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Red man runs onto the field at CBP, gets tripped by Matt Diaz
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During Jayson Werth’s at-bat in the bottom of the seventh at Citizens Bank Park, a gentleman (possibly intoxicated!) ran onto the field wearing a skin tight red body suit in hopes of getting tasered and garnering some national attention. Instead, he got tripped up by Matt Diaz and tackled by CBP security.

Here’s what the hero Matt Diaz had to say after the game (via David O’Brien, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I saw him come out of the bleachers out of the corner of my eye, I thought he was coming at me at first, so I kind of bowed up. Then I saw their security guy go down, and I said this is dangerous, so if he comes back I’ll try to tackle him. We had the same thing happen in Atlanta and our security guy got hurt. I didn’t want to see that happen.”

I know, I know — all you care about is the video. Well, you can find that embedded after the jump, pal.

(Original video courtesy of my boy @matt_T from Stealing Happy Hours, this crispy HD one via @WWBD102.)

  • Adam Eaton

    That’s some quality shit.

  • Birm

    Even better was Werth’s reaction to him being taken down. We should show that instead of this moron.

  • Matt

    That guy does NOT look like Reggie Noble.

  • a. samuel

    did you see me tackle that guy?

  • Watrick

    The only good thing about the video was done by someone on the Braves. Or, as Harry would call them, Bravos, which seems all too appropriate here.

  • dougie

    Harry Kalas is dead.

  • PhillyPhanInIthaca

    Only guy who doesn’t pronounce it “dee-AZ”.

    Since when is it “roo-iz” or “rahg-ree-gez”?

    I bet Matt showed those dentures off proud after that trip.

  • Lex

    Looked like a soccer move lol

  • NicciG101

    i was waiting for this video to arrive..

    aaahhh TheFightins, you never cease to amaze me


  • Chase Mutley

    @ a. samuel


  • Carmine Martinetti

    “What’s the magic number now, Carmine?”


  • Greenman!

    my cousin is an idiot

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Best part is the CBP official who simply faceplants. Way to give the effort.

    But Jesus still loves him. And all of you. And me, too.

  • Milksteak

    @ dougie: go fuck yourself

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Someone get Chollie’s comments on Redman from CSN. Gold, Jerry. Gold!

  • James Anthony Happ

    Redman! haha

    I hope his identity isn’t revealed…

  • Schmitter22

    Ricky Bo hates Marshall Harris with a burning passion.

  • stickaforkin’em

    Rickey Bo wants to punch Marshall Harris in the face.

  • Watrick

    @dougie, I know. I was just reminiscing about a phrase that used to be used, mostly by Harry Kalas. I hope you never say the same things that your grandparents say. God forbid.

  • John Matrix

    Leslie guidel makes me want to go masturbate

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    OK I am now a fan of Matt Diaz. at least when he’s in the outfield

  • John Matrix

    Someone tell Mccan that his double earlier would gave been a fly out at turner field

  • TOMMcCARTHYlicksWHEELS’taint

    moron? really? since when did TheFightins lose their sense of humor?

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    Haha, that was a little more than a ‘trip’ as it was reported. But what the Hell is with the Braves announcers making comments about the physical condition of our security people?

  • John Matrix

    Moyer it’s very simple. They are cock suckers. always have been

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    “moron? really? since when did TheFightins lose their sense of humor?”

    What is humous about jumping onto the field and running around like an asshole?

    The dude getting tripped by Diaz was humorous.

    Just like the kid getting tased and pissing his pants was humorous.

    But the act of running onto the field ain’t fucking funny.

  • will.H

    Matt Diaz deserves the key to the city.. or at least a zj. Some funny shit.

  • tofoomeister

    @Dubee Dubee Du: I actually thought about taking it out. There admittedly wasn’t much thought that went into this post, it was one of those HURRY UP AND GET THIS ON THE INTERNET!-type things. But I thought about it, and the guy *is* a moron. Level-headed folk don’t usually do that kinda stuff.

