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Pat Burrell Couldn’t Possibly Miss the Phillies More
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Are you interested in seeing the most depressing before and after pic you will see in your entire life?

On the left is Pat The Bat, left-fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, leading the World Series parade while being pulled by eight Budweiser Clydesdales down Broad St. accompanied by his lovely wife Michelle and dog Elvis.

On the right?  Pat Burrell, designated hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays, in the middle of the pack of the “Welcome to Charlotte County” parade while being driven in a Pontiac convertible along Taylor Street all by his lonesome.

Go ahead and click on the picture for a larger version, sick-o.

’08 Burrell/Flickr | ’09 Burrell/St. Petersburg Times

(Thanks to my boy Davey Chalk from B&C for sending me the pic)

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  • Amanda

    Hahhahaahahhhahah! Awww Pat…

  • Jeffrey

    It’s not the first time he’s struck out looking.

  • GTO-Josh

    Seriously… sad.

    Look at his face in that Rays shirt. They really know how to treat a man like a king down there. chauffeuring him around in an odd colored woman’s car.

    Now look back to him on the Clydesdale’s…. King.

    I dont know about everyone else but I will be cheering for him when he gets on the field for the on deck series.

  • Lynniemac

    This is way too sad. What? They couldn’t fit Elvis in the car?

  • Joey Wade

    i almost clicked on the other picture. he looks miserable.

  • Rich

    If the Phillies had there marbles in order, they would have signed ‘The Bat’ to a three year deal and rewarded him for being a loyal Phillie and for helping out winning the World Series last year. Instead they go out and get an outsider who is 37 and from the low life Mariners and way over pay him for the 3 year deal they gave Ibanez.

    This is the only deal I think the Phillies made that sucked in the offseason and it was a slap in the face to Pat the Bat, and look what they ended up with? Pat has still got to be scratching his head why? Homeruns in the 30’s and 100 rbi’s isn’t bad by any means.

  • will.H

    rich i thought ibanez was 36. either way, seeing pat in the rays parade is like seeing winston churchill and hilter in a tickle fight. its not right. pretty nice though, dozens of people showed up to welcome the rays.

    on a sidenote, check out Rays opening day tickets on stubhub. uppers are going for 9 or 10 bucks even. in areas that actually follow baseball, that would be laughable.

  • Chris

    That is seriously sick. God damnit Amaro…

  • Fred $

    Boooooooooooooooooo Pat the Ray!
    Yay Pat the BAT (Philly version).

  • MP

    What’s laughable is that the story that accompanies these sad photos is “Rays finally get their parade” as if they earned any kind of parade of champions. Ugh. This makes me so sad. I am missing the Bat more than I thought. Cannot wait to see him at the on deck series.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Seeing that nearly made me vommit.

    Guh… AMARO! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! You did some great stuff this off season, but then you go ahead and let “The Batt” go? WHY!?!?!?!?!?! Curse you for making me hate you for not resigning Pat, and then making me kind of sort of like you for securing Ryho for the next three years. Ugh! I’m so torn…

    …Fuck it! I’m still going to wear my Burrell jersey’s at every freaking Phils game this year, LONG LIVE THE BATT!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigmyc

    And to think of all the work he”ll have to do getting together another black book….

  • bigmyc

    Of course, he’s no stranger to Clearwater..

  • Get Me outta Cleveland and back to Philly

    That is one ugly shirt he is wearing.


    I can’t get over how fucking miserable he looks.

  • Fred

    I hope the Rays enjoy his .250 avg and pathetic clutch stats cuz I sure won’t miss them! Sayonara Pat!

  • Melissa

    Aww…it’s just not right. Cruelty to Pats.

  • Mr. Bryan

    I’m not ready to write off Ibanez, let’s give him a shot. That said, I really miss Pat. Will you look at the ‘crowd’ at the Rays parade??? One row deep? PATHETIC!

  • Gaze

    Clydesdales > an Avis Rental car.

    Though I’m sure Chalk will find a way to spin this into a pro-Rays picture over on B&C.

  • vath

    btw ppl, pat the bat wasn’t going to be signed that cheaply in philly. he was in an arbitration year and being he was on a world series winning team he probably would have won his case. he probably would have been awarded over 13 mil a year by the judge. ibanez is more productive. he’ll have less strikeouts, higher average, and won’t need to be pulled out in the seventh innings of every game because of defensive concerns. get it straight ppl.

  • GTO–Josh

    Chalk is a douche. I was reading stupid bugs & cranks last night for s’s & g’s and most of what he wrote about was just plain garbage.

    I find the “Top #177 Best Rays Players Ever” series particularly funny.

    That’s like me posting the “Top #177 Best Shits I’ve Ever Taken”. Weak Chalk.

  • Albert

    While I think the Ibanez signing will work out for the Phillies, it would of been nice to keep Pat.

  • Jennifer

    I’m gonna miss him. He’ll always be a Phillie.

  • Andrew

    Patrick will be doing no more Bat Tricks.

  • Clare

    Pat is truly a sad panda in the second photo. And I am a sad panda for looking at it.

  • Kelly Jo

    Is it me or does he look like he’s eating his sorrows away? Looks like he put on a good few lbs since October!
    PS There are tears in my eyes as I write this… this is going to be a long, pat-less year :(

  • PhiPhan5648


    A very Sad Panda Indeed… the only thing to make me less sad, is maybe that episode of South Park.

  • Chutleygirl

    I keep hoping that I’m going to wake up and realize that it was just a nightmare and that The Bat is still a member of the Phillies (although I hope the Phils are still the WFCs when I wake up).

  • will.H

    fred it was all by grand design. pat was the most clutch player when utley went down in 2007 batting .420 in his absence. without that we dont rip the division from the mets. without that confindence of 2007 nl east champs, we dont enter 2008 with purpose. without that purpose, we dont make a push a the world fucking series, thus becoming the world fucking champions. bottom 7, leadoff double cemmented his place as the Bat. clydesdales followed. classic

  • D.P.F

    Don’t forget the beginning of 2008. without him and Utley pounding the ball during the first 8 weeks while Howard was batting o’fers everynight.

  • Lynniemac

    From the St. Pete Times:

    “Let’s just say it was a little different scale.”

    DH Pat Burrell on Thursday’s Welcome to Charlotte County parade compared with his last one, the World Series champions parade through Philadelphia

  • jwb

    It amuses me that anyone thinks that Ibanez is a defensive upgrade over anybody but Franco (Francisco, who’s been dead for 30 years, not Julio).

    Here’s a highlight:

    Let’s not forget his powerful throwing arm:

    Many more at:

    “[Ibanez] won’t need to be pulled out in the seventh innings of every game because of defensive concerns”
    You may want to pull him in the second.


    jwb, I think you may have missed one of my posts in December. I agree.

  • meg

    I hate you, Ruben Amaro. Paaaat —- we miss you!

  • InexileinBoise

    I loved Pat the Bat too. The Phils will miss his 86 RBI. But…
    Let’s be honest, Pat was streakier than a 20 year old windshield wiper. After all, when he got his one meaningful post-season hit, it was after an O for 13 stretch.
    Ibanez will be much more consistent at the plate.

  • jms

    I can’t even click on it. I need to go watch Game 5 again. It’s better than Pepto.

  • ill

    How come Pat didn’t give us a full page thank you ad in the Inqy like Hoffman and Sabathia did for their old teams? I am alittle disappointed, Pat.

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