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Mets pitcher Pat Misch is into some freaky mound antics
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I try to not make fun of the Mets too often — Lord knows I try — but sometimes they just make it so damn easy that I can’t help myself. Case in point, check out what Mets spot-starter Pat Misch was doing in the fifth inning of Saturday night’s Phillies shutout. Have a look-see:


Honestly, I’ve been watching baseball for 25+ years and NEVER have I seen a pitcher shove his entire fist in his mouth while he was on the mound. Besides that act being completely illegal (technically, pitchers aren’t even allowed to lick their fingertips, correct?), it’s utterly disgusting and bordering on obscene.

The only logical explanation is that Pat here lathered his tongue in Crisco before coming into the game and needs to doctor the ball to get out of that 1st & 2nd, 1 out jam. OR he was just showing off his lack of a gag reflex to David Wright and Jose Reyes.

I’ll let you decide. Either way, this definitely shouldn’t occur during a baseball game.

(Thanks, I guess, to reader Chad Gordon for the .gif)

UPDATE: That wasn’t the only time Pat shoved his arm down his throat during the game.

ATJ, fisting #2.

(You can thank @JWerthsBeard for that one.)

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  • Adam Eaton

    “Yup… Ryan Howard will fit. Let’s do this…”

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Damn you, Adam Eaton….stole my line!

  • Man With Hands Down In His Undies

    That’s pretty hot. Makes me want to put my hand down in my undies.

  • Amandah

    Three hours prior, he was giving a ‘stink fist’ to Francour’s asshole. Misch claims that Frenchy’s ‘hiney honey’ is more refreshing than gatoraid.



  • MLB Front Office

    Rule 402, subsection 12, paragraph D: “If it makes good TV, it’s legal.”

  • Gil Thorpe

    shit BRUH i wanna c a BROAD DOIN that shit cept NOT TO JUST A HAND if u get wat GIL sayin hehehehe i mean my PEEN son u no n wile IM wachin the PHILe fuckin CLAP UP the METS for rell thas the DREMM

  • Adam Eaton

    ‘hiney honey’? Thumbs up to you Amandah… Thumbs up to you.

  • Jdashdog

    Get high, listen to this, and watch this .gif. Trippy shit will happen

  • Ashley


  • Cole Handsome

    Show off

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Anyone else’s pants just get shorter?

  • simply Burgoyne

    Actually, if ya look closely, you’ll see some green fuzz eek out of his mouth. Considering the circumstances, you could understand why he’d be doing this. Now, why he decided to get a little Phanatic Phun sauce so close to game time, I can’t say. Mine is not to ask why…just to provide. It’s funny, for some reason, these Mets, pitchers and position players alike, can’t get enough of my “mascotness.”

  • crazy4swayze

    @ jdash- well played.

  • Fran

    Can anyone get the clip of Charlie a the start of the game with his hands in his pants and hes is like posing for the camera. He looks like an Obama HOPE poster.

  • JB

    The really weird part is that he’s a lefty pitcher, so that’s his glove hand. I guess he likes the taste of leather


    I hate this fucking website. I really, really do.

  • Jdashdog


  • Brandon

    That’s disturbing on so many levels.

    Also i find the guy-in-the-yellow-shirt’s arm movement to be a strange added bonus.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Ahahaha – come on Meech admit it, you love everyone here.

    The worst part about this is even if Misch did everything everyone was imagining in their posts he’d still be acting better than the rest of the pitchers on the Mets in real life.

  • Wes Chamberlain

    I think he was trying to show Jose Reyes that he doesn’t have a gag reflex


    No, don’t get it twisted — I DO love everyone here. It’s just the server issues and shit make it so difficult to actually come here often. If I were you guys, I’d have been long gone weeks ago.

    I swear this will all get worked out eventually. Thanks for your patience.


    Wes Chamberlain obviously doesn’t read the posts :(

  • Wes Chamberlain

    haha, goddamit. I read the first one and a half paragraphs.

    How about: I think he was trying to scrape the taste of Angel Pagan penis off his tongue.

  • Tyson

    No wins in there either, Pat.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Hahah, I was joking. Meech, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to open the site & post too. I’ve prob tried at the wrong times b/c when I ckd-in others had been able to post. In any case, no way I was leaving. Even tho I don’t post as often as others I’m always reading b/c I get the best laughs here.

    Now I just need to do the broadband & a computer at home so I can tap in to Franzke & LA and read the site during the games. Last night I was ready to explode over Joe Morgan & I felt like I was the only one.

  • will.H

    never tried to jerk off my tounge before.

  • TedWilliamsHead

    I haven’t seen anyone deep throat anything that well since Jenna Haze’s first scene in “The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8.”

  • Candace Von

    Mmmm. Do dat to my chocolate twizzle-stank, white boi!!!

  • bigmyc

    Joe Morgan and Jon “Fowul ball” Miller make waiting in a dentist’s office seem exciting next to watching them do baseball games.

