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No. Questions. Asked. Victorino Slams Sabathia.
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I just returned from the Phillies game.  My voice is shot, my body is filled with unhealthy toxins, and I need some rest.  I’ll certainly be back tomorrow with a bit more analysis, but for now I’ll leave you with this…

By request, Shane Victorino’s Grand Salami with Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen of WPHT 1210 am on the call.  No questions asked:

After the jump, our little fast-talking hero speaks.

  • yellowbird


  • John

    wait, whos randy?

  • maria

    yeah, who the fuck is randy? He’s so cute.

  • Lynniemac

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the radio call. I may go cry now.

    Also, Randy is my favorite player.

  • How do you spell retard?

    Yeah, theres amad ladies in theis post.
    //end drunk cokkmment

    Heyyy Maria, im also fromsouth jersy.

  • FuquaManuel

    Shane, I can’t understand a word you say, but I love you.

  • Tommy

    Shane is the great spokesman for fast talkers everywhere!

  • JMS

    As someone who talks fast when her ADD is not in check, I’ll get behind a spokesman like that.

  • Carl

    Randy Myers?
    Randy Wolf?
    Randy Lerch?

  • Mr. Bryan

    I thought I head that dude wrong, I was like who the F is Randy? Johnson?? Wolf?

  • maria


    south jersey’s a good place to live; there’s practically a Wawa everywhere you go.

  • How do you spell retard?

    I have a bad relationship with Wawa, a it was a Wawa parking lot that I was pulled over in once. But I love the South Jersey low humidity (I’m goin’ to school in North Jersey, mad humid).
    Plus, there’s no Rita’s Water Ice up here; I gave a homeless guy in NYC a Rita’s Cool Card and he didn’t know what Rita’s was.

  • La Di Da

    Randy Myers, former Reds “Nasty Boy”
    Easy mistake.


    I’m willing to bet $100 that David Aldridge has absolutely no idea who Randy Myers was/is.

  • maria

    Don’t let one bad experience ruin them all.

    Just don’t get Wawa gas; I hear it’s actually water.


    HDYSR i work at rita’s and never though of giving a homeless man a cool card, nice gesture

  • Joe

    I wish Harry was behind the mic for that classic.

  • Lynniemac

    Obviously, Aldridge is referring to former Phillie utility-everything Randy Ready.

  • Doug

    Shane Victorino is the real-life inspiration for Boomhauer on King of the Hill.

  • UFC

    congrat’s from the UFC buddy

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