism and female genital mutilation

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    He’s like McNabb. When he comes in he’ll get a standing O. But if he hits a 2 run homer it’s D-Cell time.

  • Adam Eaton

    Your damn right it’s section 126. I got shot down by Garrett Atkins wife not too long ago and I will never forget that section because of that.

  • DP

    @ #3: “…He’s like McNabb…” Please don’t say that. Pat had his up’s and downs and the Good Lord knows I’ve broken my fair share of remotes ever time Pat swung at that pitch down and away but Pat’s a WFC and Mc5 isn’t. Show a little respect. Instead of D-Cell, maybe some AAAs or the little round battery watches.

  • ScottGraham

    Do not cheer this man. Pat Burrell is no longer a Phillie. He’s what Daniel Plainview calls “a little piece of competition”

    Pat Burrell = Bastard from a Basket!

  • Greenman!

    I’m not rooting for Pat, fuck that. It was all fun and nice in the regular season but we’re in the playoffs.

  • The baseball Cole just tossed away

    lets see the classic called third strike butt stance many times this series

  • GTO

    I want a battery watch. They sound bitchin.’ Can I plug a waffle iron in to it AND tell time?

    Count me in.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    I understand. I just mean “like McNabb” in the respect that while I want to see both McNabb and Burrell lose, he’s gonna get a good rond of applause when introduced. But that’s all he’s gonna get. The fans weren’t throwing roses at Donovan after he beat the Birds. I just think since Pat took out the pages in the Daily News and he left Philly on way better than average terms, he’ll get the same respect McNabb got. But he’s fair game post introduction.

  • James Fayleez



  • ScottGraham

    John Walker Lindh was an American who became a member of the Taliban. I’m sure OUR TROOPS didn’t say “let’s be nice to him because he used to be one of us.” Pat Burrell should be treated the same way.

  • That Guy

    i met him last year outside a pub on 4th of July, he is so fuckin jacked, kinda scared me lol, but he’s really cool, my fuckin friend made us sound like retards tho, cuz he thought Burrell was Eugen Sandow

    i thought that woulda made pat mad but it didnt so we survived haha

  • Greenman!

    hey it’s that guy!!!! did you bring amandah and johnny hotcakes with you?

  • Captain Awesome

    @ScottGraham: Big difference between a former teammate joining an opposing team and an American joining the Taliban. PtB is a WFC, so I say the McNabb-treatment is apropos: Cheer for him during the first intro in Game 1, then boo the hell out of him as if he was any other player. But that’s Game 1 only, after that, it’s all bidniss.

  • Steve Jeltz’s Jerry Curl Juices

    Hey Pat, go f*ck your bulldog, you no talent pu$$y

  • PHLinPDX

    “Cheer for him during the first intro in Game 1, then boo the hell out of him as if he was any other player. But that’s Game 1 only, after that, it’s all bidniss.”

    Amen man. This is the only appropriate behavior.

    The man helped us get a pennant and a ring, he deserves respect from this town for the rest of his life. But yeah, post intros it’s boo time.
    I mean i used to boo the shit out of him when he was a phillie so it’s only fair.

  • ScottGraham

    Not during the NLCS. C’mon, it’s too important. Don’t give the guy any boost or help aleviate his nerves. Pat got a nice ovation during the regular season and that’s enough. I think Pat has gotten a pretty fair shake from Philadelphia throughout his career, other guys would have been run out of town after having some of the seasons he had. H got to lead the parade and everything. We owe nothing else to this guy, he’s just like every other player wearing an opposing jersey and should be treated as such.

    God help us all when Cliff Lee comes to town for the world series.

  • Stevie Janowski

    I still want to punch that nerdy looking kid in the crowd who was cheering for Jim Thome after he hit a HR for the twins

  • FanSince09

    Who the hell cares what this Giants loser has to say. What the hell does Pat Burrell have to do with the Phillies?

    As for facing Cliff Lee in the series, let’s do a moment of silence instead of a standing O to symbolize that we’re still mourning the bad decision made to trade him.

  • maggie

    they should wear Utley jerseys because he’s the MAN! And Pat — no hard feelings — you are welcome back for the parade :)

  • Captain Awesome

    @ScottGraham: Ok, I can see your point considering he already got a nice ovation when he came earlier in the season. I don’t expect Donny Mac to get any more love here.

    Ad I pray that Cliff Lee comes here for the WS. That man deserves a standing ovation.

  • Phylan

    I can guarantee you Pat does not give a shit whether he is booed or cheered. You won’t be “giving him a boost”

    Booing is stupid anyway. Unless it’s like, Jeff Francoeur we’re talking about.

