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NLCS Game 5 Recap: Phillies 4, Giants 2
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There are gutsy postseason players, and then there’s Roy Halladay, whose performance in Game Five of the National League Championship Series – all on a balky groin – helped push the Phillies past the Giants and the series back to Philadelphia.

His outing, which saw him give up two earned over six, never had the look and feel of a typical Doc start (that is to say, he didn’t dominate the hitters), but was good enough to keep the Giants’ bats at bay, while the offense put up just enough runs to avoid the series loss.

According to Todd Zolecki, Doc felt the pull in the second inning, but was able to gut it out the rest of the way. It certainly explains his lack of velocity, command, and perennial dominance that is normally on display during one of his starts.

But The Ace gutted it out over six innings and ended with a flourish, as he struck out two in the sixth inning to stymie a Giants rally.

The Phillies’ offense, which showed signs of life during Game Four, came alive in the third inning against Tim Lincecum, wen they strung together three hits to score three runs, with the big blows coming on a two-run error from Aubrey Huff, followed by an RBI single from Placido Polanco to make it a 3-1 Phillies lead. Jayson Werth added a huge insurance run in the top of the ninth when he blasted a solo shot over the high wall in right field.

The Giants would add another run to the line of Halladay, but were held in check for the rest of the night by the Phillies bullpen, who tossed three shutout innings, including a pair of perfect frames from Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge.

One night after a heartbreaking loss that pushed their backs up against a wall, the Phillies once again rallied behind Halladay to keep baseball alive for at least one more game, while simultaneously illustrating just how great of a pitcher Roy Halladay is. He battled for the final five innings with an injury and a lack of control and velocity, yet still had enough to keep the Phillies alive. It’s a sight to behold.

The series returns to Philadelphia on Saturday, when Roy Oswalt, who allowed one run over eight innings in Game Two, will match up again with Jonathan Sanchez, who was wildly effective over seven innings, where he allowed two runs on five hits and three walks.

Roy Halladay (W, 1-1) allowed two runs on six hits and two walks. He struck out five.

Placido Polanco went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Jayson Werth went 1 for 4 with a homer (2) and an RBI.

Raul Ibanez went 2 for 4 with a run.

Brad Lidge (S, 1) struck out one in a perfect ninth inning.

Tim Lincecum (L, 1-1) allowed three runs (two earned) in seven innings on four hits and a walk. He struck out seven.

Andres Torres went 2 for 3 with a run.

Pat Burrell with 1 for 4 with a double (2) and a run.

Cody Ross went 1 for 4 with a double (2) and an RBI.

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  • Giants fan’s underpants

    I think I have a little shit on me…

  • Useless From Hawaii

    Game 6: Leading off, #11 shortstop Jimmmmmy Rolllllins

  • SanchezbettersuckOswaltbetterrock

    I don’t like having to face Sanchez again. That guy still owns us….

  • Bozo

    What a job by Halladay to pitch while injured. Hope he is ok, we will need him.

  • Mark M.

    I need this day off. No clue how athletes handle this. The Doc thing is just incredible.

  • Giants Public Address Announcer

    Please rise and remove your hats for the singing of “God Bless America”-
    Performed tonight by an overweight woman impersonating a drag queen while balancing a parade float on her head

  • Carl_P

    Anybody have any kind of screencap of Halladay getting hurt vs Posey/Ross? I’m questioning whether it really happened during the game or if he had it before the game….

  • Bill

    Doc is the man… this is from the CSN story about his groin pull

    Manuel said that he and the trainers “kept confirming [the injury]” with Halladay in between innings. After the game, the Phils’ manager asked Halladay when he would be ready to pitch again.

    “I was kidding with him,” Manuel said. “I said, ‘When are you going to be available — next year?’ and he said, ‘Five days.'”

  • Moose

    I’m such a dick head. I was so stressed during the game I said Halladay had been mediocre this postseason outside of the no hitter. Dude basically pitched sans genitalia. This dude is beyond amazing. Can you forgive me Roy?

