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Open Game Thread: 4/27 Phillies at Mets
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Shiti Field

1:05PM on FOX


Jonathan Pettibone

 PHILLIES: Jonathan Pettibone (0-0) 3.38 ERA

Shaun Marcum

 LOLMETS: Shaun Marcum (0-0) 0.00 ERA

  • AZofSNB

    P-Bone is going to kick it today.

  • chilly

    just happy the pageloads are a little snappier. i was about to offer some sort of services to fix that shit.

    so far as the game goes, i think i heard franske say yesterday wheels will be on the radio cause its a fox game. snooooooooooooze.

  • Justin

    Good work by The Heartbreaker right there. DP helped.

  • joepa

    Zomg I love the Tom Petty pic!

  • Justin

    Our autistic kid>The Mets autistic kid.

  • Justin

    The Man!

  • My beer

    Well well well we are winning!

  • chilly

    by a lot too…

  • My beer

    Dear God don’t let the pen blow this!

  • christy!

    how did the first 2013 game thread get 170 comments and this one only has 8? i’ve been a lurker on this blog for years and i was hoping for some entertaining reading :(

  • JohnMatrix

    Its a beautiful sat afternoon! I wasnt home And dont have a smart phone. Thats how

  • AndrewBoc

    Never posted here before. Just want to excitedly point out that we’ve won two baseball games in a row.

  • MPP

    Pet a bone….. I get it.

  • MPP

    And to the comments question, I think any weeknight or day game should get tons…Saturday night…eh

  • JohnMatrix

    Or.. Is it tom petty bone

  • JohnMatrix

    Again! I am so pumped this site is back!!! I missed in game threads.

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