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May 26 Game Recap: Mets 5, Phillies 0
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the Philadephia Phillies have been shut- Oh, wait, you have heard this one?


Well, it could be worse.

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  • ulysses

    good thing the phils showed up tonight right?

  • Billig

    Okay can we stop with how juvenile this site is getting with all the photoshops and other dumb BS. It’s ridiculous.

  • dlhunter

    If Larry Bowa were, by some intervention from the gods, manager of the Phils today, he’d be sitting in the dugout with a car battery and jumper cables and a ball boy tied to a chair.

    Every inning without a run…you can imagine.

  • bigmyc

    Billig has a point, Treyhorn.

    The Adam Eaton pile on is sooooo early 2009.

    But then again, I’d like to ask you to give your readers a little more credit for not being so easily amused but….

  • Jimmy Viola

    Your photoshops are great and this site was never mature to begin with. You still have excellent recaps and I enjoy your writing style. Carry on.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    Hey, even us bloggers need a night off. Especially after a performance like this. There is only so many ways you can dress up “they really, really sucked.”

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Fuck these boring haters. I, for one, love the Adam Eaton pile-on. Go argue about the Bobby Abreu trade on Beerleaguer, you lousy rat twats.

  • gregotto

    I think this site needs more photoshops. I giggle like an idiot at the pitching matchups. Not all of us need/want essays on Kyle Kendrick’s xFIP.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Relax guys, it’s only May!

  • marps

    Why is everyone hating? This site hasn’t changed at all. It’s always been about ridiculous pictures and even more ridiculous stories.

  • bigmyc

    Carlos Beltranwhatever, you would love an Adam Eaton pile on as it’s such cutting edge material…

    You remind me of those dogs that psychological guy had…what was his name?…Pavlik, Pavel, Pavlov…yeah, anyway, when he rang a simple bell, those dogs slobbered. So you can maybe understand where I’m goin’ with this, eh?

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    I see what you did there with my handle…

  • HereWeGoAgain

    What I noticed about the picture is the background. There’s a handful of peopleblobshapes, and one thousand shades of emptyseatblobshapes

    Eaton FTW

  • all things bacon

    This shutout thing is getting old, but it can’t last forever. The photoshop things are not getting old and I hope they last forever. If I wanted real news, I’d go to some newspaper’s website.

    Here’s the thing about the Phils the last few seasons. They can play like crap for a week or two, and when its all over, they’re still either tied for first or have a small lead. Then they go on a tear. As long as they have a seven game lead a week and a half from now, none of this crap will matter.

  • J

    Charlie: “How we play baseball, the energy we have, who we have, that’s why 45,000 come to Citizens Bank Park every night to see us play. If the energy and effort changes — and we slack off and lose games — that crowd is not going to be there.”

    Oh and bad news to the beard lovers……..

    Jayson Werth shaved off his beard, leaving only the soul patch, says @brookob.

    All reported by Matt Gelb.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. The beard is gone. The only logical thing to do is end the photoshops until they get back on track. Or at least make the opposing team look less menacing I mean samauris and ninjas and dicks smiling at you. They’re all just scary.

  • Lynniemac

    I wondered how long the Beard would survive in this heat. If they actually score some runs tomorrow, it’s genius.

  • DaMustang1Holla

    For real. Like we wur in a game tha otha day against da Gravediggas and JReals gurl just broke up w him. JReal is usually mad hot with a bat but looked like a str8 chump against a curvball strike 3. Thats why they say the game is halfly most mental. Who nos who the entire phillies lineup life is like U never no like tha gravediggaz didnt no about Jreals girl

  • drew

    DaMustang1Holla, you can stay.

  • kurt

    How many times do you play the Gravediggas? How many times does JReal’s girl gotta break up with him before he moves on?

  • Pozzo

    Seriously, JReals gurl is a bitch, you guys oughta straight up murder her. Messing with JReals flow.

    In other news, think I killed myself seven times during that game.

    Also: Send Victorino… Are we seriously confident enough in our bats at this point that we don’t want to “risk” getting a man thrown out at the plate to end an inning… GAH! I feel like Jim Tracy over here, what the hell is this wet stuff on my face. Is it coming from my eyes??? WTF!


