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Natinals Series Discussion
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Stomp these f***ers. I don’t care about the trade deadline. I don’t care about what message Ruben may infer from on-field performances. I don’t care about how much certain players (whose names may or may not rhyme with Felmon Tongue) annoy you. Beat the Natinals. Beat them bad. Break them.


Pic from Nats blog Let Teddy Win
  • chilly

    i want it all this series…

    brawl where nats pitcher gets laid out by delmon (i assume his crazy ass can at least punch someone, right?)
    ruf goes 10-12, 5 hr, 3 2b, 2 walks which both walk in a run
    KK throws perfect game
    fp santangedouche gets hit in the face with a foul ball (or LA just punches him and its immediately posted here)
    nats fans are seen leaving after the 5th inning every game
    i’m drunk every game

  • john matrix

    The nats are like ivan drago. They think theyre the shit, but theyre not. Go for it, is what rocky said to them. John lannan pitches 7 strong tonight.

    • SchmidtUltra

      Lannan with 8 SCORELESS innings, and then nearly Papelblown.

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