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One Fan’s Impassioned Plea For Roy Halladay
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There are literally thousands of fan videos on YouTube, but I’d say a good 99.9% of them feature some blithering idiot talking to the Phillies from his bedroom webcam (like they’re listening or something) with absolutely no redeeming value to their rant.

And then there are the .1% like YouTube user CarlaKnows. She’s a cot damn genius!

  • Matt P.

    add underboob tag? (please let that one catch on)

  • Chris

    Notice my Halladay PS3 pic at the end. Uh thank you.

  • fuck the mets

    I’m sold.

  • Doc |

    Oh. My.

    Coincidence that the headline on the newspaper was “Perfect 10!”?

  • w

    add six-to-midnight tag

  • Philly

    well, let’s go get Halladay

  • Ant Baby Machete Squad

    Wear that bikini to the game instead. That’ll show ’em.

  • Carla

    Will they let me in if I sport the bikini??? Thanks for all the kind comments. I’ll be in section 114 tomorrow!!!!

    Go Phils!!!

  • elberto

    TMac’s tits are bigger.

  • dwhitmore

    alright carla. you might not know this, but im the self appointed best looking man on thefightins (sorry tug). facebook me and lets make it happen.

    /”werth” a shot

  • GenericFanGroup

    Carla that is COT DAMN brilliant. Congrats on the awesome body and love of the Phillies. Get that Halladay jersey because I have a feeling it is going to happen.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    shes a babe! schwing!

  • How do you spell retard?

    That’s the same way I got my writing gig on the Fightins.

  • MikeY

    OMG!OMG!OMG!…This just in from about Halladay to the Phillies

    Roy Halladay to the Phils (e4)
    (an "e4" is a rumor coming from 2 or more sources somehow directly connected to the possible deal.)

    “Ok…Not a HUGE baseball guy, but I know or Toronto and Philadelphia based fans will have HUGE interest in this deal. I am just passing this one along because after talking to sources in both cities over the last few days about Hockey related rumors I happened upon sources in both cities today with insider information that told me that Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay is likely Philadelphia bound in the VERY near future”

    I know more the like 3/4 of ths rumors on that site are never more than just that…but it’s an e4 level rumor…it has some credibility.

    Just passing it along. Enjoy

  • John

    she coulda been talkin about how the phillies need Adam Eaton and i woulda agreed with her

  • Gonzo

    Will they let me in if I sport the bikini??? Thanks for all the kind comments. I’ll be in section 114 tomorrow!!!!

    I was supposed to have a heart transplant tomorrow, but I think I’ll go to the game and search for Carla.

  • Carla

    aww guys you are too sweet!! I’m in stitches over here reading your comments!! 😉 more to come

  • Sean

    That video had sound?

  • Joey Wade

    the Phils already basterdized Tug’s number by giving it to an over-the-hill, piece of shit pedro martinez, BUT THANKFULLY 32 is retired. So go with 33.

    BUT as much as i wana agree with the hot girl, i can’t see the phillies giving up Drabek, Savery and another player (donald?) to get Halliday… sorry.

  • Gonzo

    everyone finish this sentence:

    Carla Knows…….

  • lebowski

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm … tramp stamp.

  • Waltsense

    Nice. My favorite beach (SIC) with my other two favorite things – baseball and sweet nectar.
    I liked her ….and i saw a little self-depracting humor in that thing….. whether she knows it or not – there is NO good reason not to lock Doc up and be a contender for next 2/3 years…and i mean contender as in best team in baseball. good work boyz…

  • The Duke

    Never thought I would RUB ONE OUT on the Fightins site … but there is a first for everything!!!


    I think the best thing about her is that she knows she likes the cocky.

  • themajor

    I am gonna say two things here.
    1) I have ignored everything any commenter on here said because I drank tonight
    2)I ignored everything this carla girl said tonight and just stared at her goods.
    so whatever was said I agree

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Nice vid. Nice Bikini. Nice Body.

    That being said, I would definitely do a little dance if Halladay ended up in Red Pinstripes.

  • Eddie Welch

    my buddy f*cked that chick down sea isle a couple weekends ago

  • Kruks left nut

    She’s nice but not my kinda girl,i did’t see any belly button fuzz,but i would bite her where she pees and holler lock jaw!

  • the invisable man

    @eddiewelch I WAS MAKING LOVE TO HER WHEN YOUR DUMB ASS buddy tried to doink her,ask him how my tight ass felt,my guess is good cause he didnt last long!WFC’S

  • Kruks left nut

    @THEDUKE Stop the video @43 seconds in and you can take your time rubing it out,just a little tip i’d share

  • Carla

    First time in Sea Isle all summer. Plus my boyfriend of a year and a half is the guy I’m with EVERY day…so both of you are mistaken. Thanks to the other gentlemen who wrote complimentary posts. Disappointed at the BS. Love the good stuff. Let’s talk baseball.