  • Eric

    TonyisDynamic – why do you keep mocking the ‘MAY!’ theory? Do you really think I’m the only one who understands that concept? Are you that fucking stupid?

  • Adam Eaton

    Really Dash…really?

  • Eric

    What exactly is Dash supposed to recap? The Phillies scored 0 runs. They didn’t win. Another game tomorrow!

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    ahh that Adam Eaton photo made this Phillies loss half tolerable

  • maria

    That picture reminds me that it could be worse. I just can’t wait til it gets better.

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    i’ve said it before… photoshopping our own on the matchup livechat jawn = we get shutout.

  • ooky

    The whole game I was like, “Joe, you’ve gotta hit another HR, that’s the only way we’re gonna score!”

    But he was too busy giving up runs and watching Schneider unable to stop basestealers to hear me.

  • fdoyle11

    keep up the funny pictures. I rarely read the actual scouting reports anyway,

  • spacecoyote

    JReals girl is fiiiiine. I’d go crawling back to her, too.

  • Mets on a Roll

    None of you are remotely engaging, witty or particularly creative.

    Your baseball team’s play is as uninspired as your postings.

    And Oh boy, another Adam Eaton dig. The well must be long dry…

  • dlhunter

    It’s 3:08 am, do you know where your Mets are?

    Last. Place.

  • Dikembe Mutombo

    The only thing that could make this worse is Part 3 of that busta-ass Cereal Book.


    @Mets on a Roll: You should’ve just continued commenting as bigmyc. Why change your name halfway through a comment thread?

    I mean, if you’re gonna insult this site and the other commenters on it, don’t disguise yourself as a Mets fan.

  • Nick

    At least we don’t have Oliver Perez

  • Hugh Mulcahy

    Game Recap: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Cut/ paste/ repeat

    I cracked up at the image of fat joe on teh toilet cooking his junk

  • Watrick

    Wait, is that the real bigmyc, or was he an impostor to begin with?

  • Chet Steadman

    This morning, I had a major case of the runs. I hope I have inspired the team.

  • Chloe

    Wait, the beard is gone? Really? :(:(:(

  • Adam Eaton

    So… the million dollar question: Was bigmyc trying to light a fire on this board or was he up at 3:08 pretending to have a special moment with David Wright and a bottle of……………..I’ll stop.

  • James Fayleez

    I like how Dubee Dubee Du is so concerning with the pitching matchup pics. YES THAT’S THE ISSUE YOU SPICKET LICKER!!!!

    First issue – swing like you want to get a hit.
    Howard is back to flailing at junk.
    Victorino is swinging like he’s making his way through the rainforest.
    Utley – I don’t criticize Chase Utely.

    Second issue – Sal Perlozzo for the love of God, send someone home to FUCKING SMASH ROD BARAJAS IN HIS CUNT!!!

    That is all.
    Good luck tonight Peanut Chews.

  • Bud



  • stickaforkin’em

    So when’s a good time to push the panic button here? When the f’ing Muts throw back-to-back shut outs? The Fightins’ have managed to score 3 runs in their last 39 innings, and the 3 they scored were a bullpen gift — if Wakefield had gone 9, they would have been shut out on Sunday, too! The Fightins’ should be running away with in the East…instead, they’re going to drop at least two, if not get swept, by the Muts, and then the Fish will be smelling blood in the water and the Braves will scalp ‘em…mark my words, in September we’ll be looking at this road series (and the last home series) and saying “that’s where the lost the Division.”

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I am looking for anything that might give this team it’s MOJO back. The least little thing might appease the baseball gods. Something as simple as shaving off one’s beard. Hell Fayleez even wearing the same socks and underwear until the slump is broken, but then that wouldn’t be anything new for you. Don’t worry so much about your 15 minutes of Fightens fame. They can start the photoshops back as soon as the team gets back on track.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    RE: bigmyc=Mets on a roll……………….I feel so violated right now.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    1.) Don’t worry about the Beard. Have you noticed how effing fast that boy grows it? If the Beard fits, it will be back by tomorrow afternoon.

