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NLCS Game 3 Recap: Giants 3, Phillies 0
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Cole Hamels was unable to replicate his NLDS performance, as the Philadelphia Phillies fell to the San Francisco Giants in Game Three of the National League Championship Series as the N.L. West Division champs take a 2-1 lead in the best of seven series.

The Phillies were rendered punchless by Giants starter Matt Cain, who held them scoreless over seven innings. Despite putting a handful of runners on in the early goings, the Phillies were unable to get that one big hit to get them on the board.

The Giants fared better against Hamels, who allowed a pair of two out RBI singles in the bottom of the fifth off the bats of Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff to give San Fran the 2-0 lead. They would add another run in the bottom of the sixth when Freddy Sanchez’s two out liner was misplayed by Chase Utley, which allowed Aaron Rowand to score from second base.

It was all the offense the Giants would need, as a pair of relievers combined with Cain to shutout the Phillies in a playoff game for the first time since 1985 to give them a 2-1 series edge heading into Game Four on Wednesda.y

The Phillies will turn to Joe Blanton, who last started a game on September 29. He will face off against Madison Bumgarner, who allowed two runs in six innings in the NLDS versus the Braves.

Cole Hamels (L, 0-1) allowed three earned runs on five hits in six innings. He walked one and struck out eight.

Matt Cain (W, 1-0) allowed no runs on two hits in seven innings. He walked three and struck out five.

Cody Ross went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Aubrey Huff went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

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  • maxL


  • yellowbird

    donkey balls

  • Anonymous

    Is Milt Thompson available?

  • Anonymous

    Teixeira doing his best Jimmy imitation

  • Griswold

    Fat Joe needs to step it up tomorrow

  • Captain Awesome

    I guess they want to win it in Philly.

  • muscles

    fargle bargle

  • blackinmind

    the offense needs to step up now and for the rest of the series.

  • My Grandmom

    big fat joe can hold it down
    without a “superstar” pitcher, the hitters will become the superstars

  • Greenman!

    isn’t hamels 1-1?

  • stickaforkin’em

    Fargle bargle

    Hamels is 1-0 in the NLDS, 0-1 in the NLCS, 1-1 in the 2010 post-season.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    As an aside, go Rangers.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I’m guessing they’re NLCS stats Greenman.

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    another implosion at the Bronx..lmao

  • stickaforkin’em

    @14 – it’s not making me feel better about today like I had hoped.

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @15 really? not even a little? Keep your chin up..they will get through this. As bad as I feel it does put somewhat of a smile on my face that the Rangers are sticking it to the Yankees.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


    It’s keeping the trolls at bay.

  • Del

    They need to do something. Utley has looked like ass and frankly we can’t wait for him to break out. Same with Raul. I am all for putting Frisco or Brown and Valdez in the line up for a bit if it jump starts this offense.

    Victorino should never bat left handed again, the guy is horrible from that side. Its an automatic out it seems anymore.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    So glad I popped in here before I went to sleep – I had totally forgotten to check the ALCS game.

    The thing that annoys me though is that even if the Yankees are eliminated, Nick Swisher and fellow trolls will still be here saying it doesn’t matter because they have 27 rings. And that if we make it to the WS and beat Texas, it doesn’t matter because you are only real champsions if you beat the Yankees.

    It’s not that I begrudge them their stupidity – I would expect nothing less from NY, it just clogs up the comments here when I want to be conversing with other Philly fans.

  • Jeff Franceour

    HAHAHAHA fuck all you losers

  • will.H

    Benny better play for Raul tomorrow. Old man baldness needs a day to sit and think.

    and some people need to relax, i dont even need to read the game thread to know some people shitting out their dicks. fuck this shit, it’s fun.

  • Greenman!

    I’m feeling a million times better now that I had some beer, not going to panic yet. If Blanton does his usual thing and we score runs for him like we usually do we could even it up and then Roy will surely want revenge the next game and put us up 3-2. If that works out then hopefully Oswalt or Hamels will be able to win one more. Optimism!

