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MLB Lawyers Ground The Phanatic Flugtag
Posted by at 10:00 am ET 46 Comments reports that MLB’s Fun Police have struck again, sending a last-minute cease and desist letter to a team competing in tomorrow’s Red Bull Flugtag. The team had planned on crashing flying their sweet Phanatic craft into the Delaware River, but since the team will end up making money on the endeavor, MLB has stepped in to prevent Red Bull from letting the team compete with the craft. The product of months of work, and about $3000 in materials, will now be piloted head-less to avoid any legal action.

Understandably, pilot Adam Denard  is pissed, and has a choice quote to boot: “This is my city, Major League Baseball! My Phillies! My Phillie Phanatic! You are a bunch of freaking nerds!” Clearly, their mistake was putting the “P” on the cap.

By the way, if you’re at the Flugtag tomorrow, give me a shout and say hey. I’ll most likely be black-out drunk!

UPDATE: Julie Jones, leader of squad Phlyin’ Phanatics, chimed in down there in the comments to let us know how to help:

Thank you for the overwhelming support. WE are truly touched. The prize is a trip to the red bull race in the US next year, hang gliding or skydiving. No cash. We are allowed to fly with major modifications. Text ‘Team2″ after 2pm today to RBULL (72855) for us to win the People’s Choice.

DO IT. Early and often, people.

Even if you don’t care about flugtags and/or Red Bull, this is about JUSTICE!

  • Amandah

    Anyone want to flugtag me up my floogle-nozzle?



  • Man With Hands Down In His Undies

    I’d flugtag the blond in the pic. And when I say flugtag, I mean stick my pee-pee in her snatch.

  • I’m Not A Lawyer But Play One On TV

    On behalf of all the members of the Bar, I offer our apologies to the Phanatic Flugtag team…the MLB lawyer’s are total douches.


    MLB lawyers can BLOW ME. All of them at once.

  • Amandah

    @Meech – if all MLB lawyers blew you at once, this would be a VERY large bukaki. And I would assume a majority of the lawyers would be male, so it would be a majority gay, very large bukaki. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.



  • TonyIsDynamic


    Just call it the Philly Frenetic and everything will be A-Ok.

  • Amandah

    Actually, I guess it would be a reverse bukaki.

    But hey, tomato, to-maa-to. Am-I-Right??



  • The Capital City Goofball

    Honk Honk!

  • Joe D

    They should just change it to look like that fat fuck puker from earlier in the season. They already have the body shape down.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Just wondering….if you called it the Frenetic, would FX network hassle you? If I were FX I’d take the free pub and go home happy.

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    They should grab chris wheeler for replacement of the head and fly him straight into the delaware and not look so hard for the thing once it hits the water.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Oh, any by the way…without a head, are they going to add some gushing blood or something? A decaptitated Phanatic might be kind of cool.

  • will.H

    soon major league baseball will go after the makers of the alphabet for using the letters M, L and B.

  • Flug You

    I’ll just be glad when they stop playing that annoying as hell “I can go for miles in my airplane” commercial

  • Ramone

    Sounds to me like Amandah knows a thing or 2 about bukaki’s.

  • Amandah

    @Ramone – I think you’re right. Shave your balls and we’ll call it a party.



  • Gaze_NJ

    If they’re already $3000 in the hole on materials, how could they possibly profit from this? What’s the grand prize?

  • Ramone

    @Amandah how about you shave them for me and we will call it foreplay?

  • Joe D

    @will.h…well played.

    They could also make an Ed Wade flugtag.

  • chen


  • Old Pee-Stained Urinal From Veterans Stadium


  • Mike P

    Watching First Take over lunch, and Skip just called the Phillies favorites to win the World Series. Initially, I was pumped up, but now I’m thinking that this might be bad karma for the Fightin’s.

    For the record, Rob Parker looked stunned when Skip mentioned that Cole would be a great pitcher at the top of the rotation. I guess Rob, a Mets fan, hasn’t been paying close attention to the NL East this year…

  • Schmitter22

    skip bayles is THE WORST.