    2.) Photoshops on pitching matchups were the best thing to happen to this site since Tyler Walker. In fact, I sometimes stop by just to see them. The dick and the bottle of Old Granddad cracked me up, as well as the Wolf for Randy Wolf – can’t wait to see what comes out of “Big Pelf” for tonight.

  • James Fayleez

    Jeez – you’ve minimized my contributions here to making funny pictures.

    You are CLEARLY more important here than me.

  • Nikita

    Yes it could be worse. I woke up from a dream that the Phils had lost 22-5. (Hope it’s not a premonition.)

    This is like the Flyers, you never knew which team was going to show up to play – and now they’re in the Stanley Cup finals.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Heathcliff I am in agreement as I stated before I had changed my opinion of photoshopping our pitchers. I really do like the idea. I am just looking to right the ship. The pics can always return.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I only wish I had your skills but I spend too much time licking spickets to ever hope to get there.

  • Watrick

    See what the Mets have done to us?! The Phils lose 2 straight by shut out, and it has made us turn on each other! The enemy is not each other, it is those stinking Mets! Let’s harness this hatred towards the right field corner, and try to will Utley to reclaim his throne upon Utley’s Corner! Let us will a no hitter against this team that has no business shutting us out, and has never thrown a no hitter in their franchise history! Let us will our home nine to lose the perfect game bid upon a hit by pitch! Let us not go gentle into that good night! Let us use every cliche out there to get the Mets into bed and never call them in the morning, and to never return their phone call when they claim that it’s our kid, when it’s definitely the Nat’s, and no one wants to admit it!

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Fayleez……That wouldn’t be Turkish would it?

  • Fightins Loyalist

    If you don’t like the site, don’t read it and shut the fuck up.

  • Adam Eaton

    Amen Fightins Loyalist. We haven’t had someone as profound as you since DaMustang1Holla. Thanks buddy.

  • don

    Well, I feel better about saying that Francisco should get a start and, um, …

  • Jdashdog

    So…is bigmyc finally dead? Did meech kill him?

  • Adam Eaton

    @Jdashdog I think so. That’s how I have perceived it.

  • Morandini Turned 3

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Surely, we can all come together in peace and harmony to agree on one thing: FUCK THE METS.

  • Jreal

    i was mad hot w da bat until my girl broke up wit me

  • bigmyc

    No Jdash! The sarcastic vitriol that you, yourself have been a recipient for quite some time is ready and waiting for you whenever you feel the need for a meaty and spicy engagement. Unlike others, you have the ability to, “laugh at yourself” or ” not take things too seriously” or “take things with a grain of salt” or “keep it light” or “keep things in perspective” or simply, “just not suffering from tool box syndrome.”

    So, Jdash, I salute you, sir. You are one of the few who “gets it.” Now, fuck a goat, you pillow biting sack sniffer.

    And Meech, how could you? Try to drum up some fanfare around here after months of posting the good stuff and this is how you repay me?

  • Fightins Loyalist

    Hey EatonCock, is better for you?

    If you are an actual Phillies fan and not some Met douche sneaking onto blogs and hiding your identity, there is no need to put out comments saying the site is juvenile or going in the wrong direction. It’s a free, well run site that doesn’t pretend to deliver detailed scouting reports, Sabermetrics or anything of the like. If you want that, there is a list of blogs on the right hand side of the home page.

    Another way of saying this: If you don’t like the site, don’t read it and shut the fuck up.

    Keep up the good work fellas.

  • Minty Fresh

    Can someone make me feel better please? I’ll take stats, photoshopped pictures, humorous rantings…anything that will make me feel better than I have watching my beloved Fightins suck balls the past 4 games.


  • bigmyc

    RE: Fightins’ Loyalist Man Plum Nibbler Guy,

    Go work on your lifelong pursuit and go blow your dad.

  • Minty Fresh

    Ok, post 63 helped a bit.

  • Jdashdog

    mmm…meaty and spicy engagement…

  • bigmyc

    And @ the rest of you Tools,

    It’s all about a game. A game. The world goes on whether or not the Phillies win or not. Hell, haven’t we seen that for the last 125 years? Some of you take these posts like your mother was insulted to your freak’n face. Grow the fuck up or else figure out how to get a life somehow.