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


    Shitting out their dicks?

    You read The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs lately?

  • will.H

    fuckin A greenman. Let’s stop being pussies.. push this shit back to philly and rip. fuckin rip

  • will.H

    23. if thats a real book, i have to read it as soon as possible.

    if not, haha, yep

  • Bill

    I fully agree with Francisco getting a start for Raul. 0-11, 5 k’s and a game ending double play….It just looks bad. Its not time to panic, but it is time to figure out a way to score some runs…. but what do I know.

    Looks like it doesn’t matter anyway

  • Lynniemac

    will.H: I have no dick out of which to shit, but today’s game sucked. A whole lot.

    That said, SHARKTITS.

  • Greenman!


  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Sharktits pretty much sums the day up.

  • will.H

    i really wish That Guy was around so he could tell us of the time he met sharktits

  • That Guy’s Friend

    Yeah, brah. He tells it so much better than I ever could.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Man, Ron Washington looks like every guy who’s ever tried to hold open a door for spare change at 30th Street Station.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


  • GoPhils11

    Is it me or are the ALCS games so much more fun to watch? How bout putting some fighting into the Phightin’ Phils tomorrow. Utley needs to be slapped and woken up. I have yet to see anything from the Gaints, that mish mash, pitiful excuse of a NLCS team, that impresses me. They are horrible. Give any HS baseball team in America 27 at bats and I bet they could scrounge out at least one run against Cain. COME ON PHILLIES!!!!

    We better kick Bumgarner’s bum!

  • J

    Speaking of Milt Thompson, why doesn’t he post on here anymore???? I miss him.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Nick Swisher’s current BA: .067.

  • Greenman!

    he was here earlier J, we don’t really hit a lot of homers anymore though so I can see why he must get bored watching us

  • stickaforkin’em

    damn, another blowout in the bronx… 10 to 3 Rangers… LOLYankmees!

  • stickaforkin’em

    I’m actually smiling now…even laughing a little

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    But guys, you do realize that even if the Rangers beat the Yankees, they’re not better than the Yankees, because for beating the Yankees to count, the Rangers have to beat the Yankees in the World Series.


  • Jdashdog

    Woo lets take this to 7 games!!! (I have game 7 tix)

  • stickaforkin’em

    I have game 7, too. So where are we tailgating?

  • will.H

    i have game 7 too and I was hoping not to use ’em

  • SherryW

    We play better as underdogs anyway. You know, like Harry said, that whole ant and rubber tree shit.
    At the end of the day, it’s at least October Baseball bitches!!!!!!!!

  • stickaforkin’em

    Will…there’s still the chance they won’t be used…we can always win it in 6! But realistically, if we win this series, I think it will be in 7.

  • Mike P

    The most disconcerting thing is that the Phils backed themselves into a corner by losing two of the initial games pitched by H2O. Now, they’re practically in a must-win situation with their worst playoff starter on the mound, who, for the record, hasn’t started a game since September 29. Moreover, I don’t want to paint him out to be the next Cy Young or anything, but Bumgarner is very talented, not very rusty, and a lefty, which always seems to screw with the Phils. He doesn’t pitch super deep into games, but the last time he gave up more than two runs in a game was August 25. This is not an ideal situation.

    If the Phils pull a rabbit out of their hats and win game 4, they’re in decent enough shape. They’ll have to win 2 of 3, but they’ll have Doc, Oswalt, and Hamels on the mound to finish with 2 games at home. If they don’t win tomorrow, though, they’re going to have to sweep the last three when facing Lincecum, Sanchez, and Cain. I’m the one who usual preaches eternal optimism on this board, but this is not good. They’ve really put themselves in a tough situation. Here’s hoping they win tomorrow to make this whole thing more tenable.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    For all of you who may be to young to remember the NLCS of 1980. All I can say is that was the most nervewracking, gut wrenching 5 games of torture I’ve ever experienced.
    Winning was orgasmic and unrforgettable.

    if this series can become this generation’s orgasmopollooza then it is worth the ups and the downs to reach the goal.