  • Griswold

    My hat is off to Madson and Lidge. Madson struck out Butthead, Pat “your pussy’s jealous” Burrell, and Fuckface. And a good 9th from Lidge. The idea of Oswalt and Hamels going 7+ innings while allowing little to no runs is giving me goosebumps. Our offense looked good today, Howard needs to stop the golf swings and Utley seems to be breaking out of his slumo. Dunno what’s wrong with Chooch. Hopefully the offday benefits them and ruins the Giants. Lets do this boys

  • Griswold

    Kung Fu Hippo

  • Tyson

    No mention for Ryan Madson striking out the side in the 8th?

  • Griswold

    Striking out the meat of their order nonetheless

  • KruksLeftNut

    Pretty sure the LOLSanchez will show up on Saturday, good for at least four walks and two runs on wild pitches.

    Then they can bring in Oliver. Between Oliver Perez and that guy, anyone named Oliver should really just stick to playing the outfield from now on, as far away from the mound as possible.

  • Keegan

    Dude. You guys are dead on.

    We got the momentum. The Giants had home field advantage and a chance to win it all at their park.

    They failed to do so.

    Now we go Back to the Bank. The place where our players thrive. Roy0 hasn’t lost a game there, as if you need to be reminded, and its all Hamels knows.

    Our players know what to do. The time is now.

    The only one who worries me is Cain, bcause we got absolutely nothing off of him. But if it’s Game 7, we’ll do exactly what we need to.

    If anything about what might happen gives me chills, it’s Cole Hamels’ redemption story. A year ago he was wait for shit to be over and done with and we were screaming to get him out of Philly.

    Now, in an epic bounce-back career season, he has the opportunity to pitch us into the World Series.

    Hollywood couldn’t write better stuff. And Hollywood himself has the pen to do it.

    Phillies in 7.

  • kanga

    Is it definitely going to be Oswalt then Hamels? Or would they give Oswalt game 7 after pitching last night?

  • Griswold

    Consider Oswalt’s appearance in game 4 an extended bullpen session. he will pitch game 6. I am not worried about Cain. You can bet your sweet ass that this entire giants team is going to be heckled to kingdom come by our fans, I expect them to be heckled even worse than the mets, because I HIGHLY doubt that I’m the only Phils fan on here that has realized how much he fucking hates every single goddamn player on the giants. 2 outs in the 9th, no men on base, game 7, Phils up by several runs, cody ross or fat bastard panda step up to the plate, bean him in the fucking head. i’ve said my peace, now it is time to sleep.

  • Greenman!

    soooooooooooo fucking pumped/nervous for saturday. PhaninChicago going to Mad River? I think I need to even if we win or lose. Can’t sit at home watching.

  • Del

    Can someone tell Victorino he is not a switch hitter because he is brutal from the left side of the plate

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    I’m not sure yet greenman. As of now, I’ll be watching from the friendly confines of my home with good beer in hand and either a pizza or a steak. I feel I need to save my next Mad River experience for the WS clincher! As weird as it sounds (yeah, it’s weird), your more than welcome to join me, as my wife would probably enjoy not having to listen to me talk to myself and the TV over the course of the game.

  • Maera

    This game was nerve wrecking but the win felt good. It’s nice to see that even when Doc isn’t at his best we can still win a game and that the bullpen is solid.

    Loved that Halladay released the death stare on Burrell after he whined to the ump after that called third strike and when Burrell opened his crude mouth Doc just continued to stare. I’d hate to be on the wrong side of that stare.

    I’m not worried about Roy O. pitching. He’s definitely proven he’s gonna do what it takes to win. If the offense doesn’t give him run support he’ll just get it for himself. Still in love with his game two performance and that slide into home plate. Playoff pressure is old-hat for Oswalt. We’ll see how Sanchez handles it.

