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There’s another one after the jump.

  • Jose Reyes

    No David, you’re supposed to wait until AFTER the game to strike that pose.

  • Josh


  • Jerry Manuel

    How do I still have a job???

  • Dpawling

    You think of all people David Wright wouldn’t have a problem gobbling up balls

  • Shawn James

    I’m surprised there’s no post on how #LOLMets was trending in Philadelphia last night.

  • Gil Thorpe

    i thin m it safe to say that METS GOT CLAPPEDS THE FUCK UP SON n oh yeh sso did KRODS OLD FUCRKIN MAN wat u think U JCROMEO cuz noone betts the SHINT outta some1 in a STAIUM likk that guy cuz he HARDESCORE SON dont HATE

  • Crocks

    Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just type straight English? Then again I might accidentally read your posts if you did…

  • Karate Piper

    Mirror image of the Buckner blunder.

  • david’s grundle

    had a good look at the ball, he totally missed it. Where’s Jose?

  • I went to K-Mart and saw Mike Williams and John Lennon looking at Pampers

    Where have I saw this before? A 3b man with a similar play, that cost their team the game. Hmmm, I cant quite get it, can you guys help me?

  • Gil Thorpe

    gil be TIPPIN the olny way 701 DO: rell n RAW SON PRAISE ALMIGHTY ALLAH

  • sobchak

    has meech forgotten about his website?

  • Bozo

    Time to feel dirty….

  • Bozo

    Go Dodgers!

  • Bozo

    Warning track flyout for Matt Kemp…. fuck that was close. Or was it a robbed homer, gameday just has a dot near the wall.

  • T-Mac

    The Braves are on TBS right now. The team is in first place coming down the stretch and the stadium is 80% EMPTY! What a joke.

  • Greenman!

    stupid hand lotion pitcher

  • Bozo

    I’m not going to put TBS on and listen to that same fuck who hated on the Phillies in the NLDS then became shellshocked when Ryan ripped the game tying double.

  • Bozo

    In fact if these streams actually went on then one might be the Dodgers telecast(hopefully).

  • Bozo

    Fuck your Eephus Padilla.

  • Bozo

    Why the fuck don’t teams play Atlanta as hard as they play the Phillies?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Not an extremely hard hit ball, plenty of time to actually square up, centered, in front of the ball. But the gold glove 3rd sacker stands in the same spot reaches toward the right and takes it off his foot, what a fucking tool.

  • Bozo

    Fuck you Kemp, useless fuck. Strikes out swinging with 1 out men on 2nd and 3rd. Hits a fucking homerun of the Phillies though. Dodgers better get those fucking runs in.

  • CTM

    Holy shit, could these guys be any more on the Braves’ nuts? I realize they’re homers and all that but still, T-Mac and Wheels aren’t this ridiculous.

  • Bozo

    Fastball down the middle and In Play outs. Fuck you Belliard.

  • Bozo

    Dear Padilla, I realize you have 2 outs and the pitcher but please knock his ass to the fucking ground.

  • Bozo

    Anyone know the Braves average attendance?

  • Bozo

    Useless Dodgers.

  • LMFAO@Mets

    AHAHAHAHA! Question to anyone who’s been to ShityField: do they still play that stupid “Meet the Mets” song? You’d think they would have switched to the Benny Hill music by now…

  • Undocorkscrew

    Yeah, disappointed in the attendance today. But Bobby Cox always runs his B-squad out there on Sunday and the fans are starting to realize it. Yesterday’s game was the 2nd highest total in terms of attendance all season in Atlanta.


    Classy as usual. What exactly has Jurrjens done to you or the Phillies? And don’t worry about the Braves attendance. I know you desperately need something to make fun of with the Braves, but the fact remains that this team has been in 1st place since May 29th. Very classy of you to want a pitcher hit by a pitch for no reason other than the fact that he’s pitching a good game…..

  • Jimmy Rollins

    This is why we, not the GAY mets, are the team to beat.

  • John Matrix


  • Fbomb

    Nice back burger Davey!

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