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Padres’ Michael Barrett fouls a ball off his face
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In the top of the third inning of last night’s Padres/Rockies game, catcher Michael Barrett swung at a 1-2 fastball from Ubaldo Jimenez and fouled it right off his face. The gruesome visual:

By the way, I was watching that game to take a look at one of the Phillies possible starting pitcher options come the trade deadline. Our old friend, Randy Wolf.


  • Matt P

    Hey couldn’t have happened a nicer guy.

  • Tosten Burks

    Ya do you want Wolf? We’ll give you to him for a couple of maple baseball bats.

  • Gonzo

    Please, no Randy Wolf.

  • Rob Nelson

    Michael Barrett is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I have never met a Big Leaguer who writes thank-you notes (while he was on the road!) until I met Barrett. He’s a competitor and does a lot of good things (under the radar) in the communities in which he’s played. My guess is that Matt P has never played the game at a serious level, and chooses to believe stuff without doing his homework. Snide comments about an injured player are not funny.

  • Gonzo

    Rob, what does a “serious level” mean? Sure, he was nice to you and that’s great. That actually has nothing to do with the fact that Barrett seems to be a jerk on the field.

  • Philip

    Which is more important?? How you “appear on the field” or how you are in real life?? I would say that getting to know a person away from the field, or interacting with them away from the cameras, reporters, etc, might carry a bit more weight. I mean, I met Lou Holtz MANY years ago at a Pro-Am golf tourney and he did not have to stop and take time to take a picture with me, after signing my book…but he did. And it was not just me standing in front of him, it was him telling me to come over and stand with him, putting his arm around my shoulder and generally being a nice guy. So no matter what he says or looks like on ESPN or whatever, I will always remember the fact that he took time out of his day to pose for a personal picture with a 14 year old boy, and actually talked to me. So, yeah, Barrett may seem like an arse on the field, but that does not mean anything as far who he really is.

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