  • Beth

    Have tix for both Sat & Sun. Will be giving it to Pat. Had still been his booster up until now, but nobody talks shit to my Doctor. Can’t wait to get out there and back up our boys.



  • Howard Eskin’s Kneepads

    Pat the Bat, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver???? I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m going to give them a verbal hug that would make Mike Sweeney blush.

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    Doc is God.

    That is all.

  • will.H


    fuck sanchez. dude has no idea what’s about to happen in game 6 of the LCS.. on the road.

  • JayKay

    Can we get a .gif of Werth gunning Cody Ross at 3rd base???

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    @25 – Doc spelled backwards is God.

  • Natalie

    Man, it all feels so possible now.

  • Joe D

    Sorry if it’s already been asked for but will we be getting a .gif of Doc’s stare. That shit would set Iraq straight.

  • Melliw

    So pumped. Wearing my Doc jersey at work and strutting around smiling. However, I was still a fan of Pat the bat until yesterday. Over that guy. What a tool. He’s just the enemy now.

    Go Phils!!

  • chen

    I admit, I was rattled after gm 4, but I NEVER GAVE UP ON THEM.

    If you did, shame on you.

    Go Phils

  • JayKay

    Pic of Doc’s stare from the dugout after Burrell’s bitching:

  • Joe D

    Doc was burning souls with that stare last night. The guy had to reinvent his delivery mid-game because of the groin strain and his ball was still dancing.

  • Joe D

    Also, Mad Dog was pounding the outside corner with that cut fastball like it was a dude’s asshole in the Castro.

  • Mookey

    If the Giants’ past is any indication, going to Philadelphia with a 3-2 lead in the NLCS is not necessarily good news.

    Twice in their San Francisco history, the Giants led a best-of-seven postseason series 3-2 when they headed out of town—and lost the last two games to get eliminated both times.
    In the 1987 NLCS, they went to St. Louis and didn’t score a run, losing 1-0 and 6-0.

    In the 2002 World Series, they went to Anaheim, blew a 5-0 lead in Game 6 and lost 6-5, then dropped Game 7 by a 4-1 score.

    As the New York Giants in 1924, they also messed up a 3-2 lead, going to Washington and twice getting beaten by the Senators.

  • Burrell

    I’m sorry Roy….I’ll never yell at you again. I suck ass and you are the fuckin best. How dare I do that to you



  • Burrell

    @ Mook So what you are saying is the Giants suck balls when the pressure is on?

  • Curt Schillings Bloody Sock

    Man, Roy’s groin was more impressive than myself.

  • James Fayleez

    Mad Dog was awesome. Lights Out got it done. Halladay on 1 ball is still better than Blanton.

    Utley/Howard please take extended fielding and BP today and tomorrow. You two are brutal so far.

  • Doc

    I pulled my cox, but I’ll be able to go next Wed gm 1….just watch

  • madDog

    Did you see my cutter last night……these fools didn’t stand a chance, hahahaha!

  • Mikey Miss

    Hi guys. I would like to talk Eagles Football with you. Today on Sound Off! The most exciting segment in radio.

  • Doug Glanville
  • Joe Blanton

    Doc did that on a pulled groin? Big deal, I did it on pulled pork.

  • madDog

    @45 HAHAHA!

    I just spit my coffee on the computer…..funny sheat

  • mudflap

    I say the most awesomely awesome thing I have ever seen was Werth throwing that ‘lil shit dick Cody (my mom should have had me aborted) Ross out at third base from right field. That was a real game changer.

  • mudflap

    Thanks JayKay at #33. I just set that pic as my desktop background. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe D

    True mudflap….that throw was nasty. He didn’t even have his momentum completely behind it. He basically threw it flat footed. That’s the stuff that makes a straight man hard.

  • Jesse Jackson

    Keep hope ALIVE!

  • blaqjaq

    The Giants have scored their last run of the series. The next 2 won’t even be close.

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