    I certainly didn’t lose my sense of humor, but at that point in the game, I wanna watch some fucking baseball.

  • Matt Diaz

    since we cant beat the phillies i might as well beat on this asshole

  • Senor Octubre

    and i will toss on green man and run around the field. and go crazy as greenman

  • Senor Octubre

    and i will toss on green man and run around the field and go crazy as greenman

  • braxter

    the guy is not a moron. he made an always sunny joke come to life! it was bound to happen eventually. it NEEDED to.

    he totally went crazy as greenman.

  • Lidge Was Great Tonight

    Glad you called the guy a moron but you shouldn’t have posted this at all. Like you said, it was a hurry up and get it on the internet thing but the Fightins doesnt need to be the first anymore. It’s the most popular and the funniest Phils blog out there. I’m sure we all saw this on Twitter or in person anyway.

  • will.H

    34, whaaaa? Dude got karate kicked by a major league baseball player. It’d be a sin not to share it with the blogging world. Just my opinion though. Where’s commenter CraneKick when you need him.

  • TOMMcCARTHYlicksWHEELS’taint

    I still don’t get why this is not funny. I’m not the type to run on the field, but I am going to laugh like hell when it does happen. 2 great face plants! Not to mention the homage it paid to Its Always Sunny. It was not a post season game and it had no impact on the game itself. Loosen up! People enjoy this site for the funny shit you post.

  • olo567
    Another angle.

    Yeah, I cheered for Diaz in that moment. Hate the stupid idiots who run onto the field. Here’s my question, if you’re looking for attention, why wear a suit that covers your face? Anyone can claim to be the one who ran onto the field now, no one knows who you are when they see you, but I’m sure any meeting is enough for them to figure out you’re a tool.

  • knee philly

    Where is the loyalty you fucking pussies, this is a Phillies fan vs a braves player and your praising him… you people disgust me. Matt Diahriaz is a coward for hitting a guy when hes not looking, and when hes not supposed to touch fans.

  • olo567

    knee philly, that’s not a Phillies fan. A real Phillies fan was cheering on Werth looking for a go-ahead run, not running out onto the field in the middle of the freaking at-bat. That person was an asshole, and he deserved to be blindsided. The guy is in his space at that point, Diaz can take him down if he runs into him like that.

  • ScottGraham

    What a nitwit. That guy isn’t a fan at all. He’s someone that went to a Phillies game simply to make an ass out of himself. This was a close game against the Braves, the team that is nipping at our heels for the division, it wasn’t a 14-0 game against some brutal team. I wish Diaz speared him Goldberg style, and he deserved a standing O for taking this clown out.

  • The Lone Filafel

    knee philly – you are obviously a blithering idiot, much like the blithering idiot in the red suit.

    I guess we should have all been soft on the Pukinator, since he was a Phillies fan too.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Diaz is a free agent next year. #justsaying

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    Props to the Reggie Noble mention

    My favorite thing in all this is the guys shoes in the picture. I mean, it looks like he’s wearing a pair of black chucks. I mean, there is no way in hell your getting anywhere on manicured field in black chucks. I’m just saying from experience.

  • Peach Pie

    knee philly, don’t be dense. listen to what ScottGraham said. you don’t do the wave when Lidge has the bases loaded, and you don’t run onto the field in a 2-1 September game when the division is on the line.

  • leopold

    Here is a clip from fox 29 with Werth’s reaction too (and no stupid braves announcers either making fun of our rotund security)

  • Abe Nunez

    maybe it was Greenman!’s “paint the town red day”, or maybe it was braves2010nlchamps or whatever his name is, just wanting to give matt diaz a hug because his team sucks

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    today we should be talking about the Phillies with a 4 game lead, or how Cole really showed up tonight or Lidge looked in playoff form; but no we have to talk about dumb fuck dressed as a Greenman rip-off (which is neither entertaining or original anymore) jump onto the field of play. I wish these asshole would just knock it off, if you go to the park, watch the damn game. this is a series to decided the East and shitbags like these couldnt care less as long as they get their 15 minutes. big props to Diaz too, def got a big standing O from left and left center for the take out

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    “knee philly says:
    September 21, 2010 at 12:34 am
    Where is the loyalty you fucking pussies, this is a Phillies fan vs a braves player and your praising him… you people disgust me. Matt Diahriaz is a coward for hitting a guy when hes not looking, and when hes not supposed to touch fans.”