  • The baseball Cole just tossed away

    the WIP crowd really killed my MAN CRUSH for CLee

    he was awesome though

  • will.H

    phylan the only difference is.. they hear it. If you can make the hitter/fielder think about something other than what he’s supposed to be focused on.. it’s better than nothing. Most times it ends up motivating the player to kick your ass, so it could backfire. But “eva” during the series.. that had to get to him.

  • FanSince10

    Who’s this Pedro Feliz guy I keep hearing about?

  • JohnMatrix

    My wife just doesnt get it. EVen though hes a Giant, she still insists i wear my Pat burrel jersey when we get freaky.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    #26- LOL That’s my name on TalkinChop! But I’m FanSince010. Didn’t want anyone to think I’ve been a hacks fan for 17 years.

  • WorldEffingChampions

    PtB gets a golf clap. Timmay gets whatever loud vileness people can bring. Goddammit why can’t the game start already?

  • Captain Awesome

    You know, aside from the fact that they’re opposition for this series, I have nothing against the Giants. Kinda like the Reds. Now that the series is over, I have no issue w/ that team or fanbase.

  • Phylan

    @will.H it doesn’t make a difference. Seriously. They’ve been around big crowds since high school. Time and time again when the media asks them about stuff like that, they say it’s just like any other AB. They have a half-second to identify each pitch and figure out whether they can hit it, and that’s all they’re focused on.

    If you think your booing or cheering makes a difference you have a pretty inflated opinion of yourselves.

  • ScottGraham

    @30, The Giants are hard to hate. They’re a hard luck team that hasn’t won a world series, have a beautiful stadium in one of the top 5 cities in the country and have knowledgeable fans that are usually pretty classy. Plus they’re the rivals of my most hated team (Dodgers), so that gives them a boost too.

    But this series? They may as well be the Dodgers. Or Mets. Or Braves. A pox on their houses.

  • PHLinPDX

    There are a lot of giants fans out here and they’re all super nice. Even some Yankees fans are already waving the white flag saying shit like “you’re gonna get another world championship this year”. West coast babies!

  • Probably that guy


    I was probably that guy

    i couldn’t be mad at him

    until they made a comeback…then i was mad at him (but only a little)

  • Captain Awesome

    They kinda remind me of the Phils pre-2007, which is admirable. But this cannot be their year.

  • Phylan

    The Giants are a LOT better than the pre-2007 Phils, or for that matter the 2007 Phils.

  • FanSince10

    The Giants remind me of the 2010 pre-season Phillies

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    I’m fine if you don’t give Burrel a nice cheer, but I don’t see why you’d boo him. I mean, unless he really hurts us some how. We should save the booing for assholes like Rolen & Drew, and for never-Phillies who are douches like Francour and what have you.

  • Chuck

    Boo List:

    Orlando Cabrera
    DEFINITELY Jeff Franceour
    Nyjer Morgan
    Scott Barry

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I personally don’t give a care about Nyjer Morgan I think the ball throwing thing was BS. I would add Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, and ARoid to the list IMO.

  • The baseball Cole just tossed away

    dont 4get Wes Helms

  • Jess

    or Rod Barajas

  • Bobby D

    Billy Wagner belongs on the boo list.

  • Bobby D

    And Orlando Cabrera.

  • Watrick

    I’d probably cheer him a bit louder than normal tomorrow, but only in the form of a clap, when I don’t do that usually for any other opposing player. It’s not going to be like the Brett Myers night, when I just abstained from clapping-I didn’t boo, since he helped me favorite team to do some awesome things-but he was kind of a trashy person who did hit his wife. But, when I was there for Bobby Cox’s last game in Philly, I definitely chanted, “Bobby Beats His Wi-ife!”

  • will.H

    stephen drew belongs on the list too.. just by association.

  • John K

    if Pat Burrell gets booed I’m going to totally end my sweet sweet relationship with this blog

  • Lee

    I’d cheer for him when he gets introduced for game 1. Then I’ll cheer for him when he strikes out against H2O multiple times!

  • ScottGraham

    The only clapping associated with Burrell should be when he gets clapt tha clap up

  • will.H

    some of you guys have to realize.. pat wants nothing more than to kick your ass.

  • Jon Kay

    But my man love for The Bat knows no bounds.
    I would climb the highest nosebleed seats and cross the widest concourse to have Pat hammer my ass.
    If any of you louts boo my boo I won’t speak to you again. Or read your blog. So there. Now I’m off for my waxing.

  • PornoGirl4PatdaBat


    will.H says:
    October 15, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    some of you guys have to realize.. pat wants nothing more than to TAP dat ass.

  • maria

    Is that Pat Burrell’s bat or is he just happy see me?

    /necessary joke to accompany AMAZING picture

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