  • D. Whitmore

    bigmyc. you make me sad

  • bigmyc

    And furthermore, I consider myself a Senior Contributor to this here piece of blogestate for quite some time, now.

    If Meech is gonna out me, fine. Busted. But this is not exactly international treason. It is a blog. The Phield has made some of you “newer come latelies” act as if you are part of some great social movement.

    The sands of time will see to it that history records your own personal insignificance sure enough.

    I. Have. Spoken.

  • bigmyc

    Shed a tear not, young David…for you are a poster that I have held in high esteem for some time now.

  • Minty Fresh


  • Thomas Perez’s Perezidents

    @Bigmyc: hang in there big guy! little sensative, no? SO WHAT if you started off criticizing the site and then couldn’t handle getting criticized your self. SO WHAT? Big deal!

    @Everyone else: BigMyc is the REAL Phillies fan. Pretending to be a mets fan to derail and incite a phillies blog is what any real fan would do. His years of work as a senior blogger should tell you that.

  • Adam Eaton

    @bigmyc Sarcasim aside… I’m with you brother. I actually agree with everything you’ve said and support you.

  • DaMustang1Holla

    AYO EXEP NO IMMATATION n holla whal ur at it. We aint play tha gravediggas since 09 when we horrible. i got tha standings on line whatever 4 u who wanna pretend to be DaMustang1HOLLA

  • Steve Jeltz

    bigmyc/Mets on a Roll – it makes me happy to know that you are a Mets fan who has been following the Phillies and all their blogs during the greatest years in our franchise history. During the same time when your Mets either choke or just plain suck. But WHY? Do you torture yourself or do you actually enjoy our witty humor and immature discussions?

    also – Holla1 – I love the story about JReals struggles against the Gravediggaz after his dumped him, but we have heard that story a few times and I’ve even brought it up in a few discussions. Can you give us a new story? If not can we hear more about why your team spent your $ on a pot and booze filled bus ride rather than batting helmets?

  • Jon

    Look what a losing streak has done to The Fightins! Infighting, name calling, tom-foolery, skull-duggery…Chuck Woolery! The team will get it together soon, fellas. We will all pull through this. As an lifelong pessimist, I am PUTTING ASIDE MY PESSIMISM, and saying that Cole Hamels is going to right ship tonight!

    Now who’s with me!?

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    “Senior Contributor” at a weblog at 3am, I envy you bigmyc

  • DaMustang1Holla

    Wut u wanna hear about Jeltz

  • Joe Hates Tits

    DM1H – do you have any experiences you can relate to the recent in-fighting amongst fightins readers? maybe you and your teammates hit a rough patch at some point but came through stronger at the end?

  • maria

    I’m confused (it happens easily). Is bigmyc a Phillies fan that was pretending to be a Mets fan or a Mets fan pretending to be a Phillies a fan?

  • Watrick

    @maria-I’m with you there. I’m thinking it wasn’t real all along, and when bigmyc’s eyes closed at the end, that it was all in his head, and he actually died when the plane crashed-that’s why they showed the wreckage again at the end with no screaming people.

  • Watrick

    Or maybe when Rose said to Bigmyc-“You can let go now” during the LAX episode, he was already dead….

  • bigmyc

    Fat Joe B, 3AM on a blog or 3Am sleeping with your hog….

    I think I made a better choice than you.

  • James Fayleez


    Fayleez is the correct way to pronounce “Feliz” (well according to Wheeler)

  • Fightins Loyalist


    Bigmyc is a Phillies fan and Senior Contributor of unamusing comments. Look back at some old threads and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Watrick

    @Jon, did I already say that? Well, it’s good to see I’m not the only one that shares that sentiment, then. I’m not about to get into an argument about the fact that I clearly typed out a well thought out extemporaneously created speech along those lines before you…


    @bigmyc: Eh, I guess it was kind of a dick move, but I’m a little sensitive because I haven’t exactly been coming up with great posts lately. BUT THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! Because after 29 days without a home computer and 2 months without video recording and screen grabbing equipment (my bread and butter, imo), I’m finally getting a shiny new Macbook today that will once again give me the capability to capture great moments in Phillies broadcasts to post here.

    I apologize, but I just didn’t like the knock on the other commenters.