  • Adamr14

    He thinks THIS met season is vomit inducing….. must not have seen 07 or 08

  • will.H

    07 or 08 he would have pulled a bud dwyer

  • Stumagoo

    He was doing it the whole game, it didnt happen just a few times, it was every batter.

  • Bozo

    Looks like he barely wipes his hand. Surprised no one said anything.

  • Johnny.L

    a pitcher is allowed to lick his fingertips as long as he doesn’t take his fingers right to the ball. he can lick his fingers and then wipe it off, then go to the ball.

    check out the website^^ picture 6 out of 6 far left thats me after a Phillies sponsored home run derby @ CPB

  • JP

    Victorino did say something at one point, along the lines of “Just what in the fuck is that white boy DOING?”

    Something like that… I can’t read lips.

  • crazy4swayze

    they really should’ve checked the ball for throat yogurt.

  • will.H

    citizens park bank

  • echz

    diggin the budD dwyer reference will.H — Misch is just making sure that the gun will fit so he doesn’t fail like a typical Met when he actually goes to Dwyer himself next time he’s on national tv.

  • beef

    he is my sister in laws cousin. ill ask her what his deal is

  • Greenman!

    I can’t wait to see Pat this week, I hope he gives us the finger.

  • Phils Phan

    @ Greemnan!

    I think we can all finish that one.

    Vote 1 for:

    Like he did the big-breasted woman behind home plate!

    Vote 2 for:

    Like he fingered my ass. Then drew a dirty sanchez mustache as he blew his man chowder on my floppy ass cheeks.



    Vote 3 for:

    The Fightin’s has lost its [insert whatever you think it lost today].

  • Tyson

    That IS total bullshit! He ACTS like he wipes his hand but he keeps his fingers closed and they never touch his pants.

    Fuck you, you fucking cheater!

  • 85

    A Met not choking? Color me surprised…

  • Preserve Jon

    That is hypnotic and disturbing. Even Ibanez doesn’t have that much chew in his mouth. Just watching it is making me gag.

  • beef

    ok you need to make a new post to bump that gif down off the main page
    the more i look at it the more I want to gag

  • phillygirl


  • Nikita

    Is he autistic?

  • Tomas Perez’ Pie in the Face

    Misch fills the tips of his glove with Moises Alou’s piss before every game, which should explain this.

  • philajaime

    Oral sex jokes aside, “starting with the 2010 MLB season, MLB rules state that a pitcher my go to his mouth to lick his fingers on the mound as long as he is not on the rubber. The pitcher must wipe his hand against the uniform before returning to the rubber. If this act is performed either on the rubber or he does not wipe his fingers this will be called a balk…”

    Besides the fact what this guy’s doing goes way beyond licking his fingers (frikkin’ nasty dude, this guy), if he didn’t properly wipe his hand dry on his uniform, and/or was on the rubber, this guy balked at least twice in this game and wasn’t called on it.

    Maybe the umps should have brushed up on the rules?

  • Tomas Perez’ Pie in the Face

    Is “being on the rubber” the same for a guy, as “being on the pill” is for a woman?

  • Bozo

    Pretty sure he did it every batter like someone else said. Might have done it between pitches.

  • Bozo

    By the way, we should get a game thread for Dodgers@Braves cause I’m sure most of us will be following/watching somehow and if the Dodgers lose we can bitch about their incompetence.

  • Greenman!

    please put the lunchbox hats up or something! this is terrifying!

  • Bozo

    Even though they were Mets fans the lunchbox hats were pretty funny, wouldn’t be surprised if a Phillies fan did it. They looked like good lunchboxes too if they weren’t covered in Metsness.

  • jake

    dude i saw that! but i didnt pay much attention to it. woow.

  • Tamuel

    As JB said earlier in the thread, Misch is a left-handed pitcher. He was choking himself (or at least trying to) with his right hand (a.k.a his glove hand), so I guess this would actually be legal whether or not he went to the rubber without wiping his finger.

  • chen

    will.h – GOOD CALL on bud dwyer

  • MNG Brewing

    He’s fingering that shit like it’s a pussy. Lick Mets, lick it!

  • Bozo

    I thought we already established the fact that the Mets eat dick, not pussy? Really need to be more consistent with the comments!

  • I saw Ryan Howard at Dorney Park

    That’s the most disgusting balk I’ve ever seen.

  • Natalie

    Why does it matter which hand it is? He still touches the ball afterwards.

    I was at this game and, from the nosebleeds, was blissfully ignorant of this behavior. Gracias a Dios.

  • will.H

    difference between the phils and mets

    utley tears ligament trying to stretch a single into a double

    krod tears ligament trying to beat up an old man infront of women and children

  • James Anthony Happ

    Holy shit that song is ridiculous

  • Shamels Raul Wertiz-Brown

    I knew it when I saw it that this would be on the Fightins!!! Huzzah!!

  • Jon

    This post needs a ‘Fuck the heck’ tag

  • Griswold

    he’s doing his Matthew Clemmens impression

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