    Good luck Phillies stay phaithful fans, Let’s get this done,

  • Jesus Hitler Christ

    Bud Selig and the Fox Executives are having heart attacks due to the Giants – Rangers matchup that will happen if the Phillies continue to think it’s June 18th out there

  • will.H

    dubee i was at least negative 2

  • Jesus Hitler Christ

    the difference between 1980 and 2010 is the excitement factor. These LCS games have been fucking boring and I NEVER say that about baseball, but nothing is happening in these games that is remotely exciting or tense.

  • Deej

    Be careful what you say Mike P, how dare you possibly say the Phillies have struggled, you must be a troll

  • Greenman!

    Thats true Jesus Hitler Christ, I bet Selig is on the phone with the umpiring crews as we speak.

  • Deej

    Anyone else think the Phils HAVE to get to Bumgarner in at least one of the first 2 innings? Even if its only a run, at least get his pitch count up there and try and get into their middle relief.

  • Keegan

    I;m just asking the Phils, if they’re reading, (which they freaking well might be, they are wearing Birdland tees after all) to please…PLEASE…win at least one of the next two games to get it back to the Bank.

    If you get it back to the Bank, my confidence factor goes up gangbusters. AT&T sucks the fucking life out of you guys for whatever reason, and you forget how to play the game. Beat the rookie tomorrow. Beat Lincecum on Friday (?). Beat them both and go up 3-2!

    Just get back to the Bank.

    Big Joe, you were clutch in the postseason in ’08. You got the stuff. Shake that rust off and take it to them.

    Uts…chill the fuck out and calm down. Be patient, swing the bat well.

    Raul…stay comfy on the bench. Hopefully.

    Gentlemen, get it back to the Bank, and we can win.

    Get it back to the Bank and we can taste history.

  • Wake Up The Bats

    Phillies get some runs and win tomorrow, Halladay doesn’t lose again, series ends in 6 (7 if there’s a fluke)

    I wish they didn’t have to make it this uncomfortable, but they will get it done.

  • KruksLeftNut

    D3: Right there with ya. Some late (extra!?) inning heroics off the Giants bullpen will be the key and some typical LOLGiant fielding would be helpful. Deej is right about SF being the team most capable of stifing Phillies’ natural strength.


  • Milt Thompson

    My prediction? Joe Blanton: 7IP, 2BB, 5K, 1ER and he’s gonna hit a solo shot! We’ll also get solo shots form Shane and Jimmy, who rediscover their uppercut swings for a 3-2 win!

  • Adamr14

    Phils somehow pull this one out of their ass… Then Halladay pitches a gem and we go back to Philly 3-2. We drop the first one at home, only because I have tickets to game 7 and I want to see another Cole fist-pump FTmotherfuckinW

  • Keegan

    Adam…that would be the most epic Hamels fistpump.

    But see, I would only want a game 7 if we were guaranteed the win. Ha.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Jimmy back at lead off for a game….

  • Captain Awesome
  • MOAB


    the fuck am i looking at?

  • Maera

    I agree that Raul needs some quiet time. I know Charlie likes to stick by his guys but he has looked awful lately. I’m not panicking and I don’t think it’s time to panic but they need to do everything they can to make sure the Giants don’t take game four.

    And it’s not that the Giants have looked great or been dominant or anything. The Phillies have just been so damn terrible. The Phillies are a much better team than the Giants.

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    This series is going 7. Yesterday sucked ass, but no need to panic.

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    Oh, and Joey Donuts is going to be a stud today.

  • Captain Awesome

    @62: I dunno, I got this from a forum. Pretty much the embodiment of Yankees fans.

  • i don’t like jokes
  • b-burg

    Have a Coke and a smile, and chill the fuck out everyone……Phils got this. 3 straight.

  • Bud

    Holy crap, everyone should read that ^^^^
    Only NY produces a nutjob of those proportions.

  • will.H

    a Yankee fan from the Bronx who has a “soft spot” for Osama Bin Laden… Nick hasn’t been around, I’m sure it’s him.