  • Doobs

    her tramp stamp= white trash but i would still f her

  • j_romes

    Carla is a saint. eddie welch and the invisable (sic) man, please behave or i will be forced to take your mothers out to a nice seafood dinner and never call them again

  • Bruntlett’s Beard

    carla has a nice rough living white trash look going on.

  • Dutch Dalton’s Brain

    i love the classy tramp stamp & phils bikini. Get halladay.

  • Kruks left nut

    @Carla nice plea for Halladay,this is what makes philly so great,but we can win this with out giving the farm away ,but if you keep plead’n well keep watch’n ..right Duke?

  • Joey Wade

    @ j_romes – nice anchorman reference.

    but in all seriousness i stand by what i said before… no matter what any beautiful beach babe says.

  • TC

    i heard sarge f*cked her

  • will.H

    Carla, lets talk baseball? you posted a video of yourself on youtube in wearing a bikini, what did you expect

  • Mork

    hahaha my boy actually did f her a couple years back & said she pu$$ stunk really bad

  • Tyler

    The video has been taken down from YouTube.

  • Howard Eskin

    Tyler wonder if she realized she looked like a white trash pig

  • Tyler

    Or maybe she was tired of the comments she received on the video from various sports blogs.

  • phils4life

    god the video didnt work i was lookin forward to seeing it

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Howard Eskin: I don’t think she looks like white trash at all. That being said, it’s amazing how well you’ve managed to capture the douchebaggery of Howard Eskin, and recreate it here.

  • Lori

    any chick who has tramp stamp has a little white trash in them

  • D. Whitmore

    and people flip out over HDYSR posts. this comment section is pure gold

  • Carla

    Hey Posters!

    I’m posting here, now, out of respect to this blog site and the gentlemen who write the articles on it. Thanks for the props re: my video. (And to Chris for the PS2 Halladay photo at the end!!) I never imagined it would be so “virally” spread around the Internet and that it would cause so much hullabaloo. And so much hate in the form of comments (maybe they’re all Mets fans – LOL).

    I removed the video bc of collateral effects. I don’t mind anyone I know seeing the video. The video by itself is fine. But when the video is then linked to profane and untrue comments (specifically about me at the shore with other men) there are collateral effects. Friends and family see it and the associated comments. Everyone has a mom and dad…and friends and boyfriends and maybe even kids. And I published it on YouTube for fun (sh*ts and giggles!).

    So….that’s why. I’ll likely re-publish it on YouTube soon – in the same form or slightly altered. I’ll publish (post) another video after tonight’s Phillies’ win.

    Sorry to disappoint this site’s owners and followers by removing the video. I was flattered and honored to be on it. It was cool. But I don’t want and can’t have the lies associated with me (the mean comments about being WT and the like – that’s okay. I’m comfy in my skin. And a little advice – try to use this little term “LCD”. See, it doesn’t discriminate. LCD stands for Lowest Common Denominator. And it’s funnier!!)

    All that matters in the end is kindness — and the Phillies winning. Hehe!!



  • Fat Gene

    Hey Carla do you have facebook?????????????????????????????????


    I don’t blame you, Carla.

    The important thing was to send a message to Ruben Amaro and I think we accoplished that. Job well done.

  • Watrick

    Carla, if I see you at a Phil’s game, I’ll buy you a beer, because I appreciate the effort. If Ruben saw it, I’ sure you got his attention. Of course, if my girlfriend is with me, I might have to just slip you $7 for the beer, and you would have to get it yourself.

    Maybe I should make a video of myself in a bikini…..

  • Carla

    Thanks meech! You rock!!

    Watrick, I’ll buy you and your GF a beer!!!

    F. Gene! Yes! But private!

  • will.H

    watrick, id buy you a case of beer if you attempted to do so

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Watrick: I’m not sure I’d want to see that, or not. It would most certainly be interesting.

  • Dan Gross


    I’m going to write about you in my colum.

  • Carla

    Keep me posted about when and where (DN or



  • Gonzo

    The name Dan Gross sounds awfully familiar. Who do you write for? I’m having a brain fart.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Supposedly it’s beening twittered, and reported on MLB.TV that the Phillies are incredibly close to making the deal, and an announcement could be made within 24 Hours. Dunno if it’s true or not, don’t have MLB.TV, but here is the Twitter link.

  • Watrick

    He took over Stu Bykowski’s column. Gossip stuff. Who ate where, what kind of toilet paper they used, what you missed out in your boring life by not being somewhere else the other night type of stuff.

  • Gonzo

    Ohh yeahh… If I read newspapers, I would read his all day. I love gossip stuff, especially TMZ.

    Hey Dan, you should try to get on Harvey Levin’s payroll.

  • Sarge

    I have a hunch that this young lady is not too bright.