  • T Mac’s Nipples

    i agree with TOMMcCARTHYlicksWHEELS’taint.

  • Dutch Daulton’s Hair

    i’m shocked deadspin didn’t post this yet

  • b-burg

    #4 is hysterical

  • thisfreakinguy

    olo567, you speak the truth. No one should be saying ‘phillies fan runs onto the field’. It was ‘some fuckin jackass who would rather him get attention than Werth have a good at bat ran onto the field.’ Nice trip Diaz. It was the Braves highlight of the game 😉

  • Nick Swisher

    so this is the kind of shit that goes on in Philthadelphia? Wow…great fans. Awesome, bros.

    I do like how none of your security guards are in shape. Shit…they can’t even stop redman from jumping onto the field.

  • Security Guard at CBP

    What the fuck did those assholes on SportsSouth say about me? I may weigh 300 pounds but I’m in good fucking shape, yo.

  • Amy Fadool

    Matt Diaz makes me horny.

  • ColleenerBeaner

    I’m a Philadelphian with season Phils tickets in section 143 (right behind left field). The announcers in the video say the left field fans give a standing O to Diaz for tripping the kid…. we were actually giving a standing O to the dumbass who ran on the field. Yeah, he’s a moron, however, none of you (myself included) seem to have the balls to run onto a major league field during a sold out game. Laugh at him, don’t nitpick. And again, we weren’t applauding Diaz (although it was friggin’ hilarious when he tripped the kid), we were applauding the guy ballsy enough to get out ther and act like a fool. Cheers!

  • South Philly Pretzel Vendor at the Corner of Pattison and Darien

    I see a $5 t-shirt opportunity coming from this.

  • will.H

    Nick, your first point is a little pussy footed. You know fans on the field happens just about everywhere.. and if you don’t know that or you’re afraid to admit it, i dont know what to tell you. Tell me why they banned alcohol in the bleachers at old yankee stadium? Dumbness, that’s why.

    your second point, i have to agree. That security is embarrassing. What if something really happened?

  • TOMMcCARTHYlicksWHEELS’taint




  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    What’s Tyler Walker doing wearing a redman suit? Silly sweaty bastard.

  • James Fayleez

    Matt Diaz is on a team full of crumblers, but for this act of humor he gets a thumbs up from me.

  • don

    Tyler’s lost some weight!

  • Swift

    I don’t go to Phillies games to act like a douchebag, and run onto the field during play. I go to Phillies games to WATCH THE FUCKING GAME!!! Maybe I’m in the minority of fans that enjoys watching Baseball. I wish security would’ve pulled out the tazers on this one, and set another example. I’d taze every asshole who ran onto the field, regardless of situation. Also, if you like it when people run onto the field, or encourage this stupid shit; then please, find a new team to supports. We don’t need you.

  • MyPhils

    Running onto the field is for homos like TOMMcCARTHYlicksWHEELS’taint !!!!

  • Scott Barry

    I’d have stared him down with my hands on my hips. You know. That look.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Leopold – thanks for attaching the link that showed some of Werth’s reaction. That’s all I saw b/c they didn’t want to show the kook. OF COURSE Wheels was on a whining jag about not giving publicity to nuts & he wouldn’t shut up.

    Werth alone made me laugh: he watched quietly for a sec, laughed; then illustrated for the ump (who obviously was interested). In showing the ump he leaned back slightly & pitched his leg forward just a bit. So we knew what happened before TMac & Wheels decided to give info. But even better than that — a split second later they began play again, the 1st pitch came, Werth swung and got a hit, as if nothing had happened. Hilarious.