  • JayKay

    I think the Phillies need another one of those “Wake Up The Bats” creation.

  • mudflap

    Why did they not intentionally walk that ‘lil turd Cody Ross in the 4th inning with 1st base open?
    I think that would’ve changed the whole game. The Giants are not beating us, Cody Ross is.
    If this was football I would order my defense to take him out.
    C’MON PHILLIES. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valium

    Who wants some??????????

  • chris

    @62 – that was a non-fan interference call in yesterday’s game.

    @CaptainAwesome – thank you for posting that – saw it live last night and was hoping someone would gif the shit out of it.

    clowns. every single one of them. that said, let’s fucking go phils – we need to beat that nancy boy madison. coincidentally, that’s my 6 year old cousin’s name and she gets beat on the reg.

  • Kyle Kendrick

    Hey guys. Did I miss anything yesterday? I was up in Napa looking at wedding locations. Evidently, I’m going to be the groom.

  • MooseKnucles

    My mother fucking dick hurts watching this fucking shit. Ibanz needs to start sucking Cody Ross’s mother fucking chode and maybe he will learn how to fucking hit a goddamn ball. Werth needs to dip into that pussy ass hipster Tim Lincincum’s steroid laced ganja and fucking learn to make contact with the goddamn ball. Utley what the fuck???? Stop going out every night with Burrell to get your dick wet. There is plenty of time in the offseason to chase around high school tail? Keep your dick in your mother fucking pants and play the fucking game. J Roll???? You serious bro??? you’re on track to make a clutch play once every fucking decade.

    My mother fucking prediction for this piece of shit god damn series, Phillies in 7. Then we can all go get our mother fucking dicks wet.

  • Pizza Bagel

    Let’s give these rainbow-parade Madisons and Aubrey’s something to cry about.

  • MOAB
  • Jdashdog

    Meet me at FDR park! Game 7, snitchez!

  • zims666

    @68 – well said. literally just finished an 8oz coke in the glass bottle as i read that.

    but seriously, can Dom Brown play left field? please?

  • Heavy B

    Relax – I got this. Ain’t no way Giants are pulling this out.

    Seriously though, at least the offense tends to give Blanton lots of run support so I for one am not worried. Like everyone ^^^ has said, they play better as underdogs.

    Somehow fate will have it as Halladay v Lee in game 1 of WS.

  • Joe D

    Aubrey Huff and Cody Ross are the guys you want in the clutch in this series huh? Pretty pathetic. These bats need to step up. I don’t care if fucking Walter Johnson pitches tonight. It doesn’t matter if they can’t push runs across. And if I see Utley make one more error in a postseason game I’m going to call Kevin Sefcik up.

  • Brian

    Ben Francisco in left field tonight. PLEASE…

  • Joe D

    If we are hoping on hope that Ben Francisco is their savior then we have another thing coming. The big bats need to step up. Period. Yes Ibanez sucks this postseason but he’s not alone. Let’s see some guys earn some paychecks. And for christ sake criticize Utley people.

  • setting it straight

    The way this recap is written almost sounds as if it was more of Cole’s fault for losing the game and not the defense for their lack of runs.

  • Pizza Bagel

    But….He’s the man. :-( Criticizing Chase Utley is like being unpatriotic.

  • setting it straight

    and by defense i mean offense. well the defense plays offense as well. whatever!

  • Chase Utley

    The man, I am not.

  • JP

    The offense blew nut butter last night. I think they come right back tonight and even shit up.

  • Mike Sweeney

    Hey….HEY GUYS!!!!….HELLO!!!???…I’m over here, all alone on the bench. Please let me play. If you let me play, I promise, free hugs for everyone!

  • b-burg

    @80 Ron Washington would be proud!

  • Captain Obvious

    Teams that have failed to score a run in a game have lost that game 100% of the time.

  • Pitch-slap..REALLY?

    Bruce Williams – you are a TOOL. I didn’t realize we mortgaged our homes for Phillies tickets – thinking he took Mitch’s comments out of context just a bit.

