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Mornin’ Dash: The Return of Cole?
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Welcome back to the land of the living, Cole.

Despite taking the “L” in yesterday’s contest against the Florida Marlins, it was more of a moral victory for Hamels, who had one of his best starts in as long as anyone can remember, in what is hopefully a step in the right direction towards becoming the Ace that he once was (and that I proclaimed him to be months ago.)

Over eight plus innings, Cole dominated The Fish. His one and only mistake in the entire game was a cutter that got a little too much of the plate in the second inning, which was promptly whanged off the foul pole by Dan Uggla.

And aside from a pair of doubles, Cole never really got into trouble, as he got better as the game went on, and was damn near untouchable in his final three innings as he set down 11 of the last hitters he faced before allowing a ninth inning single to Jorge Cantu.

As far as his repertoire, Cole predominately featured his fastball and change up, while he mixed in seven curves and nine cutters. Unsurprisingly, he had the most success with his fastball/change, but he did have a few nice curves mixed in, most notably on a caught-looking strikeout to Hanley Ramirez to end the first inning.

So, is Cole Hamels back? It’s really hard to say. I’m inclined to say yes, as his first two performances were better than his line implies, and yesterday’s start was vintage Hamels, right down to the part where the offense didn’t give him any run support.

However, much like his first two outings, it’s too early to really say for sure. If he can perform like this for the next few outings, then I’d say that our Co-Ace has arrived, and not a moment too soon, as the Phils are embarking on a nine game road trip that is going to test their mettle early in the season. They start on Tuesday with three in Atlanta to take on the pitching-heavy Braves, and finish up in San Francisco against the Giants, with a stop in Arizona for three with the Diamondbacks.

So, what’s that everyone said about facing easy teams?

  • Adam Eaton

    The Marlins put us and every one else on notice yesterday. They are a good team in the making. That is, until they all get traded. Otherwise, Cole looked damn good and showed better command. It looks as though Cole may have turned the tide and traded in his Victoria’s Secret thong for a pair of certified Brett Myers boxer shorts. Let’s pray this is the case.

  • loctastic

    Florida’s lineup is pretty good and I was kind of expecting a fight, but I’m shocked about how they pitched against us. Sure, we had 8 on Friday, but 1 and then 0? Pretty amazing, even if you want to blame the wind for part of it.

    I didn’t get to see the whole game but Cole looked great from what I saw.. still some problems locating the curve but it has nice break to it.

    Also.. Ross Gload needs to get a start or something.. the guy doesn’t look so hot at the plate.


    2 earned on just 8 scattered hits and no walks? Definitely vintage Hamels, it was nice to see. Hopefully this is a sign of the tide turning for Hollywood.

    0-9 w/ RISP? What’s up with that?

  • Watrick

    That start almost made me forget about the doggie bag.

  • Jdashdog

    I will never forget the doggie bag. Never.

  • Watrick

    I said almost.

  • will.H

    i hate recycling

  • The Killer Zs

    Hamels definitely had the same 2008 look in his eys- like when he knew he had struck the batter out and began striding to the dugout as soon as the pitch left his hand.

  • James Fayleez

    This was start 3 of my “5 start wiat and see on Hamels” plan.

    I liked what I saw. Hoepfully it keeps up.

    And I agree with the guy above. DROPPIN GLOADS, get your act together.

  • Watrick

    Gload ain’t the only one looking bad from the bench. And, I believe, he’s the only one from the bench with a hit.

  • Jdashdog

    Fransico needs to start a few games in left. It aint like Raul is doing anything with his bat.

  • Mich

    Glad Hamels is coming back. It’s shame he had to take one in the loss column, but I’ll take the loss if it means he’s looking that good.

    In fact, I think Jimmy’s gonna put the moves on Cole.

  • Phylan

    I think maybe we should wait for more than 7 plate appearances before getting on Gload’s case. I wonder if they’d think about bringing Mayberry up for a bit.

  • Eric

    We aren’t allowed to discuss Cole until he has enough starts to create a reasonable sample size.

  • Watrick

    Eric, I agree. For all those people that were trying to ship him out after 2 starts, I think it’s just as presumptuous to declare him “back” with just one start. As a fan, yes, I’m excited, but am I convinced? Not even close. If anything, it does reinforce what some fans were saying-they knew it was in him to do that, and they were annoyed that he wasn’t going out and doing it all the time (which in of itself is a little demanding from someone, but whatever).

  • James Fayleez

    Cole gets 5 starts.

    DROPPING GLOADS gets 10 plates apperances.

  • loctastic

    I wasn’t killing Gload, just saying he needs a start or something to get some more ABs. Only after a sufficient number of ABs is it ok for me to start killing him.

  • Phylan

    You can talk about it all you want but 7 plate appearances is basically a meaningless sample size so don’t be surprised if his production evens out

  • Phylan

    That wasn’t directed at you loltastic

  • Soul patches are so 2009

    Headcase Hamels pitched a great game, thank god, and like much of last season, did not deserve the L he got. Our offense needs to find itself, and fast. Although a slow start is nothing to panic over, I don’t like that the offense cooled off so drastically and suddenly. Cole deserved the standing ovation he got, and his attitude makes me crazy but as long as he pitches well, I’ll deal with it. But really? 45,000+ on their feet for you and you can’t even acknowledge it? Diva.

