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Like Redneck Father, Like Redneck Son
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As demonstrated by his classic “Redneck Wrecking Crew” t-shirt from the 2008 Playoffs, Brett Myers is obviously proud of his backwoods swamp/Jacksonville, FL upbringing.  It’s a description that would seem to fit him perfectly; a hard-working, beer rip-cording hothead who is equally capable of throwing 8 innings of shutout ball or getting yanked in the third after giving up a five-spot…  Giving a memorable plate appearance vs. one of the best pitchers in baseball or getting sent to the minor leagues for no discernible reason other than a lack of focus…  Losing his cool on a newspaper reporter after a tough loss or on his wife in the middle of a crowded Boston street… you get the idea.

These are all the erratic traits of a stereotypical redneck, and Brett Myers seems happy to play along.

Well now that you understand where he’s coming from, here’s something else that surely won’t surprise you one bit:  his son is just like him!

Check out this picture of Brett walking into the clubhouse with his son Colt prior to yesterday’s game vs the Blue Jays.  More precisely, look at the getup that lil’ Colt is wearing —  it’s a cute little youth tee with a confederate flag emblazoned on the front along with the saying, “Redneck – and proud of it!”

Say what you want about the guy, but at least he makes it obvious he doesn’t give a fuck what people think of him. That’s admirable, right?

DYK? Those “Redneck Wrecking Crew” t-shirts where contracted out to a small printing shop in Philadelphia last year so Brett could distribute them amongst his Phillies pitching brethren. The t-shirt shop that made them? Birdland Philadelphia. The makers of all the beautiful tees in The Fightins online store. And soon, the Wrecking Crew shirts will be available in our shop. (Myers actually just put in another shirt order from the Birdland fellas)

  • Tartan69
  • Kevin M

    I admire Myers’ ability to not give a hoot about what anyone thinks of him and while I may have a moral disagreement over the attire his kid wears, I can’t argue with the way he brings up his kids; be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone give you crap for it!

    Hey, at least he’s not like those parents from New Jersey who named their kid Hitler.

  • birdland

    also FWIW: the correct incorrect spelling you’re looking for here is “Redneck Recking Crew”. you could ask my why it’s spelled that way but i couldn’t really give you an answer.

  • T-shirt Guy

    Yes, I double checked when we were given the work order about the spelling and was told by our associate: “no, Brett wants it spelled that way”

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Hey Brett,

    My great-great-great-grandfather shot your great-great-great-grandfather.

    The North won, fucking deal with it already.

  • GM-Carson

    That’s high kwality right there.

  • Michael

    He’s from Jacksonville. Did you expect something more from a classy guy like him?

  • MP

    That’s hilarious the shirts came from you guys. You should look into re-creating the gem of a shirt from last Spring Training, the Pat Burrell: Man or Machine? shirt. You know, for old times sake.

  • Pepe

    I’ll always remember what a black friend said to me once about the Confederate flag. He said that symbol means the same to blacks as the Swastika mean to Jews. Would you really want to dress your kid in a Swastika T-shirt?

  • mike

    I bet little Brett and little Ryan Howard wouldn’t even share a sandbox. Nice touch Mr. Myers.

  • Tim

    The Confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride you morons. Get over yourselves.

  • anti-racist

    The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery, repression, murder, rape and tyranny. Here’s a suggestion : FIND A DIFFERENT SYMBOL.

    southern pride = “when we controlled black people”

  • Dave

    Southern Pride? Only uneducated assholes sport a confederate flag. You must be an uneducated asshole Tim….congradulations.

  • Tim

    That is your opinion. Like I said, get over yourselves.

  • Lynniemac

    Okay, so Brett Myers is a douchebag. Whatever. Those little pinstripes and cleats on that boy are adorable.

  • Dave

    Tim you are a sad state. You need to get over yourself. I’m not the racist idiot. I’m glad you are proud of your racist heritage. Go burn some crosses and iron your white hood.

  • Tim

    I’m not even from the south smart guy. Read a book sometime.

  • pooe trope

    Isn’t Brett Myers the guy who punched his wife in the face at Fenway? Yes, I believe he was. Another proud redneck traditon, what an asshole.

  • How do you spell retard?

    The Confederate flag is an example of Southern pride just like the swastika is a symbol of 1930s-40s German pride and Dane Cook is an example of douchebag pride.

    They’re all fucked up symbols of our fucked up past.

  • CrabApple

    The Confederates were the biggest terrorist that ever threatened America. Not only the biggest terrorists but the biggest traders in the history of America.

    Wearing an Al-Qaeda tshirt wouldnt be as bad as a confederate flag. Al-Qaeda took out a couple thousand Americans, while the Confederates took out a couple hundred thousand.

  • ill

    I’d say this is a very successful post.

    By the way, someone tell Brett his son runs like a fucking fairy.

  • Joe

    You gotta be kidding me with this shit. The Confederate flag represents slavery as much as the German flag represents Hitler. Southern pride is obviously a concept that is above your comprehension. Southern pride is the same as the “Philadelphia Pride” or “Boston Pride”. It represents the people and their nature. However in the South it takes on a greater meaning as everyone loves to call us uneducated, dumb, white trash, etc. We are actually very kind and understanding people that like to use this flag as a symbol of our way of life and not a symbol of racism. You guys are the ones that attach the racism stigma to it.

  • Gigi

    stop calling it the civil war – it was the war of northern aggression….THE SOUTH SHALL RIIIIIIIIISE AGAIN!

    – I love stoking the flames of everyone’s anger

  • ill


    What do you mean by “You guys”?

    /with you Gigi

  • scott

    Brett Myers is a dirtbag, not because of what he or his son wears, but because he’s a wife-beating coward (as evidenced by his spousal abuse on the streets of Boston a few years ago).

    As fate had it, the Phillies didn’t suspend him, and he lost the game he picthed against the Sox that series at Fenway (and that was a hell of a game, by the way…Ortiz had a walk-off double or what-not).

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Just out of curiosity, what constitutes “Redneck Pride?” What is it, exactly, that they claim to be so proud of? Is it the white equivalent of being a “gangster” in the black community?

    I’d like someone to provide a serious answer because if anything, I’m very proud not to be a redneck.

  • Tartan69

    @Cham – that’s exactly what it is. I grew up in Pennsyltucky before I moved to Philly and the white trash use the Confederate flag to differentiate themselves from us rich city folk. It isn’t a “north vs. south” thing. It’s a class distinction thing. They don’t have a whole lot going for them except their pride and their symbols. Very very much like the gangsta culture, except of course being the polar opposite.

  • Oscar

    I guess the Phillies’ pitching staff didn’t have any latino or black players on it.

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