    I guess San Fran needs to bad mouth Philly somewhat but this is just beyond ridiculous.

  • PhilsPhan

    Phillies need to win tonight or this shit is over, i mean WTF its the stinking Giants for christ sake, Cody Stinking Ross is beating us single handedly, walk this asshole throw a pitch at him or something. Big Joe please dont give up any runs in the first 2 innings like your prone to doing. Phillies wake up!!!! Swing the fucking bats and get some damn hits I mean who really wants to see a Giants – Rangers World Series?

    Ibanez needs to take a seat tonight

  • Greenman!

    @95 lol, thats a pretty funny article. I always knew Phillies fans were so angry because we couldn’t relax in wine country.

  • Pizza Bagel

    Hey fellow phans, please e-mail this Newman character like I just did at He’s the schmuck that wrote the article from #95. Let him know what you think.

  • Franchise

    I think we need kenny fuckin powers

  • chiggs

    Fuck I wasn’t going to do this but Biff Tannen dropped his sports almanac off at my house a week ago and I know how this series is going down. At the risk of rending the fabric of space and time-

    Game 4: 8-4, Phillies
    Game 5: 2-0, Phillies
    Game 6: 2-1, Giants
    Game 7: I’ll leave you in suspense. But let me just say this, “Fuck yeah…”

  • Franchise

    Fuck bruce newman

  • Joe D

    I stopped reading that article once I saw the Santa Claus bit. I can’t support lazy journalism. Nice try by him though.

  • Pitch-slap..REALLY?

    @Greenman! – yeah, clearly we’re classless and only have Schmidt’s beer laying around the house. Do they even make that beer these days?

    It’s called passion, Bruce. Maybe you and your city should get some.

    This goes without saying, but PLEASE Phils, just win these next two in San Fran so we can clinch in Philly over the weekend and drop these bitches already.

  • Jdashdog

    Joe D, same with me. As soon as I see Santa Claus, Batteries, Michael Irvin, etc I just stop reading. I swear there’s a template out there that all writers outside of Philly use.

    (Insert your team’s fans here) are classier than Philly fans because they do not throw up their cheese steaks on little girls. Plus there was a jail in the Vet. There was never a jail in (insert stadium name) because we’re all saints and we’re just smilies and sunshine.

  • b-burg

    Schmidt’s cans come with the following creatures on the can’s now:

    1) Bear
    2) Mountain Lion
    3) Ruffed Grouse (it could also be a turkey)

    Don’t disrespect my high-school days talking shit on Schmidt’s.

    Or PBR, although all those fucking hipsters ruined that for me.

  • Old Pee-Stained Urinal From Veterans Stadium

    I remember that jail…between piss breaks in the sinks.

  • Maera


    I thought the same thing when I read the Mitch Williams quotes.

    And the stuff about booing Mike Schmidt? From the man’s own mouth: “They read their sports pages, know their statistics and either root like hell or boo our butts off. I love it. Give me vocal fans, pro or con, over the tourist types who show up in Houston or Montreal and just sit there.”

  • bigmyc

    Schmitty was, and still is, the man.

  • JohnMatrix

    ruffed grouse is the state bird of PA

  • maria

    chiggs, I really fucking hope so.

    All will be okay today, but like I said yesterday, tonight’s game is about the offense and not Joe Blanton.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    RE:#47- My point about the 80 NLCS wasn’t to compare the 3 present games to then. It was to compare the feeling of angst permiating the threads now with the nailbiting feelings at that time. My comparison was to point out that things may be rough for Phillies fans today but if they play as we hope the outcome will be even sweeter because of the obstacles they overcame. Whether those obstacles are the giants pitching or the Phillies own lack of hitting, if the Phillies win as I believe they will it will make for better stories to share with your grandkids someday.

  • Pitch-slap..REALLY?

    I for one am with ya, DD Du.

    It is the 30th anniversary of that championship, after all.

  • Pizza Bagel

    Yanks Rule, I guess you left the stadium early last night like everybody else so you could crawl through traffic in your rat-infested hellhole, just to make it home in time to post that comment. Loser.