  • The Killer Zs

    I agree that we should take a wait and see attitude with Hamels but I like that he had the glint in his eye and did not let the homerun rattle him. He seemed much more poised and confident. It is shame that the offense just wasn’t there yesterday. They all looked tired – maybe up watching the Mets 20 hour marathon.

  • loctastic

    loltastic, nice

  • Watrick

    I’m still so bummed that the Met’s won that game. They could have blown 2 save opportunities, but the Cards just couldn’t get that other run in. That could have been an emotional blow to them, really early in the season. I think it was McCarver who said something along the lines of , “Of all the loses these last couple seasons, and there’s been a lot, if they lose this one, it might be the worst lose in years.”

  • Watrick

    Oh, and since I was one of the first ones to buy the new shirts, do I get a personal delivery with your mascot at my door, like the Phils did with one of their season ticket holders?

  • Phylan

    hahaha “Diva”? You don’t like his attitude? Who the fuck are you? He’s a goddamned major league baseball player, sorry he didn’t acknowledge the cheering masses who miraculously recovered the barest amount of respect for him after calling him a girl and wanting him shipped out for a whole season.

  • Phylan

    sorry loctastic I’m having trouble with letters today apparently

  • loctastic

    it’s cool, i lol’d

  • Lynniemac

    Watrick, McCarver wasn’t just waxing hyperbolic over all the losses, he was doing so over EVERYTHING. I think he said “of all the bad things that have happened to the Mets over the last three years…”

    I could argue that blowing a 7 game lead with 17 to play or having seemingly the entire starting lineup on the DL might be worse than losing a 20-inning game in April, but I never got to be a Major League pitcher’s personal catcher, so I, clearly, know nothing.

  • Jdashdog

    Duhhh everybody knows you don’t aknowledge the standing O when you’re walking off the mound

  • Phylan

    Definitely. Although given the high-profile nature of that game, Jerry may have been managing for his job, so it might have been better for the Mets if they lost.

    Of course, they’re still stuck with Minaya and the Wilpons

  • Joe D

    Cole had his A-game yesterday. His location was the best I have seen in a long time and he also snapped off a few nasty curves. I found his lack of a tip-cap perplexing when he got his standing O but I chalked it up to him being pissed and leaving without the lead. I can’t say I blame him for that.

  • Soul patches are so 2009

    Not saying that my opinon should matter to the almighty professional baseball player or even to you, Phylan. Just a comment about what I think. I thought that was the point of being able to post comments on entries. My bad.

  • Watrick

    @Soul patches-um, why can’t everyone put their opinions up? As Kevin Seconds once said, “If you’re free to express your opinion, then I’m free to laugh in your face.” Not trying to be a jerk, but complaining about others opinions by simply saying that you were just stating your opinion seems a little strange to me. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • Soul patches are so 2009

    hahaha ok touche you win I lose.

  • Dave

    After some of the things that fans have said about Cole, I give him props for not running around the field, cackling manically while giving the fans the finger (both barrels) and shouting “F#$% you all!”

  • Kyle A.

    @soulpatches, you can express your opinion, but if it is based entirely on stupidity then intelligent beings like Phylan will undoubtedly call you out on it. Cole doesn’t owe the fans a curtain call, honestly, I would be perfectly fine with him flipping the bird instead. He pitched way better than his line read for both of his first two starts. Its not his fault Jason Marquis accidentally hit a double, or that he was getting squeezed harder than a Tropicana Orange. Let the man pitch and good things will happen, fans need to lay off him and focus their energy on how bad the rest of the rotation is. Cough Kendrick, cough Moyer cough cough. Yes Cole has had struggles over the past year, but one thing we know as Philly Sports fans is that we cant live in the past. Its 2010 and the futures is where we should look, and if we want the future to be another parade, we need Cole to make that happen.

  • bigmyc

    I think he’s was just ready to strike ’em all out. One section at a time.

  • Undocorkscrew

    The Mets promoted hot-hitting Ike Davis to the majors, which is a bit of a surprise. He looked excellent in ST. He’s hitting 6th tonight against the Cubs.

    Jason Heyward is batting .712 with RISP with 12 RBI from the #6 and #7 hole. He’s got 15 on the year from those two spots, and Bobby seems to agree that he should be moved up in the order shortly.

    Before yesterdays game, Braves leadoff hitters(Melky and McLouth) were 3-34. Diaz gets put in the role and finishes a HR short of the cycle. Hopefully Bobby will give him the majority of playing time in left, although he does have a thing for switch-hitting outfielders for some reason……despite Diaz having a career AVG above .300 and an OPS above .800.

  • D. Whitmore

    in other braves news. maddux and glavine each shot 74 from the tips at doral on sunday and followed the round with mutual handjobs.

  • Undocorkscrew

    Maddux and Smoltz. Not Maddux and Glavine. And handjobs are fine as long as they’re mutual.

    And it’s no longer considered ‘Braves news’ since neither of them are active in anything other than being afraid to officially leave the game behind. I love them.

  • alex

    hamels won two games he probally shouldnt of won…this is the way the baseball gods repay that

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