  • bigmyc

    Is this some more Twilight tweaker Gen L BS? What is this? I’m not dead. Very much the oppo.

    @ the posters who believe me to be a Mets fan all along; please extend your lower lip over your head and swallow.

    The piss and shit that is your life’s blood makes me sick to share the same fandom as you. Far too many of you are more like Pukemon, Matthew Spewguts than that guy whose little girl threw the ball back. Please, move to Jersey all at once (where you truly belong) so I can destroy the Commodore Barry, Whitman, Franklin, Ross and Tacony Palmyra Bridges to keep you there. The occasional stench erroneously thought to be left over from Wilson Goode’s tenure might not so coincidentally thin out when you do.

    Also, if you are cool (you posters probably know who you are), please disregard this message.

    *this has been a public diservice announcement from bigmyc :)

  • Watrick, why did you tell us that fightins dot com was working a man down? I had no clue you were on the DL. No wonder why the site hasn’t felt the same.

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    yes bigmyc because clearly since I don’t choose to troll the same blog I visit that means I’m sleeping with a fat chick.

  • Thomas Perez’s Perezidents

    @Fat Joe Blanton: I believe the simple answer would have been, “No, you weren’t ‘sleeping with my hog,’ you were 3am on a blog.”
    What a silly goose.

  • Adam Eaton

    Meech, I have an imense respect for you based upon your actions. Bigmyc… all is good in the hood.

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    but FYI I usually don’t mind your comments I just can’t stand trolls


    @Watrick: I don’t like making excuses, plus the rest of the crew really stepped up and kept the posts coming while I was computer-less. I literally can’t fucking wait to get this computer today.

  • The Killer Zs

    Ummm – back to business which the team which is not hitting the ball, leaves all its runners in scoring position on base and coaches who do not send them runners toward that white shiny elblem of success. Meech, it is all good.

  • Jdashdog

    I met bigmyc outside of a pub on the 4th of July last year. He was actually really small and my friend had no clue who he was. Needless to say, we survived.

  • Watrick

    It’s not the same-not because these other commentators aren’t worthy (well, maybe that weird fiction thing…), but it’s the menagerie of everyone together that makes the site great. If your spokes are messed up, the rim will rub against the brakes, and the ride ain’t as smooth. You get there, but it’s not the same.

  • Jon


    My sincerest apolgies! I went back and read your speech, and it is far better than mine. I will join your cause for peace.

  • Watrick

    Haha, awesome. May I see you in another life, brutha.

  • RicoBrogna

    I’m still wondering y Victorino couldn’t score from second on a single to a right fielder who is freakin canadian! This team just isn’t hustling and not being able to score runs with this lineup is bullshit

    Victorino – start stealing some bases when u get on
    Polanco – OMG look at the size of his head! It’s huuge! Like an orange on a toothpick!
    Utley – is GOD so u don’t complain about HIM
    Howard – Hey guess what the majority of pitches u will see in an at bat? Yep breaking balls so how bout you don’t flail away at them?
    Werth – is consistent and awesome
    Ibanez – start fuckin hittin and quit starting every AB out in a 0-2 hole
    Castro/Valdez – Hurry back Jimmy!
    Ruiz – Please stay healthy and whatever hits you get are a bonus!

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    Rod Barajas must die.

    Something tells me that the Phillies will score a few runs again at some point this season. And when they do……God, I’d hate to be that pitcher. It’s going to get really, really ugly for ’em.

  • Watrick

    100 cheers for bigmyc!

  • Watrick


  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    Rico I thought the same thing. I was listening to the game so I didn’t see the tape. Was he dogging it from second? I didn’t understand why Perlazzo would hold him, especially when they aren’t scoring runs. Sometimes you need to put the pressure on the defense to make a great play.

    Always make your outs at the plate. Always.

  • RicoBrogna

    Ozzie, It was a hard hit ball through the hole and Victorino was rounding third when frenchy picked up the ball but what irked me was that it almost seemed like victorino didn’t want to score cuz he was watching perlozzo all the way. If im on second im thinkin bout scoring when i see the ball hit to the right side. I’m just tired of victorinos false hustle. he just isn’t aggressive.