  • Phillies employee

    Maybe its just me, but I was working up in the 300 level in right/rightcenter last night, and it seems like there were more idiots there on cell phones, looking for friends in my sections, treating it like a night out. I cant stand that the ballpark has become a center for social outings. Its a friggin September game against the Braves, the biggest game on the season to date, and these yuppies are up and down from their seats all night. The loudest cheer from these idiots was when that dbag in the red suit from that unfunny, shitty FX show ran onto the field. Im sick of the picnic attitude at that place. It needs to be filled with 45000 diehards this time of year.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    @ Phillies employee-

    This is what happens when you have a winning team, and unfortunately, to continue winning, we need these “frontrunning” dopes. They help fill the park up and consist of maybe 20% (I’m making this number up but can’t see it being more than that) of the overall paying fanbase. I have no problem with them seeing as how I live in Chicago and have to go to Wrigley to watch baseball where those idiots make up 80%(I could see it actually being more) of the paying customer. Wrigley is one of the worst places in all of baseball to see a game. I’d take it over SunLife, but after that, I’m hard pressed to find a place I’d be least interested in going to game just because of the “fans” alone.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Phillies employee – No argument from me. Ticks me off to see the numbnuts in the seats TEXTING + talking on their phones as if they’re all the president of the US at every game, let alone this time of year. Doesn’t anyone around tell them to shut up or shove it? These are the same assholes who do ‘the wave’ and scream. God that drive me ape. They may as well be Yankees fans (as though there IS such a thing).

    Of course I’m bothered that the first season the Phils don’t go to the WS, these same people won’t buy tickets anymore. The money from the sell-outs means a lot to everyone. In a way it’s kind of like the locals not wanting tourists down the shore. But the truth is you want and need fans who buy tickets — you just want the RIGHT KIND of fans.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    PhillyPhanInChi – Hmm, would you rather see a game in the “new” YANKEE STADIUM (where they now have a statue to George Steinbrenner – oh yes, they do) or maybe SHITI FIELD?!

    Let’s see, your choice there is: the monied iPhone business owner types who pretend to be Yankee fans; and/or the illegal immigrants who pretend to be Mets fans (when they’ve really jumped the turnstiles and are hiding from the INS).

  • Boo?! Fuck you!

    @69. I told a lady next to me once to “Get your head out of your ass and watch the game”, she was not too happy, went and told security. The security guy didn’t give a shit because when she was trying to complain the Phils hit back to back HRs. That bitch was on the phone for 7 innings planning her wedding.

  • Nick Swisher

    Well, will.H, I can’t recall the last time I saw a fan run onto the field at Yankee Stadium. In fact, I don’t seem to recall this happening in any ballpark this year, however, as you suggest, I’m sure it does happen elsewhere.

    All joking aside, I do think ballparks should take their security a bit more serious. Redman didn’t appear to be a threat to anyone, but what if someone did jump the fence to cause harm to a player? Would the 64 y.o., fat and out-of-shape security guard really be able to do anything about it? This isn’t isolated to Philly, either. New York has the same problem, although they do seem to be a bit younger for the most part…but fat and out of shape nonetheless.

  • thomasshole

    Matt Diaz is Charlie Manual’s neighbor

  • olo567

    @Phillies employee

    It was a dollar dog night, the idiots come out in full force for those. That’s why they impose the 1 beverage per limit instead of the usual two. Tons more college-aged kids, and a Phillies game is a social event even for us real fans, but some people don’t know how to stay in control obviously.

  • knee philly

    fuck all of you idiots. you have the nerve to call me bandwagon jumper when theres like 15 of you motherfuckers hanging on matt diaz’s nuts. i pray that during the playoffs a fan runs out on to the field and suckers troy tulowitzki in his polac face. i dont give a fuck if fans interupt the game for a minute, its no more delay than half-assed pick off attempts. anything that makes phillies brass look bad or embarrassed is good for me cause they deserve it for selling $8 beers and $10 cheesesteaks. stop being pussies, all of you

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