  • chiggs

    114, I agree. I’m not saying the panicking fans are bandwagoners or anything. But the last two years have allowed us to forget what it is to be in a tough NLCS series. The Dodgers never won more than one game against us in the past two NLCS. They were cakewalks. In each game 4 we stabbed a dagger through that Dodgers team’s heart and game 5 seemed like a fait accompli before it ever started. This series is different, but just because we’re down 2-1 doesn’t mean it’s over. To be honest, I don’t think the ALCS is over either. I could easily see the Yankees taking that to a game 7 and then all bets are off.

    In any case, I hope the Phillies continue their tradition of big game 4 wins tonight. Even this series up boys!

  • will.H

    @ Yanks Rule

    Game 4
    Yankee Stadium, New York, NY
    Attendance 49,977 (95.7% full) –

    so what you’re saying is.. just like game 3, no one cares.

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @117- You know it’s pretty pathetic when a fan from another team, who we are not even playing, comes here and talks shit..And to top it off your team is down 1-3, and have gotten your asses kicked, and if it wasn’t for the comeback 8th inning in game one you bitches would have been swept. Get a life.

  • will.H

    yanksrule, let’s use common sense.

    The Phillies had attendance problems in the midst of 90 loss seasons playing at the Vet.

    The Yankees have attendance problems during the postseason in the most expensive baseball field ever built. Fans don’t even show up when you’re good. haha, George would be proud.. this is what he wanted right?

  • will.H

    not being able to sell out a playoff game is dreadful. that’s something I thought was unique to Atlanta. Tickets aren’t in demand. you know it too.

    no matter what happens on the field, yankees fans are quitters.

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @125 yeah! whatever that means..retard. To put it plainly, and in easy context for you to understand,…it is called a come back… when you are losing…late in the innings…have shown really no sign of life…then break out…and score runs….to go ahead in the score….and eventually win it. DO…you…get…it?

  • Phylan

    lmao at the guy who suggested starting Valdez

  • i don’t like jokes

    lol “losers” this coming from a fan whose team had prime time humiliation 2 nights in a row. the umps gave you a homerun and you couldn’t even win. down 3-1 to the rangers. gooooood job buddy!!!! maybe that guy on the visa commercial will die now so he can be buried in his nyy jersey hahahah

  • will.H

    Phylan, some guys you stick with, and some guys you don’t. Rollins isn’t exactly a guy you bail on given his leadership qualities on the field. Starting your only utility guy is plain silly. So yeah, I agree. Except.. Benny for Raul.. that seems like a no brainer tonight.

  • Phylan

    I agree about Benny over Raul.

    People seem to think Valdez is anything more than a useful utility guy though, which drives me nuts.

  • Phylan

    Anyhow, I’m far from panicking. I think the Phils can win this in 7.

  • Old Pee-Stained Urinal From Veterans Stadium

    I like Valdez. He helped save our asses this year. But you don’t start him over Jimmy. Not now.

  • Greenman!

    repeat to self: I will not argue with the same troll using different names.

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD
  • will.H

    jimmy is your best infielder.. no way he sits. and enough with that bullshit lineup. Polanco isn’t suited for the 3 hole. yeah yeah you won a game.. but that’s not what got you there. You really take the bat out of Utleys hands when you bump him to the 2 hole. He takes the role serious and he becomes nothing more than a guy who wants to small ball.

    Dude with a bad back and a god damn broken elbow hitting 3rd. No. I go back to shane, dome, utley.

  • i don’t like jokes

    we do have a nice franchise. your team is getting old as fuck and your fans are fucking certifiable.

    should be an interesting game..the giant’s pitcher is 21. hopefully we can get some big hits off of him early to get under his skin.

  • b-burg

    Man, the Rangers are really taking a shit on that whole Mystique and Aura thing.

