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Open Game Thread: 5/12 Phillies at D-Backs
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Phillies at D-Backs

4:10PM on CSN


Kyle Kendrick

PHILLIES: Kyle Kendrick (4-1) 2.45 ERA

Brandon McCarthy

D-BACKS: Brandon McCarthy (0-3) 6.75 ERA

  • chilly


  • john matrix

    this game is fucking brutal. what did they say? this pitcher for arizona gave up 17 runs in 10 innings and the phillies dont have an extra base hit off him? wow. somthings gotta give with this offense. thank goodness for so we can laugh a little.

  • chilly

    heath bellown save

  • Scaevola

    Love the decapitated TMac.

  • my beer

    what happened to these game threads?

    • chilly

      no one likes disqus?

      • my beer

        Maybe I just need to get used to it…um no it’s stupid

  • john matrix

    your right chilly, disqus sucks. i used to be able to post from my older Itouch, but now i cant, and i dont ahve a smart phone. so….but, thefightins with disqus is better than no fightins at all!

    • chilly

      yeah, i wish it were a little easier to post from an ipod touch (which i use at home and noticed the same thing about it…not working well) or a smartphone…its just klunky code i think

  • Amandah

    I’m back! And so is my gaping asshole!!

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