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NBC10’s John Clark has his own special Courtney Cox moment
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In what is easily the front-runner for ‘YouTube of the Year’, John Clark of NBC10 Sports Final and the Phillies post-game show on myphl17 fame was spotted dancing his little heart out at the Bruce Springsteen concert the other night at the Spectrum.  It’s not like he’s that hard to notice, the guy is about 6’7″ and featured on local television seven nights a week, but that didn’t stop him from acting a fool once Bruuuuuuuuuce broke into his SMASH HIT! from 2007, “Radio Nowhere” (and yes, I had to Google the lyrics).

Watch here as John gets down and shows off his signature dance moves including the point-in-the-air-while-hopping-and-singing-along, or the Hulk Hogan inspired cup-your-hand-to-your-ear bit, and he even gets a little help from a friend on the double-fist-pound-EXPLOSION finale.

I ♥ YouTube.

(Double-fist-pound-EXPLOSION to John Shabe at for the tip)

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  • theKrisheim

    not really sure what is worse here

    him wearing the bruce t-shirt to the concert or the person who actually took the time to record this

  • Crane Kick

    Oh lord that guy is the biggest squid in the city….and he is wearing a Springsteen shirt. To a Springsteen concert. Don’t be that guy. I’d say he is gay but I saw him sucking face with some chubby chick at Mad River a while back. It was like seeing a car crash.

  • Tug Haines

    Shirt of the band at said band’s concert. Douche.

  • Eminencegirl

    lol, wow. meech gets BORED when the boys have ONE night off.

    I need to add “The Boss” to my list of people I would like to punch in the face.

  • Mike

    That’s hilarious. I love the internet more each day.

  • Walklett

    The Car Ride to the Concert

    John Clark: Springsteen shirt, check.
    His Boy: Dude, that sucks we can’t sit next to each other.

    John Clark: It’s cool, we can still do our DOUBLE FIST POUND EXPLOSION! You remember it right?
    His Boy: Shit yeah Bro!! We practiced it all last night while knockin back some Zimas.

    John Clark: Ok, cool. Bro, when Bruce plays “Radio Nowhere” that’s the cue to break it out.
    His Boy: Dude, I am totally gonna lose my shit if he plays it!!

    John Clark: Oh, and I printed out the lyrics so we can sing along at the top of our lungs.
    His Boy: You’re the best, Johnny Cakes.

  • Chase Mutley

    Ha. YouTube + Friday = ♥

  • werththewait

    I didn’t see anyone else with him though, if you act like that you’re probably at a concert alone.

  • J-D

    Glad I did not see him there. Probably would have punched him in the face. Douche

  • Mas

    around the :50 sec mark he continues to sing when sadly bruce doesnt. classic awkward moment.

  • josh pincus is crying

    Nice shirt. Yeah, John, we KNOW who you are here to see.
    I like the little “hand flourish” before he cups it to his ear. And the little “act out the song lyrics” just before.
    I go to a lot of concerts and I HATE these guys.

  • Shabe

    Walklett, solid work on the dialogue

  • Beth

    First we had the Wheeler dance, and now this.

  • Jordan

    he’s having a good time and enjoying himself at an awesome concert. who cares if he looks like an idiot? these guys are always my favorite at concerts because they don’t care what anyone else thinks and they go all out and have a good time.

    i can still laugh at them though, and i’m definately laughing at this guy.

  • PhiPhan5648

    @Jordan, seriously. I don’t fault the guy for enjoying a decent concert, put on by a decent performer. Granted, he broke the cardinal rule of wearing the performer’s shirt, to the performer’s show. But a lot of people do that, a lot of people are “That Guy”.

    …and granted, I’d never act like that at a concert, feeling that if I did, I’d want someone to punch me in the face too. But, like I said… don’t fault the guy for enjoying himself, at an event, where people are supposed to be enjoying themselves.

  • Thriller

    This is just great. I already knew I couldn’t stand him and his lack of sports knowledge or abysmally douchey conversation with that FUCKing wolfman. This dude is a jerkoff, no wonder he is at a Springsteen concert. Hey, remember when Bruce put out the same album 25 years in a row?! Dont get me started.

    Clark = hack
    Wolfman = hack
    Steen = hack
    Michael Bay = hack

    Sorry. I hope every day that Vai knocks this dude out at the NBC studios.

  • Charlie P

    LOL, that’s my video that I took on Wed Night.

    I spotted him about halfway through the show

  • Stan

    As the immortal Droz once said, “You’re wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see? Don’t be that guy.”

  • Charlie P

    When I saw him outside by the Will Call Window he didn’t have that shirt on before the show. He must have bought it inside.

  • Shep Hellerman

    An embarrassing video for sure, but nah, he’s allowed to let loose and enjoy himself. Obviously a huge Springsteen fan. Personally, I never understood the concept of SINGING at a concert. You should be listening, and It always seemed to me like they just need to prove that they know all of the words and that they’re fans…. but, again, he’s a lucky guy, has a good gig for a job, and is able to enjoy himself at a concert.

    We all do something embarrassing now and then. Maybe the person who recorded and posted this will have their shameful moments shown to the world as well. It’s sad in a way that you have to worry about someone making a video of you when you’re trying to have a good time.

  • Charlie P


    I wasn’t trying to catch him being goofy, he just did that on his own. I just filmed him for a little to show my brother.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    I can’t believe he didn’t bring his boyfriend, Howard Eskin. You know, in some communities, Eskin is referred to as a “bear”.

  • The Duke

    At 1:25 you can clearly see him hack into Alycia Lane’s e-mail and check all her personal messages!

  • MJR26

    Wow, the double hump fist jam (or whatever it’s called) is some of the most homoerotic shit I’ve ever seen!

  • MJR26

    P.s. John Clark and I hail from the same high school . . . unfortunately

  • DPatchen

    The idiot is the guy who filmed this and put it on the web. Stalker. Let people have some fun, even if it doesn’t fit your definition of fun.

  • Kevin M

    You are right. Gonzalez did STEAL your work. I never liked him anyway.

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