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New Harry Kalas Tribute Tee in the Birdland x The Fightins Shop
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Many of you have requested a tribute shirt to honor the greatest broadcaster in history, Harry Kalas. At first, I was a little leery on even approaching the Birdland folks about the idea because I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to capitalize on the passing a Philadelphia legend. But those fellas were way ahead of me. Below you will find the newest tee in our shop “Tribute to Harry Kalas” and the profits from each shirt sold will be donated to Phillies charities. Being that we really don’t make much selling these, we tacked on an extra dollar ($16 total) so we could give a little bit more.

I hope you like it.

Tribute to Harry tee | Birdland x The Fightins

  • J Mays

    Love it. Multiples already ordered. The charity donation is perfect, it’s what needed to be done. Thanks.

  • GTO–Josh


  • John

    kinda weird lookin, but it’ll do

  • phil lee

    Just heard on Sportscenter… “If you didnt like Harry Kalas… you didn’t like anybody.” – Bob Uecker

  • GM-Carson

    That’s beautiful, I’ll have to order one.

  • Harry

    Yeah guys, way to profit off of his death only one day after. How much % of the proceeds are going to charity?

  • Johnny

    Harry, all sales are going to charity. Looks great guys!

  • Johnny

    oh my bad, sorry

  • Doug

    When will the Phillies commission a Harry statue?

    The only logical place to put it, obviously, is next to Whitey in the Alley.

  • jms

    I actually ordered Broadcast of Champions, because I want to wear it to CBP this Sunday, but I am going to order a Harry one later today.

    How is everyone else today? I’m still kind of a cry-ey wreck. Then again, I’m a girl. I need to stop watching CSN.

    Oh, Harry. :(

  • Paul

    anyone know if they’re doing something special for the game on friday? i’m going to the game and just want to know if i should bring a box of tissues.

  • werththewait

    Any chance of another style shirt, like a red one with white lettering similar to the “hollywood hamels” shirt?

  • Chris

    I got tickets for Friday just because I assume they will do something for Harry. Can’t wait to wear the hat I got stitched for him.

  • Gaze

    2 More shirts purchased… The Matt Stairs one was impossible to resist!

  • will.H

    as sad as it is, the phillies should do one game of a tribute to harry in honor of his life. After that game and his pending memorial service, the phillies should move away from the sober feelings and start the positive ones. Harry wouldnt just want the baseball season to go on, hed want us to wrap up our greiving and focus on the joy of baseball.

    as for the statue idea, i think Harry the K’s in left field wasnt put at the end of Ashburn Alley by accident. I bet there will be a statue of him waving the to the fans who he adored more than anyone. I’ll be hard to fit next to whitey, so i suspect they’ll use that large open space between the schmitter stand and the scoreboard portch. Was there a harry kalas bobble head last year, or is that this season?

  • Here Come Da Judge

    Nice tribute to Harry

  • Vernados

    Is it possible to get overnight shipping. I live in DC and am gonna be four rows from the field on Thursday. I need this. You were the man, H the K.

  • will.H

    vernados some of us will be coming down to DC on thursday, is there one of us random fans can grab one and bring it to the stadium? Where are the shirts presently? phils fans helpin out phils fans.

  • ill

    the shirt kinda freaks me out, to tell the truth. He looks like a zombie.

    I say we bust out a rendition of High Hopes on thursday in the700level section. I doubt we can get the whole stadium singing it since most Nats fans won’t have the slightest clue of its relevance, but it could be fun.

  • will.H

    ill, anything to pay tribute to harry

  • Larry

    I think the next televised game from CBP should be broadcast in its entirety with an empty TV booth and no commentators. Just the sounds of the ballpark. This would accomplish two wonderful things. It would be a great tribute to our Harry AND we won’t have to listen to fuckin TMaC.

  • Mike

    That’s an ugly shirt. I’m a diehard Phillies fan. Harry was a Phillies legend who loved the Phillies and the fans. For most fans under 50, Harry is the only voice to bring us Phillies baseball. He had tremendous passion that came through every night. The sad thing is we’ll hear the same few great calls like Schmidt’s 500, Mitch getting the winning hit at 4:40 am or the Phillies winning last season. But there were 6,000 great calls whether it was a homerun, a great defensive play or a game winning hit. Those are probably gone forever. That’s why I’ll miss Harry. Now we have the Mets fan, Tom McCarthy. Unfortunately I still don’t like the shirt. Whoever designed it did a poor job.

  • SentimentalMe

    I spent the ’80s taping his play-by-play right off the Radio. Still have countless cassettes, many of which went with me when I moved around the country. People probably thought I was nuts then…. such as taping ALL the the extra innings of the Bob Dernier Inside The Parker game back in ’89….the 26-7 game… Bo Diaz’ Slam…even a Jeff Stone game winning homer in extras. Still wouldn’t trade even one for the rarest of Babe Ruth footage.


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