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CHEESEFACE with Charlie Manuel’s doubts.

Jeff Passan listing CLIFF LEE and …ohmygod no… as the two most desirable trade targets for contending teams.


Wish I could offer some solace, but it’s only going to get worse in the coming days & weeks if this team flounders. I don’t want to get into what’s best in the long run or anything because it’s too sad and it’s Monday and ugh this stinks what happened?

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I was eating ribs and fried turkey and rice and beans yesterday and the Phillies got a big fat “W” so I’m not too upset, just too fat.

Bullpen shit the bed and Frogsen bailed them out. Papelbon blows a third save in a week. Not really concerned. Nobody’s perfect, plus he wouldn’t have even pitched if the rest of the guys could hold a 6-run lead. So, whatever. He would just be a good reliever if the team never gave him a save opportunity – 15 runs a game for the rest of the season and who gives a shit?

Saw Howard got four home, and he’s been pretty warm lately, so I don’t have to hear the nonstop arguing about the value of the guy as though the people arguing have dime-one involved in his contract. That’s a positive.

This is the part of a subpar season where you just take deep breaths and cheer if they win.

And go eat ribs when given the opportunity.

Also this .GIF:


Thanks for this one, McQuade (<– that’s a h/t)
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They haven’t yet, according to Kevin Cooney:


I’m hoping that he will be asked to join his ’93 teammates and soon, and that the only reason he hasn’t been invited is that he was supposed to be in prison this August.

Dykstra got out of prison this week, well before his 3 years were served – so perhaps he’ll continue to be on his best behavior and the team will call. If not, I’m sure I won’t be the only disappointed fan in attendance.

Lenny was at the reunion in 2003, so if there was any bad blood then, they were able to put it aside. And I don’t think his criminal record should be held against him for this event, particularly when there’s a guy on the active roster that was charged with a hate crime.

Pick up the phone and call the man, The Phillies. He’s earned our respect as a player, regardless of the bullshit he’s done lately. I want to see the crazy bastard. Read more »

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On the 30th edition of the PhoulBallz Podcast, Jay and Tug discuss the South Atlantic League All-Star events out in Lakewood, Jonathan Papelbon‘s recent missteps, Severino Gonzalez‘s tremendous efforts with Class A Advanced Clearwater and plenty more.  Plus the guys have a couple exclusive interviews with Mitch Williams and Mickey Morandini from Lakewood.

Listen above, download below, and subscribe to the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast on iTunes.

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Despite the Phils not setting it on fire (yet) this season, the home field advantage at Citizens Bank Park is still in full force.

home field


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Babyface Delco Times beat writer Dennis Deitch seems to think Jonathan Papelbon resembles comedian Amy Schumer.


It occurred to him a couple of nights ago, and he requested that one of his ‘shop inclined followers should make a .GIF morphing one into the other.

Twitterman Mark Magowan obliged him:


So does this mean Papelbon looks like Chloe Sevigny, too?

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The Phillies are hoping to keep their home game win streak alive tonight with a sweep of the unlikable Nationals. Kyle Kendrick and Gio Gonzalez will square off. Jayson Werth will get booed, hit a home run, and then say something to the media about the fans. Probably.


Dontrelle Willis (left) and Chase Utley will both be playing baseball tonight.

There are other interesting and entertaining options going on in local home stadiums tonight, too. For instance, a twi-night doubleheader at Campbell’s Field with Dontrelle Willis starting game 2, and Chase Utley rehabbing in Reading. Read more »

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