  • Keegan

    @138, definitely agreed. This team probably had the best year for come from behind wins, but that was the ebst. Fucking GREG DOBBS and CODY RANSOM chipped in on that one. That was just an all around “lets start doing shit now” 9th inning, and that’s exactly what tonight’s gonna be.

    Phils in 6.

  • baseball is good

    The ’80 Astros series was the best series in the history of sports. This series is far far from over.

    BTW, the Giants did not sell out that place yesterday. Makes me want to barf. Any team that can’t sell out in the LCS should forfeit that game. No exceptions.

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @132 gees! you still don’t get, my.. must be something in the water up there. It’s ok..I forgive you. It’s not your fault. The point is,you come HERE and talk shit, and we are not even playing you. I would certainly understand it more if WE were playing YOU. Your team is down in the series 1-3 and you still rant and rave making no sense or point at all, and I was just clearly stating with the come back line(giving your team credit) in the amidst of your shit talking that you should feel good to have even won one game with the last two being(to put it quite simply…blowouts.) You can spin it any way you like. The fact are still a dick and an idiot.

  • i don’t like jokes

    after seeing the flyers vs bruins series last year and how they came back i know anything can happen…that series was epic. gotta play small ball and hit hit hit hit HIT.

  • Pitch-slap..REALLY?

    @38 – thanks for that link. Definitely puts things into perspective about this team.

  • Pitch-slap..REALLY?

    oops I meant post 138

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    @146–I absolutely agree

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    Is it a school day off in NYC today?

  • YanksFanSince Nov2009

    How do I change my name to RangersFanSinceOct2010?

  • Nino Espinosa

    @98…I sent Newman an email. I am perpetuating the Philadelphia fan myth and ripped him a new one.

  • Gabrielle

    I remember when I used to put “ROFL” and “LMAO” and “LMFTOZIEOS294*^AO” at the end of every sentence. Then I turned 14.

  • Greenman!

    hello Newman…

  • Gabrielle

    I’ve never been impersonated before – I’m so honored!

    I wish it were witty or intelligent what they wrote, but still, yay!

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @D3 & Chiggs – You rock. I needed to read your posts. Last night I was SO pissed off and down.

    The Phillies are an honestly great team but they’re making an average-to-decent team look damn good. The Giants lucked out making it this far: the Dodgers & the Padres imploded, the Braves were injury ridden & basically stunk.

    Also I just have to say only a team from San Francisco could make a hero out of a garden gnome with a baby name who has the guts to SKIP away from home plate. I can’t believe nobody has beaten this kid up on the playground yet.

    Christ Almighty – don’t tell me the Phillies can’t beat the shit out of this team. They need to simmer down, recognize who they are & what they used to expect from themselves. Pull it the hell together & BEAT THE GIANTS! Get it done.

  • will.H

    phan stuck, phils need to stop fooling themselves and just mash it. San Fran has about as much confidence as a shitty team can have. Edger fucking Renteria leads off for this team now. He’s as washed up as you can get.. but he’s leading off for a team with confidence. Their hottest hitter was snagged off waivers… yeah, a career .265 hitter looking like some guy named Stan the Man.

    Here’s the key. Smaller ballers play smaller ball (shane, dome, ruiz) and the rest just need to fucking riiiiip.

  • Jdashdog

    Come on theFightins! Post some shit that will make me feel like we’re gonna win today!

  • New Yawk

    OMG!!11!!!LOLZ LMAO!!! BBQ!!!!

    Yanks in 2!!! LOLZZZ TEE HEHEEEE WHATEVS!!!!

  • i don’t like jokes

    blanton is gonna be kickin ass and takin names. the bats will be in full force & i expect to see phils homeruns go into the bay outside the stadium

  • will.H

    haha BBQ made me laugh

  • Pizza Bagel

    Fightins, cheer me up before I go apeshit and book a flight to SF to reek some havoc.

  • kennyPOWersDammit


  • Moose

    Anyone who continues to think Chuck should remain loyal to Ibanez (which is fucking stupid to begin with, your trying to win ball games not popularity contests), please read and understand this:

  • New Yawk


  • Good

    How about we start Oswalt in LF? He did a hell of a job earlier in the season during that marathon of a game.

