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Matt Treanor’s Got Nards!
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Towards the end of the Marlins 7-3 drubbing of the Phillies, we got a little revenge.

On Kevin Gregggg’s first pitch of the ninth, Marlins catcher Matt Treanor was set up for a nice inside fastball. Kevin, obviously unaware of the catcher’s complex signs, threw a curveball in the dirt. This crossed-up the Florida backstop, and when he tried to adjust — it nipped the tip of his glove, bounced off the dirt, and hit him directly in the balls.

The cringe-worthy evidence:

YouTube Preview Image

haha, he said, “1 ball and no strikes.”

  • yellowbird

    ‘rub some dirt on it!’

  • Gigi

    that harry kalas sure has a way with words.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    I thought football players were the ones who didn’t wear cups. What a cringeworthy way of discovering I was wrong.

  • smitty

    Oh, Treanor’s wearing a cup allright. But a pitch directly to the hoohaw, cup or not, is sickening.

    No catcher ever EVER gets back there without a cup. They’d sooner catch with no mask than no cup.

  • silence dogood


  • mseeke

    Hats off for the Monster Squad reference!!!! Although ugly, Treanor is no wolf man…

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