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Open Game Thread: 5/9 Phillies at D-Backs
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Phillies at D-Backs

9:40PM on CSN and MLB Network


Cole Hamels

PHILLIES: Cole Hamels (1-4) 4.34 ERA

Patrick Corbin

D-BACKS: Patrick Corbin (4-0) 1.80 ERA

  • Ben Dover

    What the shit is with the home page of this site? It looks worse than a hookers asshole.

    • mr.tug

      Ma stay off my site when you’re drinking

  • ICR

    Way to start us off Jimmy….

  • Hookmeupwithagrandfathersclock

    This game looks like it’s going to be in the shitter.

  • my beer

    why does everyone have the same picture? Am I missing something here?

  • my beer

    what Cody Ross didn’t murder us what the hell is going on?

  • my beer

    Wow seriously the Dbacks had to practice the shift?

  • chilly

    snooze…passing out now

  • Bob #HEEL

    This game was pretty much butt.

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