  • RicoBrogna

    bottom line is this team right now is playing on their heels waiting for the big hit and not hustling. they gotta get their hustle and flow on!

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    To me it sounds like Perlazzo based that decision on the right fielder’s reputation for a big arm. And he does have a big arm. But he’s also incredibly inconsistent with his throws. You have to take the chance. Offense is contagious. You see a guy bust his ass for a run and to get a teammate an RBI and all of a sudden everyone wants to do the same.

  • will.H

    still, i dont recycle.

  • bigmyc

    Watrick, I do believe that you among the contestants in the orginal, “bigmyc flames the Fightin’s thread,” thread.

    I appreciate your sense of nostalgia.

    As for you, Fightins Loyalist, well it’s apparent that YOUR posts are about as creative as a single colored patch work quilt. Keep up the bad work.

    And a simple “thanx” to Adam Eaton. 😉

  • RicoBrogna

    Ozzie, yeah and the funny thing is that the throw was way off line victorino woulda scored standing up! Gotta take the chance when the offense is sputtering.

  • Jon

    I think tonight the Phillies are going to be really aggressive on the bases. Expect 2 SBs from Victorino (or at least two attempts), and maybe one from Werth. Perlozzo is going to try to send people first to home tonight, if that situation arises.

  • RicoBrogna

    HELL YEAH! After all it’s just rod barajas catching not johnny bench! Let’s start a winning streak tonight!

  • Steve Jeltz

    Perlozzo’s having a rough season. Vic was flying last night and he is hustling. The last thing you want to do when your struggling and down a few runs is to get thrown out at home, but that was a mistake on Perlozzo’s part not Shanes.

    Hope you feel great about insulting us bigmyc. Why don’t you kick my dog while your at it.

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    This thread needs more Eric

  • Fightins Loyalist

    @bigmyc truce. We obviously all need a nice lopsided Phils win.

  • bigmyc

    Steve Jeltz,

    Geez, pine for attention from this thread’s point guard much? Look, your dog most probably has done nothing to me…so why should I wish to kick it? Outside your dark, dark harkon back to the days of our youths with your oddly nostalgiac username, I’m not sure what you bring to the table around here. Then again, I get Adam Eaton and you confused quite a bit.

    If I was Fat Joe Blanton, I’d probably try to pork it. If I was Adam Eaton, I’d most definitely play with it’s balls and take it to my next 12 step program. Oh wait, I think Eaton and I are in a truce-like state…enough of that I guess.

    Sorry Adam, you rectally fixated pork probe swallower.

    All good.

  • Team Eric


  • Fat Joe Blanton


  • Adam Eaton

    WTF bigmyc? Personal attacks… for what? Are you bi-polar?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? We need someone to beat up on so we’ll leave each other alone. At least until the Phils start winning again and the frustration levels go down.

  • Steve Jeltz

    WTF bigmyc,

    I don’t need any attention around here. I just don’t like getting insulted when I’m already having a bad week. I know I’m not as witty as you and your word selection is truly dazzling.

    Im just a Phillies fan – thats all.

  • bigmyc…bitter….about this witch hunt at my expense.

    I get critisized for my lack of hitting the mark regarding the entertainment value of my posts by commenters of lesser ability and insight.

    I get jumped on without many stopping to wonder why.

    No matter, for the path of the righteous man is beset upon all sides by the tyranny of the wicked.

    Play on. The bell tolls for yee.

  • bigmyc

    Jeltzy, we’re all just Phils’ fans here. I have simmered down now.

    I have never liked the “join in the pig fuck” mentality that many propagate here. It just all gets old and tired….sooooo tired.

    Thing is; I obviously like coming here and reading the various comments but truth is; most just really suck. It gets harder to wade through the crap to get to something resembling “original” or “insightful.” That’s all.

    I guess step outside my bounds when I call those out for it. So be it. Such is my style. I can only hope to temper it. I can not extinguish it. Should I do that, I would cease to care at all.

    That would indeed be a sad development.

  • TonyIsDynamic


    Lost 22-5? That’s not a nightmare, that’s an AMAZING dream!

    A dream where we actually scored FIVE RUNS? I wish I had THOSE dreams!

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    O Fortuna, you wanton whore! You degrade my intellect with these sub par blog commenters!

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