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No Wonder Sergio Romo Slipped on the Mound
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DK Jr., quit interfering with the baseball game!

  • maria

    ZOMG, I freaking love watching people fall. I expect a .gif tomorrow morning.

  • Adam Eaton

    BAWAHAHAHAHAHA Blanton left and banana peel on the mound yesterday.

  • Jay

    Can someone please put the Scoopy Doo and Shaggy running in place jingling sound effect over the video of him slipping and falling?

  • will.H

    this is what we’re doing all fucking weekend.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    This is genius.

  • PhillyPhanInIthaca


  • bigmyc

    The Bridge to Lidge is alive and well! Hel-lo Blast from the Not So Distant Past!

  • Ryan Madson


    How fuckin lights out was i tonight?!!!!

    FUCK YEAH BOYS!!!!! back to The Bank!!!!!!

  • PHLinPDX

    “cliff hamels”

  • Swift

    It’s going back to Philly… Philly… Philly…

  • maria

    New life tonight. Definitely need that day off tomorrow.

  • Brandon

    Whoomp there it is!!!

  • Sundar

    Remember that scene from Dazed n Confused when little lincecum got his ass paddled?

  • will.H

    brandon’s on board.

  • MikeY

    LOL…Mario Kart is the shit.

  • Sundar

    I wasn’t on the last board but, please god tell me someone was talking about the drag queen San Fran trotted out for “God Bless America.” That was just special

  • Greenman!

    LOL nice!

  • tonrey


  • will.H

    god bless america lady had a fucking gingerbread town on her head. what a weiner

  • Derek

    Playing this with the biggest shit eating grin on my face ever right now. I have faith in this team. We’re going to steal it.

  • Cho Cho Chooch Train


    EPIC! Watched 2 minutes of it and now cannot sleep. WOMP!

  • Greenman!

    gonnnna fly nowwwwwwwwwww!

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Halladay has a pulled groin.

    Which means he’ll be ready for Game 6, if need be.

  • Greenman!

    man we played so well we made the Giants look like… the Giants…

  • JAL88

    Doc is a monster playing with a minor groin pull

  • Chase Mutley

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    Had to DVR the game. Almost caught up with real time, but didn’t quite make it (which means listening to Buck and McCarver the whole time, blech)

    That was sort of an ugly game, but a win is a win!

    I feel really good about bringing this back to Philly!

  • Captain Awesome

    Somebody PLEASE post a gif of the Burrell mouthing off and Halladay giving him the epic death glare.

  • Ricky Otero

    I was really surprised to see you listed DK Jr. correctly.

  • dmac

    My Super Mario Kart jokes are nothing if not accurate.

  • Brad Lidge


    He’s running up and down the stairs that are next to the plane while we’re waiting to board.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    PS – The MarioKart picture is sublime. Thank you so much.

  • Senor Octubre

    Halladay… Too Legit to quit

  • Section118

    Better better see the .gif

  • BD

    todd zolecki is saying that halladay pulled his groin in the second thats why he didnt have his best stuff

  • Pat Burrell

    Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to yell at Doc but no one gets there groined pulled before me. Ask Jayson Werth

  • The Elevator Tower at the Vet that withstood the Vet Implosion for ten or so seconds and then proceeded to fall over

    I love all of you people.


  • AnimaniacZero

    Buster Posey: “I see what you did thar.”

  • Natalie

    I second the request for all Halladay Epic Death Glare gifs, please.

  • Coal Hummels


    that was EPIC!!!!

  • Pat Burrell

    What the difference between a bitch and a slut? A slut will sleep with anyone and a bitch will sleep with anyone but you!!!

  • J

    Doc Halladay <3

    AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we want a GIF of Utley's superman catch!

  • Pat the Bat


  • Tim Lincecum

    Sorry I didn’t pitch too well guys. Last night Buster and I went to a party at the moon tower.

  • Nick Swisher

    Im back…I was wiping the excess jizz off my chin….what did I miss?

  • Brian X Wilson

    Hey dudes, I’m ready for my Halloween debut as, Blackbeard the Ass Pirate.

  • Pablito Sandoval

    Hey, hey, hey. Where’s the buffet?

  • Gabrielle

    I had a joygasm of updates on my Facebook, I didn’t think to come on here….it’s nice to see not one troll as of 45 comments deep…

  • Gabrielle

    errr….49 comments?

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @48- They are lurking in the shadows I’m sure.

  • will.H

    i want to hear more about joygasm’s on face.. book

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    will.H you are a man after my own heart.

  • Tim McCarver

    Joe, If you read Pat Burrell’s lips as he’s staring at Doc Halladay, he’s clearly saying “Hey Roy do you want to watch the 49ers play the Carolina Panthers at 1:00 on Fox?”

  • will.H

    dubee, i guarantee you Pat Burrell has banged someone in the heart

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?
  • Tim McCarver

    Sometiiiiiiiimes, when the pitcher pulls his groin, he experiences pain.

  • will.H

    thats one of the funniest pictures i’ve ever seen. perfect

  • PhillyPhanInIthaca

    Someone PLEASE get a “Y’KNOW” counter video on Werth’s postgame interview with MLB Network’s Matt Yallof. It had to be at least 15.

  • Patrick Burrell

    Ever notice how there were new waitresses at mcfaddens all the time? It’s because I went through them like water. Hot, sexy water.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    WOW! I am amazed that Doc can continue to add to the Resume of Awesomeness. 5 fucking innings in the rain with a groin pull and he still outduels Lincecum in a must win game.

    With every game Chris’s Superman photoshop fits more and more.

  • maria

    Dubee, the man, the myth, the legend went 6 innings. I hope it’s not too serious. We’re going to need him for game 1.

  • Pizza Bagel

    How clutch of a performance was that? In the rain, pulled groin, and he still whips the kid. I mean, really, he could tie a hand behind his back and close one eye, and still throw a great game.

  • Bozo

    What. A. Game. I’m still trying to calm down. Hope Doc is ok, we need him.

  • Dutch in the Squat

    In my case, there is no such thing as a “minor” groin pull.

  • Bill Jerdon


    Matt rossi?

  • Maera

    I bet one of the Giants fans with a broom said, “Don’t worry, guys. We’ll sweep them in Philly.” after the game.


  • chen


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