  • Schmitter22

    * bayless

  • will.H

    but he did pick the mets to finish in 4th place at the beginning of the year

  • ScienceLost

    They should pull an It’s Always Sunny, call him the “Phillie Frenetic,” spray paint him another color, and remove the hat.

    If that doesn’t work for MLB lawyers, then forcible insert the whole float right up their respective flugtags.

  • Schmitter22

    even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Not a big Bayless fan, but this time I will choose to believe every word he says.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Morandini – you kind of took my idea. I thought they should do like a Tarantino grindhouse movie thing and fly it headless, bloody & everything. They could have a guy in a suit with MLB ATTORNEY written across the back of the suit, carrying a bloody chainsaw. It’d be fun!

  • hans

    A cease and desist from lawyers is not binding and not the same as johnny law telling you to stop. It is a scare tactic.
    Do this shit anyway, if you win any money donate it to charity.
    I’ll give you $1000 towards your legal defense or materials.

  • julie jones

    Thank you for the overwhelming support. WE are truly touched. The prize is a trip to the red bull race in the US next year, hang gliding or skydiving. No cash. We are allowed to fly with major modifications. Text ‘Team2″ after 2pm today to RBULL (72855) for us to win the People’s Choice.

  • MLBG

    Go ahead….make my day.

  • MLB

    aw damn. I’m filing a cease and desist order against the rouge G in my name too.

  • MLB

    BTW….We Love Scott Barry.

  • Bobby D

    Viva el Phanatic Flugtag! Viva la revolucion!! No mas!!! No mas!!! Tomas Perez!!!

  • JayFraud

    I want to go to the Cyanide Factory with Skip Bayless.

  • ShutUpChrisWheeler

    From City Paper talking about the Phanatic team:

    “We’re all huge Phillies fans,” says member Julie Jones. Jones is confident that her team can place first, and her strategy includes the sale of Phlyin’ Phanatic T-shirts, trading cards ….”

    There’s your problem right there.

  • I’m Not A Lawyer But Play One On TV

    ^^ Oh yeah, there’s the problem…although I would think the Phillies, which own the Phanatic and any copyright/licensing rights, would be the one’s trying to enforce shit around here and not those schmuck’s from MLB’s NY legal office. Weird.

  • Mike Sweeney

    I’d like to hug each one of them.

    Then push their asses of the ramp.

    Then hug them again.

  • bigmyc

    Anybody gonna enter a Scott Barry flugtag? The design would be simple enough; a life size (or larger if your message is meant to be loud and clear) replica of Scott Barry, minus the “NL” moniker on his cap.

    It goes without saying of course, that there would be numerous weights attached to this particular flugtag.

  • dave

    They knew they were in violation. I don’t pity these fools.

  • TTB

    I love the Phanatic as much as the next die hard does but thes idiots knew they were breaking the rules and wasted their money and time on it anyway. I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  • Carol Timmons

    HAHA Losers! All that crying and you still lost the the FABLOUS Giant Flying Llamas. You tried to trash talk them but it didn’t work for you. It’s called Karma. You tried to do bad things and the result is YOU LOST!!!


    Dave and TTB, a flyer and eagles flutag went out whats wrong with a phillies one? redbull could of done something in advance. and Carol Timmons choke on a bag of AIDS infested dicks.

  • TTB

    I didn’t know those went out either. I guess the NFL and NHL aren’t as uptight as MLB. I mean i think it’s pretty cheap to be against a Phanatic flugtag and for the MLB to not recognize the hard work done but I think it’s stupid to be upset at not getting away with breaking the rules.

  • Julie Jones

    Hey Carol…Phlyin Censored never talked trash on any other teams. We were scrambling to modify our skit, music, costumes and craft. We did not have time to be concerned with the other teams. Not sure where these rumors started. But you obviously have no class or intelligence; only the ability to thow names our way such as loser.

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