  • Tug Haines

    What kind of cockbags shit on a girl for wearing a bikini? Fuck you guys (who do so). Thanks to you, I missed the video. Fuckers.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @TH: Like I said. People who attacked Carla are just reacting to their inner inferior instincts, that whenver they see a hot girl, their little penises shrivel up, and they resort to throwing stones at it to make it go a way. It’s all an attempt by them to feel less inadequete.

  • Larry

    Comments are classic on here

  • Dan Gross

    Gonzo stay out of monks this weekend. lol

  • Tyler

    Too bad Dan Gross can’t spell. I believe it’s “column”.

  • Carla

    Off to the game!!! I’ll be in Section 114!!! For all you haters – please come up and intro yourself (I’ll be with my boyfriend! You can size him up to see if you want to make these comments to my face! Hehe!!)

    All you kind blog posters – maybe we’ll buy you a beer!!!

    Fun stuff here at The


    P.S. Dan and Gonzo – be nice to each other!!! I’m guessing Gonzo…’re the Inquirer columnist. Love both of your writing!!


  • TheRealDanGross

    The Dan Gross who posted above is not me. A friend just told me I was being impersonated. I’m not sure if the Gonzo who posted here is the Inky columnist or not. Sadly, I didn’t get to see the video before it was removed.

  • Gonzo

    I think I’m going to change my name. I am NOT the writer for the Inqy. Sorry Dan. But now I know where to stalk the real Gonzo!

  • Tug Haines


  • Watrick

    Cards got Holliday. He still hasn’t been safe since 2007, but whatever, he’s a Card now. Looks like people are starting to move.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Gonzo: I’m sorry dude, but when I saw Carla make the Inqy mistake, just like so many other people have, I laughed histerically.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Ugh… the rumor I heard earlier about the Phils being close was just shot down. Apparently, it’s not as close as we’d all like.

  • Gonzo

    haha no worries, Swift. I’m used to it by now. I’m waiting for the real Gonzo to come over here and ask WTF is going on… lol

  • Watrick

    Yeah, but you would have more readers a day than he would, still.

  • Watrick

    76! Like my boys across Pattison!

  • Tug Haines

    I vote Gonzo change his name to “Stinky Wizzleteats.”

  • Gonzo

    I’ve thought about going back to blogging again. Just seemed like work, rather than fun.

    And Tug, i’m gonna say I LOVE that nickname, because if I hate it, then you will stick me with it (reverse psychology).

  • Tug Haines


    then how about The_REAL_Shaq?

  • Brandon

    @Tug: I too missed the video and missed her trade talk.

    But I’m not so sure I’m willing to give up all of these guys.
    “Ed Price of AOL FanHouse hears that the Jays are considering trading Halladay to the Phillies for Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jason Donald and Lou Marson. However, no deal appears to be close.”

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Brandon: If that’s the deal, Drabek/Taylor/Donald/Marson for Halladay, I pull that trigger in a heartbeat. We get to keep Dom Brown, and we get to keep a part of our rotation now, and one of our two best future prospects, Happ.

  • John


  • Brandon

    My only thing is Marson is their future catcher, not Ruiz or Bako. And I’d love to keep Taylor and Brown. But I know they can’t keep them all and when this trade happens might excitement will greatly outweigh my second thoughts.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Brandon: Marson could be the future catcher of the Phils, it’s not a guarentee. That, and Chooch might not be the best bat in the lineup, but he’s definitely the best defensive catcher of the franchise, and probably the best caller of the franchise. When you have four guys that have over 20 Homers, you don’t need to have big-bats all the way down the order to be succesful. Taylor is getting old, and he needs to make his MLB debut soon, so I say trade him somewhere, where he can be succesful early. We also have Dom Brown in the Pharm, and he’s a lot younger, and has a better upside to him.

  • Brandon

    You win haha. Maybe I’m just trying to come up with ways that make me reluctant for this trade but I don’t know why. For the first time in awhile they have the prospects to trade so why not go get him.

  • D. Whitmore

    i want drabek on this team. no iffs, ands, or boners about it

  • Watrick

    Andy Martinez, or who ever it is that blogs about the Phillies at the Inky is reporting the Blue Jays want Drabek, Happ, and Brown. I’m hoping this rain delay doesn’t make us miss seeing Happ against an actual winning team, that isn’t the Red Sox and Beckett on his knees (blowing a game).

  • Dave Murphy

    I would give Carla some high cheese.

  • Dan is Gay

    wtf no video!!!! Figures this chick would like Dan & Gonzo’s writing. Dan stop Banning me from

  • PhiPhan5648

    What is it with theFightins and peiple using names of well known columnista, and phillies beat writers.

  • Watrick

    Well, JA Happ against teams with a winning record: 1-1.

  • LifeLongPhilsPhan

    It’s back, here:

    How could Amaro resist! Forget buying something from the team store…. That’s the best Phillies apparel I have ever seen!

  • Tug Haines
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