  • New Yawk

    Oops forgot…


  • Tim McCarver

    Joe here are few interesting facts:
    -In the live ball era no professional Michelin man imitator has more strikeouts, wins and complete games than Joe Blanton.
    -Madison Bumgarner has the worst era and winning percentage of any pitcher with Garner and Bum in their name. He is also winless against the Phillies in the NLCS in October of this year.
    -Tonight’s game starts at 7:57 which is also the name of a Boeing airplane. And its plain to see that in order to win the Phillies will have to fly around the bases more than the Giants.

  • i don’t like jokes

    when does the lineup come out?

  • will.H

    172. if you take pieces from Giants’ pitchers names..


  • Barry Bonds

    Seriously my Gigante steroid-storage-container head couldn’t even fit in Citizens Bank Park

    As an aside, I’m glad the Giants fans appreciated my 0 World Series Titles and for ruining baseball for a solid decade and a half. What an intelligent and un-sheeplike fanbase.

  • Franchise

    lol @ 174

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @will.H: You said it. The Phillies have handed them the confidence, just given it to them. Unfortunately confidence can be everything.

    Btw, you’re really making me laugh. Thanks.

    And so is Tim McCarver (the one posting here – not the one announcing for FOX, damn it ….. grrrr, that guy – I wanna kill.)

  • Old Pee-Stained Urinal From Veterans Stadium


    Too funny. And you must have a clever imagination or too much time on your hands.

  • chiggs

    Phils seven game win streak starts tonight, bicheeeezzz.

    NLCS MVP = Chase Utley

  • YanksFanSince09

    Andy Peddit and JA Burrnett suck, should of traded for CLIFF LEE and the best young pitcher in baseball, Joba Chamberlin, should start.

  • Tim McCarver

    Joe, amazing stat last night about the Golden Gate bridge having enough steel cable to wrap around the equator 3 times. As a point of comparison, the same amount of steel would cover most of Barry Bonds’ forehead.
    Some other bits of knowledge:
    -Carlos Roo-Ease is more famous in his country than Coca Cola and ice cream combined.
    -When a left handed pitcher is pitching to a right handed batter, the batter seems to batting on the left side of the plate.
    -The record for most balls in an at bat by a hitter is 4

  • bigmyc

    Mike Schmidt’ll save us.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @ Tim McCarver: Yeah but will all that steel cable wrap around Joe Buck’s mouth w/enough left over to wrap around Joe Morgan’s mouth too?

  • baseball is good

    One of my favorite HK lines that he used often was when an outfielder made all three putouts in an inning. The K would say, “Garry Lee Maddox makes his third unassisted putout of the inning, tying a major league record held by many.”

  • Tim McCarver


    I’m pretty confident if you were able to bind Joe Buck’s mouth he would find another orifice to spew bullshit out of

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I like THIS Tim McCarver MUCH BETTER than the thimble-headed nitwit with the microphone at Fox Network.

    HELP!! Can’t we switch them?! Quick . . . before the WS . . .

  • SF Javy

    #116 and #130, what are you talking about the Giants didn’t sell out Game 3? We had 43,320 people there, which is a sell out for AT&T Park. You couldn’t get tickets if you wanted them. If you wanna rip us for being bad fans, at least don’t make up shit. It’s really pathetic.

    Another thing, even if we didn’t sell out the game, it’s hard to compare apples and oranges. The East Coast TV schedule means that East Coast teams would never have a weekday playoff game at 1:00. You guys can go to work for most of the day and still go to the game. In SF, we don’t have that luxury, so go ahead and stick it.

    Bottom line: we beat you guys because we’re the better team. Don’t be bitter that there isn’t an East Coast team in the World Series. If you’re real baseball fans, once the Phillies are out, it shouldn’t matter where the teams that make the world series are located as long as it’s good baseball.

    SF Javy

    P.S. Give my regards to lazy ass Ryan Howard for keeping his bat on his shoulder on the most important pitch of the season.

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